Practical Solution for Small Apartments: Hidden Bed


Limited space is something more and more people are struggling with when leaving in large and crowded cities. With the trend growing from year to year, and megacities being a certainty in the future, why not plan ahead? Try to make this three-in-one piece of DIY furniture. Sofa, bed and storage unit are blend together into one simple and unique design that will give you the much needed space you crave for. Creativity comes into play at this moment and you will need a bunch of wood to work with. If you like the design in the photo, you will be making not only an ingenious storage unit with bed and sofa, but also a podium and bookshelf. Before doing the actual build, make sure you measured the space properly, so not to be in some sort of a materials crisis. Then, it’s all up to you! Follow the instructions in the picture and your home design will be improved overnight. Good luck!


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