ESCAPE Tiny Homes


You walk care-free through the forest when you see a small wooden structure with simple outdoor design, straight lines and sharp angles. The first thought that might cross your mind is `What a cute tiny cabin!`. But once you’re inside, your mind is blown! Even though there are only 400 square feet of space, the designers of this amazing place have managed to provide with all of the facilities of a modern lifestyle and still avoid the feeling of crowdedness. A modern kitchen and all of the entertainment you can imagine in such a place (TV, fireplace, reading nook) are present in a way that doesn’t clutter. The dedication to providing a high standard of comfort can be noticed also in the bedroom which has an en-suite bathroom and let’s not forget: a splendid view into the nature that embraces the entire home. Check out the architectural layout of the cabin and let the photos showcase the beauty of this interior design.









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