DIY Wooden Truck Hot Wheels Display


Organizing your child’s toys can be a huge challenge, as there are surely a lot of items that need to be stored somewhere. This next shelving idea is so cute and is ideal for a child’s room, as it is a large wooden truck display with lots of storage space. Even though it looks pretty complicated, you can make this truck shelf at home if you are into crafting projects. Once the shelf is ready, you can display you child tiny toys on it and it will look amazing. Plus, you can even create a game where you ask your child for his/her help and organize all the toys by size or color.

DIY Custom Display Case

Hot-Wheels-Display-Rack-1 source (DIY)

This is a Rustic’s Handmade 48″ 84 Car Wooden Truck Hot Wheels Matchbox Toy Boys Bedroom Wall Display Case Decor.



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  1. anne-marie says:

    Hi dis regtag Baja nice ek will graag be my 2seuns se kamer ook mak

  2. Charles Hart says:

    Please advise availability and cost

  3. becky says:

    I would like a semi truck wall shelf for my grandson’s hot wheels. What is your charge for the truck and 1 trailer that would hold 100 cars ?

  4. Ali Hussain says:

    I like it

  5. Belinda says:

    Are u still making these? If so, $$$?

    • Doreene Wood says:

      My husband is a tow truck operator/owner and has like 100’s of hot wheels and was looking for a display for him..what you have and prices

  6. Ali says:

    i would like to buy this for my son’s room. how do i oreder and what is the price?

  7. KATHRYN CASEY says:

    Looking for semi shelf to hold 69 + cars

  8. Drenda Herrick says:

    I need a simi truck with 3-4 trailers, what would be the cost of this?
    Thank you
    Drenda Herrick

  9. Ain Rahmad says:


    Could courier to Malaysia.. how cost for the rack (truck) include postage charge

  10. Yvette says:

    I need 2 for my son. How much?

  11. Terri L lass says:

    How much for just the cabinet dont need the truck

  12. Terri L lass says:

    How much for just cabinet

  13. Krista says:

    How do I order this semi wall organizer

  14. Paul Weber says:

    I’m interested in the price of the 4 boys room display

  15. ALLIE says:


  16. Candace Cook says:

    Want one made up for my 3 boys. Can you let me know a price? A semi truck with 2-3 trailers. Please and thank yoy

  17. Sherri Gossett says:

    How much and the
    website to order from please!!

  18. DEE JAYE says:


  19. Lisa Seeley says:

    Interested in the car holders. Price please

  20. Monica says:

    How much? Turn around time? How to order?

  21. Dawn Ruminski says:

    How is this DIY if I’m supposed to order it from someone? Thanks for nothing.

  22. Denise Felty says:

    How much?? Please email me.

  23. Janet says:

    How much for the semi and how long for delivery? Payment options? Thank you.

  24. Stacey amick says:

    Need prices and how do we order?

  25. Randy Jurinko says:

    What is the tractor trailer hot wheels case cost?

  26. Monica says:

    How much please

  27. Candy says:

    Need one

  28. Cheryl says:

    I’m interested. How much please?

  29. Jessy says:

    You guys even sell these big model toys because I’m interested so is my husband and how much is the price for shipping and everything else

  30. Janice says:

    How much is the truck and an extra trailer. How long would it take to get?

  31. Filipinas olarte says:

    Price pls?… + shipping fee in western visayas… thanks

  32. Mandy says:

    What is the price?

  33. Vickie Dever says:

    I would like to know where to get the plans?

  34. Karen says:

    Could you send details and pricing please?

  35. Debra says:

    What would a 48” semi portrayed for matchbook cars cost?

  36. Tanya Loy says:

    Can you please give me a price for 2 holding 100 cars pleas

  37. Karen Bond says:

    How much for this for my grandson

  38. Bertha lunzer says:

    Love the display idea wish we still had all of the hot wheels.

  39. Luann Boysel says:

    My grandson is not going to be 3 until mid February. He already has at least 200 different cars. He plays with them all the time. Where can I get the plans to make this?

  40. Annette O'Neal says:

    How much for the semi and extra trailer

  41. Carol says:

    Interested in wall truck unit also pricing. Also what other items available?

  42. Nikki Johnson says:

    Need prices for a few of the items

  43. Talitha Salinas says:

    I would like some more info regarding price and sizes.

