How To Make A Contemporary Garden Water Feature For Less Than $30


Beautifying your garden with a modern water feature isn’t as expensive as you thought. That is if you’re choosing the DIY alternative which can prove a lot better than the designer commercial brands. With a total cost of $30 you too could have the same beautiful decoration as the one featured on this webpage. The common mistake people make is that anything related to water and beautifications in your garden will cost much because of the water installation. Luckily, that’s not the case with the DIY project you see here. Here is what you will need, in terms of materials: a water-tight container, a solar fountain pump (or any other fountain pump for that matter), some flat concrete pavers, a few rocks (of various sizes), water grass or any other plant tolerant to water. Be advised you have some shoveling to do so make sure you have a pair of strong heads at your disposal. Follow the instructions and soon you can have a lovely water feature that simply makes your garden look splendid.



Contemporary Water Feature – Supplies & Steps


7 Responses to “How To Make A Contemporary Garden Water Feature For Less Than $30”

  1. Madeline Rodriquez says:

    Love the ideas

  2. karen says:

    how do you get the instruction for the pond for less tha 30$

  3. Denise McGinnis says:

    On the contemporary water garden, is the solar panel covered by rocks some where or a distance away from the water garden?

  4. Reva Callaway says:

    Where are the instructions!?

  5. V says:

    Can not seem to find the instructions. Where is the link hidden?

  6. claire says:

    Click where it says “more” or this link

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