DIY Suitcase Pet Bed


Are you trying to find a nice and cozy place where your favorite pet can rest after a long day? This next item is just what you are searching for. It is a cute and comfortable bed for dogs, that can be done even at home if you have a bit of patience and DIY skills.
You will need: an old suitcase, big enough for your dog to fit inside, fabric, a larger pillow, the legs from an old wardrobe (4 pieces) and two wooden rounds as ornaments. First of all you will need to clean the suitcase and remove all the dust from it. Then line the inside of the suitcase with fabric. After that you will have to attach the wardrobe legs to the suitcase, by drilling holes into the suitcase and fixing the legs with screws. At the end all you have to do is place a large and comfortable pillow inside the suitcase, add some nice ornaments (such as the two rounded in front of the suitcase) and find the perfect spot where you can place your dog’s new bed.

We are sure your little friend will be delighted by his new sleeping area.

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4 Responses to “DIY Suitcase Pet Bed”

  1. Monique says:

    My concern with this design is that the top of the suitcase would close on the dog and he/she would be stuck in there!

    • TriciaWJ says:

      I thought the lid should be fixed to not being to close. Maybe by drilling tiny holes on each side of the lid and push in a metal pin. Placement of the holes and pins would have to be where the lid could not close.

  2. Christine says:

    I think this will be a lot better if the top of the suitcase was removed.
    In fact you probably could make another one out of the top.
    I have seen this made up with the top off.

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