DIY Twin Tables


The internet is a place where you can stumble upon a lot of creative ideas. This next one is a great project for those who like objects with a vintage feel. You will need and old table, a circular saw, paint and some angle irons. If you have a balcony or a terrace, you should take out the table there and cut it in half with the circular saw. This way you won’t make a mess inside the house. Then choose the color of the paint you want your half table to be and start painting it. Those in the picture look great since black and white is definitely the trend of this season. After you painted your table, let it dry and when it is done, mount the angle irons on their back. Then fix the half table on the wall – this way it will look like a classy and vintage shelf. You can place any object you want on it, just be sure to match with the rest of your room. It looks nice, right? Your own little vintage corner.

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