DIY Porta Potty!

Camping trips can be great if you have the right people there to keep you company, but these trips can also have some uncomfortable aspects. While camping, you have to forget about the luxury of a hot a shower or clean toilet, but luckily there’s a great solution for the second problem. You can make your own Porta Potty while camping, so you can have a decent toilet and feel a bit more comfortable at the end of the day. You can make this Porta Potty out of a bucket, a pool noodle and a trash bag. So as you can see it really is a portable toilet and a very practical one as you can simply change the trash bag from the inside after you’re done. This Porta Potty was made by  Puget Sound Preppers.

Bucket Emergency Toilet Seat

Or, here’s a portable toilet seat made to fit 5 Gallon buckets or pails. Great for emergency preparedness, camping, etc. More details HERE…

4 Responses to “DIY Porta Potty!”

  1. ASHMEET says:

    Very creative for creators…

  2. whatever Yo says:

    Plastic of any kind=bad for the environment.

    A hole in the ground underneath a bucket with no bottom=best solution.

  3. Linda Leone says:

    Add 2 inches of kitty litter inside plastic bag

  4. Raine says:

    Wow! Cool Idea, haha I never thought of this idea when we are doing some camping last summer, this will be a great asset for the next trip. Thanks!

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