Easter Crafts: Newspaper Woven Eggs


This Easter surprise your friends with some special woven eggs. Don’t worry if this is the first time you weave eggs, as this is not as hard of a process as it may seem at first. Make sure you have a free afternoon when starting this project as it may take a bit of time to figure out how to make the woven eggs. But once you learn the technique, the rest will come naturally and the result will be fabulous. You will only need:

• newspaper;
acrylic paint (4-5 different colors);
• some glue;


Start by painting the newspaper tubes in different colors. You can make the eggs colorful by using different colors of paper or more uniform by using only a single color. Select 5 newspaper tubes. Take 2 longer tubes, place them on the table to create a plus sign, then glue the other 3 tubes to it, as shown in the picture. In the end you will have a shape that resembles a star. Take the tubes that it’s on the right side and place it on the top of the third tube. Now do the same with the following tube, but place it on the top of the fourth tubes. Continue doing this until you stacked all the tubes one on top of every second one and it starts to look like and Easter egg. When you reach the top of the egg, secure with glue and cut any excess of newspaper. You can make as many eggs as you like and place them in a basket or give them to your friends as Easter gifts.

woven-eggs-newspaper-2 source: marrietta.ru


4 Responses to “Easter Crafts: Newspaper Woven Eggs”

  1. Deniece says:

    how do you make the paper tubes?

  2. Kelly says:

    Same question as above, how do you make the newspaper tubes? Do you roll them around a dowel and remove the dowel?

  3. Barb says:

    Same question how do you make the paper tubes???

  4. Sara says:

    Sorry but i can’t understand the way you started…can you please explain step to step…I can’t find anywhere else….i would really thank you if you ca help me

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