Wagon Wheels and Ox Carts in a Rustic Rocking Bench


Benches are designed for outdoor green spaces and cobblestone alleys, but extremely picturesque in wineries and restaurants creating a safe and protected environment. Benches are “furniture” used by the people for socializing in opened spaces. The entire piece of “furniture” gives solidity, strength and endurance as a decorative objects ideal for summer garden with rustic environment. Integrating, they give more artistic value to restaurants, terraces, cellars and traditional or rustic guesthouses.
What we have here is perfect for your porch or any entryway, the Arapaho Rocker is a Wagon Wheel Rocker constructed of parts from Wagon Wheels and Ox Carts with Teak Wood. Crafted from reclaimed teak wood, every piece is naturally different with unique rich colors and wood grains. This lovely bench is great for indoor and outdoor use.



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  1. Tammy says:

    Love this Wagon Wheel Bench! Do you sell them? How much are they?


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