Fire Breathing Dragon Log Wood Burner

This is my newest design wood burner. This burner/statue is my best to date, i have spent over 40 hours of my time working on this burner. When being used as a burner the fire comes out of the dragons mouth so actually looks like a fire breathing dragon. He is made from solid steel and will last a lifetime.

More details here…

9 Responses to “Fire Breathing Dragon Log Wood Burner”

  1. lafrance says:

    WOW! That is AWESOME! Is it for sale?

  2. E K Vukovic says:

    How much for the dragon fire pit? Also what is the lead time to order, then ship and receive? Thanks so much.

  3. E K Vukovic says:

    What company makes this? Do you have their website?

  4. Tommy Hales says:

    please tell me where I can get one….please

  5. Dal'Sheron says:

    I will make a dozen of these for the purpose of being the housing units for my metal melting crucibles! AND IT WILL BE AWESOME!

  6. Christopher Ashworth says:

    I’m after a large dragon about 4 ft tall with wings to put out side on top of a waterfall, are you able to make one please?

  7. Sheila Hilburn says:

    Are they for Sale???
    Can I buy one?

  8. joeanne chisolm says:

    I want one as well…how much please?

  9. Dana says:

    Paid for one of these earlier this year and never received it. Made several attempts to contact company and no response

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