Sportz SUV/Minivan Tent


The tent that comfortably wraps around the back of the car, this handy device will make your trips in wildlife a lot safer. Fitted with 2 large entrances, 3 windows, a couple of skylights, and space for up to 5 people, this type of tent is built from high-quality strong polyester. The floor of these SUV tents usually has rip stop technology, provided by the double coated polyethylene material. Prices range from $200 to $949. Some manufacturers make tents that fit your car perfectly, like the Endeavor Sportz 82000 SUV/Minivan Tent or the Nissan SUV tent. They also come in different heights, according to how tall your friends are. Find out from the pictures how cool the tents look and imagine how awesome your next camping trip is going to be.

Sportz SUV / Minivan Tent 





Sportz SUV / Minivan Tent 

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