How to Build Your Own Wood-Fired Hot Tub


How would you like to have your own hot tub without spending a fortune? If you are trying to have a sustainable lifestyle and live off-the-grid, then this make your own hot tub project will be right up your alley. Build your own wood fired hot tub and spend some relaxing moments without having to go to a spa. This won’t be an easy job, but with some craftsmanship and the help of a professional, you can get much closer to your dream. Find the right outdoor space for this construction, then start purchasing the materials and prepare in time for the work that awaits for you. For more information and exact details about each step of the building process, visit the following website. With a bit of luck, your hot tub will be ready for the next winter and you can amaze your friends with your new outdoor “accessory”.


DIY guide was put together by Skiing Magazine 


Buy a submersible stove for around $750 ( – Scuba stove

You’ll need a way to drain the tub. The simplest method is to buy a Quick Drain system—a handheld pump that siphons and vacuums out water ($75;

Make an insulating cover out of two-inch closed-cell foam to hold in heat.

30 Responses to “How to Build Your Own Wood-Fired Hot Tub”

  1. Paulo mar says:

    Lol looks rubbish. 2 weeks for that.

  2. cat says:

    Puzzled, do you publish anything else then ads? the picture in your short article has nothing to do with he video below which show a shotty DYI hot tub.
    What i noticed is 2 commercial links for expensive sauna. So most of your articles follow the same pattern and you are not really informing or teaching anything?

  3. Drewski says:

    Started off good then went to shyte fast..

  4. Matt Horsman says:

    There was nothing about the heating of it…. that was stupid…

  5. Peppi Pitkätossu says:

    O agree totally

  6. Fixation says:

    I agree looks like crap, no filtration and a ton of money in materials. There are better ways.

  7. Steph says:

    I was expecting a video regarding the diagram used in the article. Seriously disappointed.

  8. Brandy says:

    Then don’t make one ya negative Nancy

  9. Me and says:

    This was a waste of my fucking time you piece of shit. I can build that in 2 hours tops, and it doesn’t even show how you heat it. Fuck off! Get the fuck outa here!

  10. Brett says:

    I could build that in two days nevermind two weeks and who was the wise ass that said we’ll just use a tarp

  11. Chad says:

    It seems like a waste to heat the water and burn the wood for only one purpose I would like to see some modifications that allow the system to also be used to smoke meat or heat a greenhouse

  12. Bob says:

    Now you’re just being an asshole

  13. Katie says:

    Chad, if you have an outdoor wood boiler you can direct heat in many ways. From the boiler to a greenhouse or a hot tub or to your home. Just need to make sure the unit is rated to that size. Where I am from that would be about a 15 thousand dollar bill so it wasn’t in the cards for us unfortunately

  14. Doug says:

    There was one just like that on Kuper Island. It took a while to heat up but was great to sit in right there on the midden in the rain even. We used a canoe paddle instead of jets!

  15. Jeff says:

    Could use a compost pile to hear the water if you could come up with a way to have a pump to circulate the water from the compost pile to the hot tub

  16. mariappan says:

    required quote …

  17. احمد says:

    very good tank you

  18. Jenny says:

    such a cool idea! I don’t know if id be able to pull it off but i’d certainly like to try. I do already have a hot tub as I sell them for a living, but this is really romantic and rustic.

  19. Napsi says:

    Bad video. No new idea. Incomplete

  20. Robert Kalinouski says:

    $750 for the stove damn iI can buy a whole tub for that price and have it installed

  21. Heather says:

    Lmao I love how people can’t read this is part one of 3 videos ?‍♀️

  22. Jenn says:

    A lot of negative Nancy’s on here?I think the poster is trying to show u how they built there’s, they added the link for the 750$submersible pump and the link for the 75$ drain. Yes, there’s ads for expensive units but I think it’s trying to show us that for a few hundred bucks in wood and the 825 for the mechanics you can built yourself your own “expensive” hot tub.

  23. Andrew batts says:

    It is a joke, that was meant to be obvious

  24. Rodger says:

    You can do what you want with fire. It’s up to you, to adapt it for whatever you would like to do. The possibilities are allmost endless.

  25. Rodger says:

    They showed a picture!!! All it is, is a submerged woodstove. If you cant figure it out. Then you must have ridden the short bus.

  26. Rodger says:

    Jeff. I’m curious. What about the compost pile? Are you talking about circulatating hot water, toe heat up a compost pile?

  27. R says:

    Why you got to be like that dude

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