Keep Your Chickens Happy With This Chicken Swing!


The Chicken Swing Reduce coop boredom and provide an activity for all breeds and ages of chickens with The Chicken Swing, which is fun–and fun to watch! The engineered and patented design allows the chickens to keep the swing in motion themselves while sitting or standing on a ribbed corn-like textured perch. The mailbox shaped perch, safety side ties and cross member are designed to keep swinging safe and easy for all sizes of chickens and fowl. Easy installation and adjustment for any coop size.

The Chicken Swing – Fun activity to reduce coop boredom


  • Fun activity to reduce coop boredom
  • Swinging motion is enjoyed by the chicken as well as the people who watch them swing

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15 Responses to “Keep Your Chickens Happy With This Chicken Swing!”

  1. Bro Jim says:

    A well fed (thus well cared for) gets bored and needs to play. I still like to swing.;

  2. Beverly J Smith says:

    I just ordered one. My daughter said no as they fight over it and I told her I would order and one more but would not order six so they will have to take turns

  3. solorone says:

    Engineered and patented design ?  It is a damn swing, what is there  to patent ?

  4. Mary weber says:

    My chickens love there swings and we enjoy watching them.

  5. Carolyn pate says:

    I wonder if that chickens name is Charlotte “JUST A SWANGIN” LMAO

  6. Missourimarilyn says:

    A roap and a 2×4 will do the same

  7. K R says:

    Our chickens were scared to death of the thing and wanted nothing to do with it. A wast of money.

  8. Nancy J Nowosielski says:


  9. Nancy J Nowosielski says:

    “AWAITING MODERATION.” Okay will still post on my page a warning.

  10. Nancy J Nowosielski says:

    Grow my own turmeric too.

  11. Jimm says:

    Do the words “twine” and “stick” resonate with anyone? Great idea, but why would anyone pay for this when you can make if yourself with things literally lying around?

  12. Holden Diffner says:

    NO! In every video i’ve seen of these swings, the chickens hate them. People think they like them because they keep getting on. But do you notice that they keep getting OFF? If there were another roost in the pen that the chickens didn’t use and they used the swing instead, then I’d believe it. But as it is, the only reason the chickens use the swings, in the videos I’ve seen so far, is that it’s the only thing to roost on available. Chickens prefer something solid under their. Show me a video of a chicken choosing a swing over a solid roost and i’ll believe it.

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