Simple DIY Bench Idea


In need for an outdoor piece of furniture that won’t cost you that much but also have the desired effect on the aesthetics of your backyard? This DIY bench is all you need as an answer to the previously asked questions. Made with just 12 concrete blocks and 4 wood planks, the simple bench you see in the image is awesome. If you level the ground before placing the blocks of concrete, you won’t even have to worry about the wood being wobbly. The idea for a bench like this will go perfect for your home: maybe to complement your fire pit area or to improve the overall look of your garden, either way, you can’t get any simpler with a DIY project than this.


  • 12 Concrete Blocks
  • 4 wood planks

Simple-DIY-bench-idea-1This wonderful project belongs to ©Amy Ramsey Hix

Simple-DIY-bench-idea-2©Beth Floyd


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