The Ferris Wheel Shoe Rack, Rotating Shoe Rack


The new shoe rack is very practical and has an interesting design. It can store 20 pairs of shoes based on its innovative circular design. It is ideal for small houses or apartments because, compared to other models, this one saves space. Four wheels allow an easy movement and they can be locked when we find the place to fix it. This kind of shoe rack rotates so you can choose easily the pair of shoes. It is perfect for any type of footwears because of the flexible structure.











This product is available on Rakku Designs..

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  1. Vijay Shah says:

    Hi, I am from India, Mumbai Interested in importing one 40 feet high cube container for Indian market of your various models of Rotating Shoe rack & other shoe organizers etc. Would appreciate if you can give your best prices for it & advice it’s quantity per master cartoon & it’s CBM, enabling us to calculate for no of cartoons to be fitted in one 40 feet high cube container. Please also advice your terms & condition of sales Awaiting for your positive reply. Vijay shah

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