DIY Tomato Cage Ghost


Halloween is not your favorite time to shine in terms of decorating the home? You don’t fear this festive occasion because of all the horror movies and costumes running down the street, but because you will need to find some interesting pieces to dress your house with. Good news: we can show you how you could manufacture your own piece of scary decoration with just 3 items from your own home and garden. The most interesting part is you will be making a DIY spooky ghost similar to the one you see in the photo with the help of a tomato cage! The project is quite easy to do and doesn’t require any artistic skill. If you feel like this project is perfect for decorating the entire home, feel free to replicate it throughout. All you need to make a ghost: a tomato cage ,twin white sheet, mini lights and optional scrap black felt for the eyes, a ball of yarn.Follow the steps in the tutorial and this year’s Halloween will be a fun memorable one. Good luck on your scary DIY adventure!

Spooky-Tomato-Cage-Ghost1 Crafty Home Improvements (Mis)Adventures – Tomato Cage Ghosts – Instructions

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