Safe and Cool: A Sunken Trampoline For Kids


A new idea is born for child safety, a sunken trampoline. Sunken trampolines seek to alleviate the safety issues while giving kids plenty of bouncing opportunities. Are they indeed safe ? A new fad, sunken trampolines provide hours of bouncing fun with fewer safety hazards. Their design buries the legs as the device blends into the lawn’s surface. Because it’s so close to the ground, children safely jump with fewer safety challenges. They can accommodate a safety net that ensures children bounce safely inside a protective barrier. And, of course, are anchored into the ground and will not tip. So .. how does it look ?




How much is and how does work ? … Check on Garden Designs


  • DeeDee Coburn on said:

    I love the design of the sunken trampoline. I have a 9 year old daughter who has year after year has asked for a trampoline. First, I am a single parent whom works two jobs to make ends meet, so I explained to her that a trampoline is out of the picture. She has her 10th birthday coming up on August 7th and it be such a great gift for her. I am wondering what something like this would cost or if you had any discounts for people with these similar situations.

    I was wondering if you ever did any giveaways for less fortunate parents to be able to give their children one great thing in their childhood.

    Just thought I would check and anynconsideration given is appreciated.

      • Rose on said:

        Bill, I applaud your answer. I grew up in a family with 10 kids, two parents (one of whom was an alcoholic) We lived in a two bedroom, one bath home with a leaky roof and a single window air conditioner we could rarely afford to run. We never asked for anything and never had anything given to us. We are all successful people despite never having a trampoline, swimming pool, etc.
        I wish people would learn if they are going to have kids, they need to be prepared to raise them and pay for their needs until they are at least 18.
        Thank you for your good-sense answer!


        • Heather on said:

          Wow! I certainly hope you never had children, Rose. As a single mother of three daughters, I can assure you that it is not easy. I can also assure you that I never intended to be a single mother, yet I am. While raising my children I have gone to nursing school, gotten a B.S. in Psychology, and am currently getting a Masters degree in Teaching. Do not be so self-righteous to think that you know everyone’s situation. I know of very few who set out to be a single parent, but many who are by no fault of their own. While I too am successful in my own right, I struggle to raise my girls on one salary. What a mean, hateful, and selfish rely you made about someone you know nothing about. I pray you learn compassion because you just never know when your circumstances could change and you are in the position of being judged so harshly.

      • Sunken Trampolines on said:

        We ARE a company selling the product. We have been doing so for just over two years now and cover most of the UK. We do NOTHING BUT Sunken Trampolines and have perfected the Beautiful Bounce.

        What we do is done for safety and aesthetic solutions to the ugly and dangerous above ground trampoline.

        • zanne on said:

          hi i have a 10 ft round trampoline that i would like to sink. can you let me know how much the cost of this is .thanks

      • I’m sorry but this response is terrible!! You do not know this ladies circumstances and to assume that she is begging for a handout is nothing less than insulting. I think your attitude is what has happened to this world… Selfish and judgmental!! Your statement completely disgusted me!!!!!!

        • Sue Cox on said:

          I completely agree with Amy. Your knee-jerk response was thoughtless and condescending. You have no idea of this mother’s circumstances and there is nothing wrong with giving others an opportunity to share their own good fortune if they feel so inclined.

          • Carolyn Henderson on said:

            Rose, I believe in giving everyone a fair chance in this evil ole world. Please try to remember, not everyone enjoys the life you have..judge not…

      • Marlene on said:

        I so agree with Bill why is it that people feel the need to use their kids to get things in life I was a single parent most of my kids life and I work very hard for everything we had and never got child support and I never ask for one thing or I brought my kids up for not asking for things from other I rather go without then to ask someone for something and I would go without eating for 3 days just so my kids had food that just what u do when u have kids so Bill I agree with u that DeeDee make it by asking and using her kids to get what she wants for herself and teaching her kids to be the same way

      • camille on said:

        DeeDee, you should try checking some garage sales. see is somebody you know can did the hole, then find cheap rocks to put underneath.

    • kelly green on said:

      check your local yahoo and see if they have a in your area. people give things away that they no longer need instead of throwing these things into the landfills. It’s a win win situation. I use the site frequently for furniture, toys, clothes, etc. ignore the man that answered that was so rude. it’s hard enough being a single parent then to have to deal with people that are ignorant. I have been there and i had two boys to be mom and dad too and it’s very hard to give them the things that they really want.

