Now THAT’S a storage hack! Clever Parents Build Bookcase With Only Boxes

There are people with an eye for DIY and then those who take the entire thing to the next level.

These are trying times and finding ways to keep your child occupied can be very hard. One great way to help your child go through isolation more easily is to encourage him or her to read as many books as one can. Books not only help us keep focused on something else than the events happening in the outside world but also develop our intelligence and imagination. So once you ordered a big stash of books online, you’ll also have to store them somewhere, right?
This clever idea of a flower-shaped bookcase will come in very handy. Jess and Sinclair Breen from Australia have built this amazing bookcase for their children and made everything from scratch without any help.
The easy part here is that they are the owners of a home renovation company, so materials and DIY skills were not a problem for them but with a bit of patience and exercise, anyone can do it.

Their incredible structure took them weeks of preparation, 16 hours to put together and set them back about AUD $900.

The bookcase is made out of 36 wood panel boxes, which have been arranged in the shape of a flower. As their wall was not stable enough to support this large shelf, they installed it on a large fiberboard. If you feel a bit overwhelmed by the result, you can start with a smaller shelf to gain enough experience for a bigger project in the future.

Jessica Breen and her husband, Sinclair (pictured with their children), from Brisbane, designed the bookshelf of their dreams after spying an image on the Internet

15 Responses to “Now THAT’S a storage hack! Clever Parents Build Bookcase With Only Boxes”

  1. Risa says:

    36 wooden boxes??? What size are the boxes. There are two different sizes?
    It can be done by looking at the photo.. But we have to lnow what size the boxes are

  2. Derma says:


  3. Sherrie Stump says:

    What are the sizes of the 3 boxes?

  4. Nora-Adrienne Deret says:

    What a waste of space. I have wall to wall floor bookcases in two spare bedrooms. I still don’t have enough space to keep my whole library on display. Almost 3000 books.. That would never work in my world or any of my friends.

  5. Guy says:

    This is not a hack. Those boxes were constructed out of wood specifically for the purpose of holding books. It is a done in a cool design (if you don’t mind crooked shelves), but it is in no way a “storage hack”. In fact, it is less efficient than just putting the boxes on the wall straight to maximize space and hold more books (and able to hold other things due to not being tilted).

  6. Guy says:

    My comment didn’t even post….

  7. Wendi says:

    What are the 3 sizes?

  8. Graham Clark says:

    Love it. What a cool idea for kids. As in lock down I’m off to the workshop

  9. Karen Johnson says:

    Ms Deret, my mom always told me if you can’t say anything nice, then say nothing. The shelf was made for their children. Not you or “your friends” Have mercy, are you a total waste of oxygen?

  10. Kerry says:

    I live in Ipswich and would love to have one of these built. Is there any way to contact the builder?

  11. Regina says:

    Jeez people. They did something fun!!would it work in my world …no but that doesn’t diminish the creativity and the partnership there family had!!!

  12. Constance says:

    That looks absolutely clutterf***Ed. But I guess if that is your thing.

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