Vintage Holiday House on Wheels















Source: Holiday House Travel Trailers

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  1. Tamela Burgess says:

    Where can I find a contact number to call so I can get one of these trailers

    • AP says:

      Tamela, here is Harry and David’s Corporate phone number in Medford. I would start there. Surely someone there can help you. Good luck! 541-864-2121. Don’t pay any attention to Wendy’s comment. I guess she needs to read your comment again, lol!

  2. Wendy says:

    Tamela, If you read the article above you would know that there is no number to call.

    • AP says:

      Obviously that’s why Tamela is asking! Why must people be so cynical, rude and judgmental?

    • msmchelle says:

      And if you had half a brain you would realize that people ask questions when they need information. You must go through life in a confused haze, LOL.

  3. Gayle says:

    I really love this. I especially like the before and after pics!!

  4. Terry Turner says:

    Can you send me some brochures to Terry Lynn Turner 1031old eastern ave apt b Baltimore Maryland 21221 thank you love Terry ox ox ox

  5. charlotte says:


  6. Mister Holidayhouse says:

    Thank you for such an excellent example of Plagiarism. I mean, really, you copied my original article from my own research word for word. Bravo and my compliments on your skill with copy and paste. Plagiarism Should be in the first five words of the definition of “Blogger” You’re welcome. I guess..

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