The Ultimate Cutting Board: Frankfurter Brett


Cooking is a beautiful hobby, but sometimes your kitchen can sabotage you in indulging in this activity. We are talking about the size and arrangements of your kitchen and the horrible cases in which you don’t have enough space for all the ingredients and containers needed for your meal. This amazing design called Frabkfurter Brett can solve all your small kitchen-related problems. It is the perfect kitchen furniture, as it lets you store all your accessories, containers and has an incorporated workbench too. At a first glance, this stunning product looks just like a cutting board, but it can be transformed into the perfect kitchen furniture in just a few seconds. The Frankfurter Brett is the product of three years of hard work and thanks to Johannes Schreiter and Joseph Schreiter (two brothers) a crowded kitchen can become spacious and airy in less than a minute. To learn more about the Frankfurter Brett, the development behind it and where you can buy it, check out below. Such an amazing piece of modern and clever product design!




“It redefines the cutting board and transforms it into a powerful tool: Through extensible brackets different sized containers can be attached directly to the cutting surface, food can now be simply shifted off the board into the containers.” Workbench-Cutting-Board-2






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  1. Terance martinez says:

    Great love it need to get one

  2. macedo says:

    i would like to know if you can send to Mexico and what are the coast

  3. Heidi Evans says:

    How do you order this?????????

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