Hand Carved Doors


A plain looking door or window doesn’t really transmit your true personality? If the modern and minimalistic styles that are commonly used with doors don’t appeal to you, you should opt for the handcrafted designs that go perfect with wooden concepts. The works of Carved by Ramsey are sculptural pieces of art that stand above other architectural carvings of the kind.
When decorating the home with a door, people don’t just choose any kind of material, because this is the first thing you greet your friends and guests with. Thus, much attention must be given to this design piece. A high relief and three dimensional carving on the entire wooden door is just the answer for the persons who find a rustic concept appealing as well.
The style of door carving that Ramsey uses – meaning building up at least 3 inches of layers of wood above the surface of the door – gives a lively dimension to the animals and other figures implemented. The 3D carving design is done directly into the door, before applying airbrush stain that accentuates detail and dimension, and in the end brings life to the whole. Branches are added at the last stage, creating the handles of the door. The hand carved door is just the answer for those who want a more personal and rustic welcome.

Wolf & Bear Carved Door Sleeping-Bear-Door-Rose


 Raccoon Blue Jay Door


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  1. Kay O'Neil says:

    I LOVE your carved doors. Please check out my website oneilrockymountainart.com to see my glasswork. maybe we could do some collaboration in the future?
    Kay O’Neil 303-258-7465 cell

  2. Tammy says:

    Can you carve elephants onto doors?

  3. Margaret hardman says:

    Please let me know where the doors are available. Thank you!

  4. Jaswinder Singh says:

    How are you my friend .
    you mack the door very nice
    I like this .
    I want open the business in Canada .
    I contact you thanks . Good night my friend

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