  44. Donna says:

    Need this how much is truck

  45. Jennifer Rennie says:

    Comment above

  46. Leslie says:

    I want to see how to order this

  47. EdwardBaker says:

    I want one! How do you order or get one?

  48. Linda Powell says:

    Price please

  49. Jada says:

    Please start making these this will be cute for my son

  50. Christopher Grant says:

    How much for 2 of these including the truck and trailer? I have a huge hotwheel collection!

  51. Nilda Moya says:

    Awesome. My husband and me try to build that.

  52. Patricia Shepherd says:

    How can you order this

  53. Carolyn says:

    I really like the train or semi. Can you tell me cost and leadtime

  54. Jill owen says:

    Could you please give me a price

  55. les unger says:

    i have 3500 hotwheels and would love to know how to order this item

  56. Cheryl Hehl says:

    How much for the semi with 100 slots for card

  57. Diane Ringeman says:

    How much for the truck and trailer and how long would it take to get to me? Wray,Colorado 80758 would be for grand sons birthday

  58. Ginny says:

    I would like to order this for my grandson’s hot wheels how much does it cost and how do I order it

  59. Donna says:

    Would like to know how much that wooden truck hot wheel wall decor is

  60. Jerri Knapp says:

    I am interested in one of these but Not for hot wheels. I make cards and would like one for my stamps. Do not want the truck etc. Would you do something like this for me?

  61. Alan Crissman says:

    I’m looking to purchase one for my grandson. Let me know how much and time frame.please and thanks

  62. daniel roe says:

    They are on

  63. Beth Osborn says:

    How much for the semi cab truck and how much per section after the cab?

  64. Travis says:

    Can someone send me the pdf plans for this?

  65. Nathalie says:

    How do i order the truck for the hotwheels car?

  66. Nellie says:

    Interested. What is the price

  67. Tanya kollar says:

    Would like to inquire about the work done here on cost and availability! Thank you! My email is tanyatiexiera@

  68. Shankey says:

    I would love to order this just need a price perfect for my son he has alot of car.

  69. Vickie says:


  70. Chellye Valenzuela says:

    How much for the hole truck and tralier.. I could use 5 traliers. Thank you

  71. Debra waters says:

    How much???

  72. Sylvia says:

    I like it.

  73. Tina says:

    How much and r u still making these

  74. Rita Patterson says:

    What’s the cost of the truck (that houses the little cars)

  75. Krissie Mitchell says:

    I would love to get the semi truck wall shelf for my grandsons hot wheel cars. What would this cost me?

  76. Dianne Smith says:

    Would like price of 18wheeler with 3 trailers

  77. Lucy ocasio says:

    I saw this and I would like to order one

  78. Lucille schackert says:

    Would like to know the price of your displays for Hot Wheel cars

  79. Connie Bell says:

    How much for this?

  80. Kaitlyn patton says:

    How do i order this?

  81. Ellen says:

    How do we order or get the plans to make any of these?

  82. Kathy jackson says:

    I will like order information

  83. Cathy says:

    Where can I see more and prices

  84. Catie says:

    To everyone asking for them to make one…. click on the here button and it takes you to their site where you can order one. #bemoreresourseful

  85. says:

    How do I order and how much

  86. Laura A. Washington says:

    I want one for my son, he has too many load cars in box.

  87. John says:

    Interested how much are they. I have about 400 hot wheels

  88. Phyllis Vance says:

    How much for the semi truck to hold cars?

  89. Rose says:

    I need one please

  90. Beverly says:

    How much are they

  91. Deborah Stauch says:

    Looking for one that will hold cars and trucks, prices on different types and sizes, please

  92. Julie says:

    How much for the shelves@the semi

  93. Agnes Huels says:

    Interested as well How much??

  94. Mary says:

    How do I order me of these?

  95. Tiffany says:

    Nice truck driver!!! Smurfett is trucking

  96. Andrean Kalfas says:

    How much are they and how do we order

  97. Scott says:

    I want this

  98. Robin Perry says:

    This is awesome may I have ordering details

  99. Cindy says:

    How do I go about getting prices for this?

  100. Tina says:

    Interested in price and delivery charges

  101. Towana says:

    Are you still making these if so price please

  102. Karen Chartrand says:

    I’m interested in having one made or getting a pattern or template.