    • Shawn on said:

      This is not a new idea. My cousins had an in ground trampoline back in the early 1960s in Sparks, NV. It was really cool cause you just walk right on to it and jump.

    • I got mine off a yard sale site on line you can find them in your area for like 50.00 some times free we started digging to put ours in ground it is a hard job slow going hope this helps

    • Blueyezgirl68 on said:

      First, please ignore any rude responses, they don’t deserve a moment of your time.

      Secondly, if you have a Facebook account, you might be able to find pages that are like a “yard sale” in your area and possibly even a page that is “free” versus a landfill, as mentioned Kelly Green mentioned like free Good luck hon and keep up the hard work, you are a good mom!! I applaud you for not giving up on making your daughter’s wish come true!! There are good people out there that love to silently help people out because they have the means and want to share their good fortune. It takes a village and someone in your village might be looking for you to help. 😉 You go even try a “Go Fund Me” page, people can anonymously donate on these pages. Best wishes!! <3 (heart) ~ Debby (mom of 2 teen boys)

  • Helene Jones on said:

    Hi tnere, we’ve had ours like this for over 12 years 🙂 What is the man putting round the edge? We have the grass right up to the framework, but that looks better! Drainage? We havent done anything special and the rain (hose water in the summer) just naturally goes away, but perhaps we’re lucky! Kids love it and no injuries in all those years!

    • megan on said:

      did you guys do the install your selves or have someone do it for you? and i guess with the drainage, do you think it just evaporates? we are seriously thinking about doing this, any feedback you have would be great! thanks!

  • David on said:

    Drainage kits can be added of soak away holes left in brick work.

    Any good landscaping company would do this, we have completed this twice now, I love the idea, we charged 2 skips for waste soil removed 140.00 each, if you can put else were would save you, mini digger hire 1 day trust me at 95.00 saves a lot on labour. Bricks were 120.00 cement 35.00 sand 28.00, all you need to add in now is your labour at approximate 2 people at 110.00 day each, 1 day dig out, half day founds laid, 1 day brick lay job done. 550.00 total inc materials and skips 1208.00

  • Reasonable Person on said:

    Wow, it’s a shame some people are so self-righteous! DeeDee, I too am a single parent and taking care of my kids without assistance. Most people who are single parents had a different plan in mind, even multiple backup plans that, through no fault of their own, failed. DeeDee’s not asking for someone to come be her maid or give her pedicures; she just wants to see her daughter happy. Be nice, folks. Have some compassion and kindness toward others. There’s no reason someone who has more money than they know what to do with might not just want to share some of their good fortune with this little girl. (I realize not everyone fits this category, but there are plenty who do.) If you happen to be well off but not interested in sharing, no one is insisting that you do. But do at least understand that even if you made the best choices in life, some of your good results are simply due to good luck. Get off your high horse.

    • Blueyezgirl68 on said:

      Thank you for your reply. Some people don’t think before they open their mouths (or keyboards) and speak.

      To all the judgmental jerks:
      This mom is just making inquiries folks and if you can’t see that then maybe you need to open your eyes and look up the definition of EMPATHY. Not ALL people that have tough lives are bad people or people looking for free handouts. She sounds like a good Mom that is looking for some way to possibly do this ONE thing, that her daughter has been dreaming about for a long time. She’s not giving up and not taking “I flat out can’t afford it” as her only answer. She’s asking if there is something out there that maybe she hasn’t seen yet, that might get her a little closer to making the gift of a trampoline for her daughter, a reality. Anyone who just takes “no” for an answer when it comes to their dreams, and just gives up, is selling their selves short. This Mom is striving, to find that way to make this dream for her daughter happen. The lesson for her daughter in this is, “don’t give up on your dreams,” if you work hard enough and you can find the answers and find a way to make your dreams come true, if you don’t give up.

  • mc1957 on said:

    Our neighbors had one of these when we were growing up. Great fun, till her dad discovered the snakes living under it. Just beware that critters can get underneath it in that hole.

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  • Trampoline on said:

    Your blog and the pictures have been really helpful in making up my mind for installing a similar kind of trampoline in my open back yard coming summer. Thanks for the idea!

  • Love the look of this! My kids have been asking for one but we’ve been putting it off for safety reasons. This sounds like a safer alternative. Will be looking into it more. Thanks for the post!

