18 Clever Kids Room Storage Ideas


Kid clutter can be a real nightmare and keeping your child’s room neat is almost impossible. But this doesn’t mean you should give up the fight. If your kid’s room is small and storing your child’s stuff is a real challenge for you, this next tips will help you save a lot of time and nerves. One great idea would be to build storage units under the beds, as this will help you create new storage units and won’t cut from the room’s space. You can also construct storage units vertically and make some high storage units above the beds. Shelves are always the simplest choice, as you can install them above the beds and arrange your child’s things on them… Take a look at these 18 amazing ideas…

1.  Corner Unit for Twin Storage Beds


2. LEGO Inspired Kids Furniture

Small-Kids-Room-Storage-Ideas-2 photo source















13 Responses to “18 Clever Kids Room Storage Ideas”

  1. lisa says:

    Could do i find out about the corner storage twin beds pls for my boys room.thanks lisa.

  2. Mireille says:

    I would like to buy the bed set in the first picture above. It’s exactly what I need for my kids room. How do I get it? And how much can it be?

  3. Fatima Asif says:

    What is the cost of pink room

  4. NextGDesign says:

    All are unique design.

  5. Karen Sorrels says:

    I love the 3 piece unit in picture 16. How do I find this and purchase?

  6. Bobbi says:

    They got # 13 & 14 from Ikea

  7. Natalie smith says:

    Can someone pleeeeeease tell me where I can buy that exact storage system in picture 3?? That’s exactly what I am looking for. For my sons room!! Thank you!

  8. Stacey says:

    I love #3, but I don’t know where to start. Can the pieces of furniture/bookcases being purchased somewhere?

  9. Emma says:

    Hi, looking to find where the shelving from picture 7. Is from. Would love for my little girl

  10. erica says:

    They’re from Wilkos (UK).

  11. Natlee says:

    Hi Can someone tell me where I can get them Corner Unit for Twin Storage Beds in picture 1 and the bed and storage boxes in picture 9 aswell.

  12. Natlee says:

    Hi I would like to know where I can find all the things in picture 4 on the left. Can you let me know please.

  13. Jessica Rogers says:

    I was wondering if I was still able to find information on the beds in pic #1.

    Thank you

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