Observation Beehive That You Can Mount on Your Wall at Home

Indoor beekeeping is not only fascinating but it is also one of the most rewarding hobbies. If you have been considering venturing into apiculture (beekeeping) then this is one of the avenues you may consider. However, you need to understand the specific laws and regulations that apply to your specific state before you even start. Fortunately, in most US states a hive or two is allowed and this will provide honeybee products sufficient for your needs.

You have probably heard the revolutionary BEEcosystem. This is a new technology for keeping bees indoors within an urban city. The entire system is a hexagonal hive made of cedar. It is small enough for easy management and is also big enough to produce sufficient honey for household use.

The urban part-time or hobbyist beekeeper will find the BEEcosytem fascinating. It can be compared to a fish aquarium, only that this one has no water and it harbours the territorial honeybee. The environment within the system is friendly for the bees and has been designed in such a way that it can be placed either indoors or outdoors. It also has a light filtering cover that ensures the bees natural cycles are never interrupted by indoor lighting.


BEEcosystem is an observation honeybee hive designed to reconnect you with the nature of honeybees. Indoor/outdoor wall-mountable and modular, BEEcosystem hives grow along with your colony inside.
By incorporating natural designs into our human built environment, we create atmospheres that uplift, inspire, rejuvenate, and educate.

Whether you are a farm-to-table or organic restaurant, eco hotel, vineyard or brewery tasting room, sustainable resort or tourism company, nature center or educational institution, BEEcosystem can add something amazing to your space.

With the design-build capability to create custom pieces around your unique needs and constraints, our low-maintenance biophilic designs range from apiculture to aquaponics, and can be integrated anywhere, indoors or outdoors.



Unlike existing observation hives that are limited by their fixed size, BEEcosystem’s modularity offers the ability to expand the interior hive space by attaching additional wall-mounted HexHive bodies.

If you’re a beekeeper, you know that Langstroth and Warre hives have always expanded vertically by adding new boxes and supers—now, BEEcosystem is the first observation hive to use the same tried and true logic, but over a vertical plane, expanding across your wall in a hexagonal honeycomb-styled design.

source: beecosystem.eu & beekeepclub.com

14 Responses to “Observation Beehive That You Can Mount on Your Wall at Home”

  1. cathy says:

    NO!! This is NOT good for the bees! People please stop this crap!

    • Cecilia says:

      If the bees don’t like it, trust me that they leave for new and better digs. Beekeeper since 2009

    • James says:

      This is good for the bees Kathy…………what are you even angry about? The bees would leave if the didn’t like it……Are you some vegan trying to say they are being imprisoned or some garbage?

  2. Leighnae says:

    How do you order these?

  3. Beth Leinbach says:

    I am extremely interested in this!! We used to have an observation hive in the 80s and loved it. We are now retired and this design and size really intrigues me. How much is it and what’s its availabliity? Do you provide bees as well? I have several friends who are also interested – looking forward to your reply!

  4. Karin Mazowita says:

    Most awesome thing I have seen in my life. My daughter and I have been toying with the idea of getting a taking an course in bee keeping course and raising bees for a few years now. this looks like the way to do it!
    Thanks for this awesome invention and for making it accessible. I think every class room on the planet should have one!


  5. Maria says:

    This a one of the greatest invention. Thank you

  6. Maria says:

    I’m already fantasizing about this bee 🐝 invention

  7. Christopher W Glasspool says:

    Interested. One question: How do they ventilate the hive to control temperature and reduce moisture of nectar?

  8. Tracy says:

    Cathy, why is it not good? It looks awesome but I’m really wondering about your comment. Could you elaborate? I mean, they would be safe from people trying to exterminate their hive, which I’ve seen a bunch and that breaks my heart!

    • lorna says:

      I’m wondering if this would work in a climate where it drops well below freezing in the winter. Bees normally hiberenate in the winter here, but their hive would be at room temperature.

  9. Richard P Mahan says:

    Is a video of instructions provided showing how to take care of the bees to harvesting the honey?

  10. Nandi says:

    Hi, how do you harvest the honey, and how do they ventilate the hive? Could you add a more inclusive video please?

  11. ass Walker says:

    Ass walker comin for that Ass.

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