  • Sandi Bates on said:

    My mom was a single mom. We lived on the cheapest, healthyest food she could make. We didn’t have lots of fancy toys- we made paper dolls, imagionery horses,a swing with a rope and used tire,and we played with each other and our friends. Special days in the summer we walked to Dairy Queen that had free ground sunken tramalines. It was the hightlight of our week or month. We were happy. Mom never asked for anything-she worked and shared food, babysitting and friendship with the neighbors.

  • Tracey Schneider on said:

    Are most trampoline injuries a result of landing incorrectly on the trampoline or are they from being bounced into the hardware or off of the trampoline?

  • Jennifer on said:

    I need to.find someone in California (Sacramento) that can do this. If anyone knows of a contractor or company here please let me know.

  • marie on said:

    Dear Bill. I have never in my life, came across a website related to DIY or home deco. , that insults it’s visitors!!! I hope the admin of this site no longer allow you to contribute after I report you. You obviously cannot separate your own personal dislike and discrimination of people less fortunate than yourself with business and therefore you should not be in the business of showing your projects to the general public. Personally, I think you have shown yourself to be a vile human being. Any decent person would simply respond to say that you are not in the position to help. If you wish to continue showing casing you DIY skills so that others can learn the I suggest you take a course in communication skills. I hope some trouble comes your way in response to your despicable treatment of that lady.

    • marie on said:

      Discriminatory comment from Bill responding to DeeDee’s comment was deleted by admin after I emailed them to complain. To “Bill” I hope you can refrain from subjecting us visitors to this very useful site to your nasty self rightous judgements and attacks. Thank you admin.”

      • Understanding on said:

        As a responsible self sufficient person I am with Bill on this one. Apparently the commentors against Bill think that it is ok to put ones burdens on others, especially little children. Maybe that really shows the world we live in now…. blind to its own demise brought on by ignorance and insanity. Glad I do not live in the world made for bottom feeders.

      • First, it is a shame this had to become about Dee Dee and Bill instead of the creative work that was originally posted. However, if Dee Dee has the right to ask for free stuff, then Bill should have the right to express his opinion. Bill’s opinion was a reasonable response which I am sure many others were thinking but, did not want to put themselves out there to be ridiculed. Thought I would put in my two cents worth so people could have someone else to rag on.

      • Aren’t you a very special little snowflake, living to stick your nose into others’ business. Maybe Bill assumes that parents should assume financial responsibility for their children. Maybe he believes that’s it’s reprehensible to go online and ask for expensive, frivolous hand-outs, like trampolines. Was she seeking food or medicine for her child? No, she wanted an expensive toy. Free. Wishing trouble on Bill just shows what a miserable hag you really are.

  • My kids have been begging me for a trampoline for years but I’ve been reluctant to buy one because of potential accidents, this looks great and safer.

  • Greg H. on said:

    Nothing new here. In 1968, my grandfather build the same. He was all about the safety of his grandchildren and the neighborhood kids.

  • Hi bill, I am an alcoholic and I don’t work, I have 9 kids (4different ladies) , the goverment pay to keep my kids , I’m not too proud to as, will you do this for me for free? I can’t pay you in any way and would require you to buy trampoline and do all ground work, me and my kids would be very appreciative

  • This is a great idea. A sturdy 8ft trampoline pad is a must to create a fun but safe play area for kids. You can find them here. Thanks!

  • Mike on said:

    While this looks like a good idea, wouldn’t it will change the way the trampoline works because you’ve sorta trapped a big pocket of air under it that will slowly bleed out the cracks causing it to act like a shock absorber?

  • Sunken Trampoline on said:

    Hi all,

    If anyone would like a quote on a sunken trampoline or simply some advice please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help in any way


  • Jennifer on said:

    I am quite certain that a sunken trampoline is not a NEED that she considered before having children. You sound super judgmental not to mention egotistical and a jerk.

  • Nicoke on said:

    If you are a single mom and work you receive income credit on your income tax return… That is more then enough to get your daughter this…I’m a single mom as well and my income goes to the kids to get them what they want or need…. I never get myself anything! Their happiness is worth it all….

  • Erik on said:

    I don’t know who wrote this, but I have to question their intelligence. My first experience on a trampoline was back in 1969 at the local miniature golf course. They had 5 trampolines, all sunken. These were not rare. Sunken trampolines have been common for decades.

