Martis Camp Home


Living in the middle of woods is a saying that wants to express lack of modern lifestyle. Clearly, the person who came up with this hasn’t come across a wonderful home like the Martis Camp Home featured on this webpage. The impressive rustic residence will simply win your heart from the first sight! With beautiful straight-lines exterior design, the architects behind this residential project wanted the surrounding environment to not be a strange sight, but the entire ensemble to coexist peacefully. That is why they used wooden logs and natural stone together with large amounts of glass – to create a relation between the two elements: modern home and Nature. The interior is far from being an uncivilized medium. Comfort is provided through all of the furniture, appliances and facilities you would normally find in an urban house. The decor has an impressive blend of rustic and modern, with use of wooden and plain walls and floors as well as stone elements throughout coming together to offer a welcoming ambient. Take a tour via the photos included in the presentation and be certain your view about living in the woods changes radically.







Martis-Camp-home-8 source: Interior Design by Jjh


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