  103. SHERRY THEROUX says:

    Cost of truck cab with the one trailer please? Thank you!

  104. Fred schaff says:

    My son has over 300 car’s so I need on that will hold all of them

  105. Susan says:

    How many does each one hold? And price.

  106. Eva says:

    How much

  107. Lisa says:

    I would like to know how much this costs to make? Semi matchbox car holder

  108. VickieLaw says:

    Are you still making the hot wheels display cases. I need two

  109. Cathy Brigham says:

    How much and how large?!
    Thank you!

  110. Peter savino says:

    Need price an how to order

  111. Michel says:

    How much and how long would it take to get one?

  112. Mrs. JuliAn Garrett says:

    How much for the semi truck and trailers? Would love to order.

  113. Christa Culver says:

    I am wondering the cost does not need to be the truck but able to hold 100 or more cars

  114. Joann says:

    I would like one made how much

  115. Joann broadwater says:

    I would like one made

  116. Tina says:

    For everyone that is asking about a price, there is a “more details here” selection highlighted in blue after the last picture. It gives you all the prices of many different options.

  117. Cynthia Furlong says:

    Are you currently making semi/trailers? If so, cost please. Thank you

  118. Sheila hines says:

    How much for the semi that holds 100 cars

  119. Sherri says:

    Price of truck and trailer to hold match box please let me know and when e to order

  120. Andy Johnston says:

    What are the cost of 100 touch display and how long ringer one made

  121. Anne Christenbury says:

    Good morning. Please price tractor trailer with black wheels as in your lead photo. Photo shows three trailers. Please price only two with tractor. Also for my son please price the one piece with no color that holds 84 cars. Thank you very much!

  122. Dianne Caba says:

    How do i order this?

  123. Amanda says:

    would like to place an order for two – thanks !

  124. terry sande says:

    would like one of these

  125. How do I find the prices?

  126. Sondra Maschler says:

    To all: If you look at the very bottom “About us” They are an online home magazine that reviews or showcases new products. They supple no information about product. I am not sure where to get further information yet. Good luck finding it. If you come across it, please post. The magazine could have a least published a link.

  127. Wanda says:

    How much are these? Do you do trains?

  128. Natalie says:

    What is the price of this

  129. Melinda Smith says:

    Do you or would you do these custom wholesale for a store?

  130. Tara says:

    How much and how I order

  131. Stephanie Bullard says:

    I would like to order these semis for my grandson. Can you quote a price or show me available designs and prices. These are brilliant.

  132. Denise Stotz says:

    It says FIT. Is a kit to make it myself? Price please.

  133. Denise Stotz says:

    It says DIY. Is a kit to make it myself? Price please.

  134. Annette says:

    I would Love to have one for my son Hit Wheels .

  135. Alice Powers says:

    Are you still making these semi car holders and how much are they?

  136. Linda says:

    I would love to order. What is the price?

  137. Jessica stratton says:

    I want one of the wooden truck hot wheels wall car display
    How much and how do I pay?

  138. Christy Lynn Moore says:

    price? Would be interested in purchasing

  139. jeanette philopulos says:

    Nice, price?? Do u have other items?

  140. Maria says:

    How much for hot wheel rack

  141. sharon bowman says:

    what is the price of these

  142. Connie S Inmon says:

    Can someone get in touch with me about the semi organizer. I want to send it to my grandson in Denver.

  143. Threasa says:

    I’m interested in a semi with trailer to hold 100 cars. Price please

  144. D Kell says:

    Um…how are we ordering this item?

  145. Myranda Graham says:

    Please give me information , prices and how I can order some of your shelfs . Thank you

  146. Cinnie says:

    Interested how much

  147. Jenni Wishon says:

    I need prices of the matchbox car organizer please. My son has tons and I need them put up

  148. Rose says:

    How much

  149. Jessica Hansen says:

    I would like one of the semi organizers, how can I order it?

  150. Diana Mumma says:

    How much for the large semi that hold matchbox cars? How is availability? Very interested if price is right.?

  151. Dave Park says:

    How much please

  152. Michelle Paugh says:

    Would love prices on the truck with car holder with three tailers and price on others would be awesome

  153. Deanna Casler says:

    I would like a semi with 3 trailers. How much to order?