  • Kimberley Rider on said:

    Dee Dee – I know they’re a lot but I (a single mom as well) found one on Craigslist for $50 and have even seen them in the Free section a couple of times!

  • Venus Smith on said:

    I’m putting this out there who are you to talk smack I sure your mother didn’t raise you like that everyone has a back story you sir are shallow with your thinking, I am a single mother and made the decision due to abuse, he never paid for anything besides more abuse, I did everything I could to give my children everything I could without anyone helping me 16 hours most of the time 5 days a week just to survive, so Intel you have walked in her shoes, don’t judge nobody’s impressed with you at this point

  • Emily on said:

    His comment was in no way a judgement on that mom or her ability to take care of her kids, however yours was.
    Did she some how negatively effect your life?
    Do you think putting her down is going to help her in any way? So that leaves us with: it made you feel good to put her down. Does this comment help you?
    Educated, married mother of 4.

  • Love this idea but doesn’t the hole just fill with water when it rains. Trampoline/swimming pool not a bad idea lol

  • Susan on said:

    We did this and I felt so good about it until the kids started getting bit by spiders and ants. It’s a pit for creatures too live in! And yes we had a monthly pest control! Be very careful if you do this. We eventually took it out due too all the spiders and scorpions living under the trampoline.

  • Stefan Kozma on said:

    Rose, I like your style. My ex girlfriend was a single mother who went to great lengths (usually at my expense) to shield her offspring from the negative educational and financial consequences of her poor reproductive choices. As a result, the child believes the world revolves around it, expects resources to “just be there” and has gained few if any of the skills it will require in adulthood. On the flip side, the western world could always use more waitresses; give the little gaffer her bouncy toy!!

  • Mike on said:

    Rose you’re an ass. All bill was saying was that this is not the company selling them. He’s just giving advice. So what do you agree with? Because you said and I quote, “Bill I applaud your answer” what answer is that sweetie? That he’s not the salesman? See clearly you’re upset one of your parents was a drunk. Don’t take it out on someone else

  • Sunkentrampoline on said:

    Hi if anyone in the UK is interested in one of these supplied and installed we can offer very competitive prices.
    Please give us a call to discuss options and a quotations 01283 563151.

  • Keiron Roberts on said:

    I’ve done this in our garden. A retaining brick wall seems overkill. I used mesh to keep the soil back and that seems to work fine.

  • Jason Mottin on said:

    Like others have posted, this in NOT a new idea. I grew up in the 80’s and a number of my friends had sunken tramps. It would be like someone claiming now that that they came up with the idea for the slinky. While I respect innovation, y’all just had a diff variation on an idea for something that has been around for a long time.

  • Ever since the 2014 comment made by Bill. I have devoted my life to helping the unfortunate. I have made 212 in ground trampolines for single parents who could not afford one but was willing to ask for a hand out. Thank you Bill. Your comment has helped so many less fortunate individuals!!!!

  • The look of this trampoline, make sure I spells that right so someone doesn’t bite MY head off, is what caught my eye. Then as I began reading the comments . I am shocked and in disbelief as to how adult women and men can have such a lack of humanity towards one another. …you have all taken this to new heights of rudness and pure nastiness. IT is out of control, fueled by hatred, anger, and just plain disrespect for your neighbor.. Nothing that a good swig of caster oil and a long thick switch my Grandmothers would say…and if you don’t believe in a good switching that’s probably why you are the way you are

  • Chris Matthews on said:

    Hi. I’m thinking about a shrunken trampoline how do I go about it. Dig whole retain the sides and do I need to add drainage. How bigger a whole do I need. Do I need to paint the frame to stop it rusting? I’m from Ireland. Thanks for any advice.

  • Jessi on said:

    Wow….wow, this whole thing is very entertaining, I was confused on how the insults started but hey, sensitive ppl will see what they want.
    So I have a legit question about under ground trampolines…. When it rains do you need to install something to drain it or just add a lot of peagravel to naturally absorb it?
    Could someone help me, I’m about to save up for a trampoline and unfortunately dig the hole myself, we’ll see how that goes! Lol

  • I was just wondering about drainage, for rainwater, especially when there’s flooding going on. We have a lot of clay so rainwater tends to stand for awhile .

  • Manish Chheda on said:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    1. What is the depth & dia of the trampoline for kids that you have installed.
    2. Any safety for trampoline legs ?

    Manish Chheda

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