DIY Pop-Up Love Box


This DIY project is really nice and is easy to make and can be a great gift for birthday or when you want to make a surprise. You can even make this with your kids as they will surely have fun during the process. We will show you how to make a pop-up love box.

You will need:

  • a small box (we used a matchbox),
  • pieces of paper for lining the box,
  • scissors and glue,
  • pop-up dots or double-sided tape,
  • a strip of cardstock,
  • a paper heart or any other shape you would like to pop out from your box,
  • candy (you will place it inside the box, some packaging for the outside of the box.

Start by lining the inside of the box by taking the bottom of it and trace it on paper. Then just cut out your box and assemble it. Take the cardboard strip and fold it, this will make your shape pop out. Glue your heart to it and try to see how long the string needs to be in order to pop out. You can also create some little cards on which you can write something nice for the person you are giving the box. Then place everything in the box (including the little treats) and make sure there is plenty of space for everything. At the end pack everything up, and be careful not to damage the box. You can tie a colored ribbon around it if you want or leave it just the way it is, it will look cute either way.

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