  154. Dorothy says:

    I would like to order the 84 Hot Wheels truck organizer painted in blue with black tires what would that cost of that be and what is the lead time

  155. Heidi says:

    Want tractor trailer for storage of hot wheels/ matchbox cars. Please send me email on how to order. Would need two!

  156. Joel Berenter says:

    What is the cost and delivery time?

  157. Tracy says:

    How much I need one for my grandson

  158. Penny Beggs says:

    What is the price?

  159. Irene Brewer says:

    Where do I get this a d how much?

  160. Rose Betcher says:

    How much does this cost?

  161. Mel Ascott says:

    Would love truck for my grandson.How much and how do I get this thank you

  162. Ronald Winters says:

    Have over 26,000. Any ideas?

  163. Lis Martinez says:

    Good afternoon, looking for 1 possibly 2 of the Semi Truck car holders with 1 trailer. Could you please give me a price on them? Thank You!

  164. Joan says:

    How much and how long to get one???…very interested!!!!

  165. BOB says:

    I have more than 50 hot wheels in their original package looking for someone to buy them. Any info will be appreciated.

  166. Tracey Abney says:

    Can we get a quote

  167. Donald Crews says:

    I can make these for $200 for the semi & 3 trailers.

  168. Sonia says:

    Wanting wood car rack for hot wheels cars

  169. Sandy says:

    How much is the truck??

  170. Johanne Ackermann says:

    How much for the cabinet
    And how do I order

  171. Joni says:

    Are you still selling these if so how much for the semi & time frame?

  172. Shannie Coleman says:

    I need one of these Asap!!

  173. Carol says:

    How to order

  174. Warren Lancaster says:

    Has anyone recieved an answer about where to purchase one of the organizers?

  175. Nancy says:

    How do I order the semi truck for holding hot wheels

  176. Fred Costanzo says:

    How do I order this semi wall organizer for my grandson.

    Thank you

  177. EDWARD RANDALL says:

    I would like the Semi Truck design

  178. Lorrie says:

    Would like to know how much your truck is with the trailer

  179. Gina says:

    Are these no longer available???

  180. Todd Gatzke says:

    Would like more info on the Hot Wheels Wooden Truck Display

  181. Randyy says:

    What is the price for the 84 car truck? I would like to order one.

  182. Donna Moseley says:

    I would like the truck showcase. Price and where to order please!!!

  183. Kathy Allen says:

    Looks like you might be able to.find these on Etsy.

  184. Gary allen says:


  185. charles duncan says:

    I want 2 trucks wit 3 trailers each an also want 3 trucks wit 2 trailers each … how much for all

  186. Charles duncan says:

    I want 2 semis wit 3 trailers each an also want 3 semis wit 2 trailers each .. thank u need a price …hope to here from u soon we love this

  187. Ruth Hemingson says:

    Link to the plans please!

  188. Sandra Smith says:

    Do you have patterns for sale so one can make their own?

  189. Martha says:

    Would love to know the cost of the hot wheels case have three little boy with hundreds of hot wheels and they would love this

  190. Carol Dawson says:

    Looks like there are no responses to any of the requests, so this may be futile. I would like pricing for the truck cabinet and cost for shipping. Thank you.

  191. Doug Ford says:

    I am looking for pricing and availability please. Thankyou

  192. Teresa Lothenore says:

    I need one that will hold hot wheels and little tractors. What would the cost be?

  193. Frank says:

    I need a Semi Trailer and one additional Trailer for my Grandson. Price and Delivery date to Saint Cloud Wisconsin. Regards – Frank

  194. Annette says:

    How much does it cost?

  195. Steve Butts says:

    Cost and payment data please

  196. Teresa says:

    How much and how do you order

  197. Karol Smith says:

    I would like a semi truck wall shelf

  198. Barbara Everett says:

    How much for the semi and 3 teailers

  199. Javon says:

    Yes was just wondering is it for sale or do you have the tools to make one, please respond

  200. LYN MCCOY says:

    How do i order hot Wheels shelf?

  201. Traci Bordner says:

    How much are they

  202. harold wilmot says:

    How do i place an order for the tractor and trailer for 300 cars

  203. Drew Dougherty says:

    What is the pricing, thank you

  204. Skip says:

    Stop asking how much. Simply click the link and you will see the prices. ((geesh)))

  205. Edie Hanson says:

    How much for semi with trailer

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