Unusual And Comfortable Treehouse – A Nest For The Whole Family


Tree-houses have gone a long way from a children’s play area to a regular day-to-day place for living. You can find a lot of great examples of modern tree-houses on the internet nowadays. The architecture is truly inspiring and can make you, as an adult, want to move in a tree-house pretty soon. The Treehouse Djuren, located in Gross Ippener in Northern Germany, has the signature of the popular design firm, Baumraum. The structure is placed on 4 strong pillars lodged into a sturdy cement base. And definitely worth noticing, even though it is a tree-house, the home is actually built near the tree, while the stairs are on it. The interiors are very lovely and will make the ambience and all of your time spent there a lot more comfortable. Browse through all of the photos and change your opinion of tree-houses. Maybe even consider moving in to such a beautiful structure.









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