How to Make a Swedish Log Candle


Looking for an exciting outdoor party facility? Or a way to entertain your guests and still provide with the appropriate food offer? The next DIY trick we’re about to show you will prove there is a method of having a camp fire, both easy to ignite (and control) as well as lasting a long time. Behold the Swedish Log Candle, a perfect answer to the question above and more!

Besides the fact it can create a warm ambience during outdoor parties, it also doubles as a stable platform in case you want to cook something. Handling a chainsaw is required for the DIY project to succeed, but other than that, you are in the clear. Grab your log and cut it into 8 equal-size triangles. To make sure you’ve done it as you should, check out the tutorial and follow the instructions there. Your next outdoor event is going to impress a lot of folks with this Swedish Log Candle.


source: survivaltek

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17 Responses to “How to Make a Swedish Log Candle”

  1. damselfly says:

    Where the hell’s the LINK to the instructions??!!

  2. Woody says:

    Where is the instructional video? Several times I have been on this site just to find that there is no instructional video. Very frustrating.

  3. Finn says:

    Sorry..Not Swedish Its Finnish logmen candle..We use at wintertime here…gasoline is not good for lighting it but wood straw is better

    • William White says:

      The shavings that are produced when cutting will work just fine, a small pile in the center and light, they will fall down burning and light the center of the candle.

  4. Johnny Ljungberg says:

    Smart enough though, thinking that this was “invented” by some old loggers somewhere else…

  5. D Austin says:

    Typical. Put a picture of a clever idea, then only provide links to stuff they want to sell. Fortunately i had this one figured out from the first picture. The pic with gas can, I mean REALLY, pretty stupid to gas on a log you are planning on using for party. Maybe a light dousing of something that would be pleasing to smell like citronella. FURTHER RESEARCH NEEDED on that part!!!

  6. bob says:

    Here it is on youtube Swedish Fire Torch – Long Burning Fire From A Single Log

  7. Daniel says:

    The “instructions” are the tiny link at the buttom right of the article — >>>> source: survivaltek

  8. BStubbs374 says:

    Click on the name following “Source:” at the bottom of the picture and it will take you to the directions.

  9. Cathy says:

    Click on Source: survivaltek after the explanation for details on how to make it.

  10. Bwa Ha says:

    Also, I happen to agree with Finn… my Finnish father in law showed me this while we cut firewood in the winter. It kept us warm when we took our breaks. He called it a “log candle”. He was one heckuva lumberjack! Knew his stuff.

  11. Kelly Hebert says:

    This sounds good in concept, but there is one very important factor that I don’t think was taken into consideration…Depending on how strong the wind is blowing…& whether it is constantly blowing from the same direction or it is changing directions, I don’t see how it would or could burn evenly.

  12. TONYA FORESTER says:

    I have seen this before. you take dry grasses or paper cardboard etc. and a little cooking oil, NOT GAS, shove the grass or or dry material into the cracks and get it as close to the center as you can. Pour the COOKING Oil in the center and saturate. If you have a long fireplace match use this to light from the center. If no match use a lit stick or improvise. NEVER USE GAS IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE IT FOR A COOK TOP!!!

  13. Mark says:

    I’ve made a few of these. They work really well. You just need a bit of dry stuff down the middle to start it off.

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