The Majestic Bus


Here’s an old bus converted into an adorable tiny room available to hire for those who wants a great weekend on the edge of the Radnorshire Hills. The bus has a beautiful wooden floor, painted pine boarding and a well thought-out dining/kitchen area with hand-built units, oak worktops, a gas cooker and a fridge. At the back is a cosy double bed and a wood-burning stove placed on an old flagstone. An L-shaped sofa seat folds into a further double bed. Solar panels on the roof power the lights and a socket to charge phones, laptops etc.


Outside is a decked area on two levels, a fire-pit on which you can cook in the open air and two level platforms. These can act as tent-pitch areas, able to accommodate up to a further four guests if your party is larger, or which could be used simply as places to relax, take in the view or enjoy a picnic.








majestic-bus-9 majestic-bus-10




An old bus converted into an adorable tiny room available to hire…more details..

8 Responses to “The Majestic Bus”

  1. susan boland says:

    think this is glorious… just what i need to finish my time… small simple .. complete

  2. Helen Warner says:

    Doesn’t seem fair to show a bath when, clearly that bath is not on that bus.

    • Joanne States says:

      True… The bed is on that end… Maybe they just showed a duplicate with the bath in it instead of the bed… Gorgeous either way.

    • Taryn says:

      My thoughts EXACTLY ~~

    • John Epperson says:

      The Bath is in the other little Building. Click on The More Details At the Bottom of the picture. It takes you to the Page and it tells about the little Bath House under the shed. All of this is for rent.

  3. Tim says:

    The wooden building under the barn is the bedroom

  4. John Epperson says:

    Great looking Bus/Room!

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