LEGO Inspired Kids Furniture Collection


Decorating the kids’ room into something that will inspire them and let their imagination run wild is something all parents wish to achieve with little effort. The collection you are about to see might be just the answer for that. The popular asymmetric shapes we all came to love when we were young are reinvented as LEGO bricks decorative elements on kids furniture. Lola Glamour company put out a collection of furniture for kids that has wooden LEGO shaped decorations at its center. Whether it’s the bed, closet or wall shelves, the LEGO pieces inspire creativity and an overall playful ambience; installing a blackboard wall will surely help in this context. Browse through the photos and fall in love with this special furniture you can also have in your own home.







LEGO-Furniture-for-Kids-6 LEGO-Furniture-for-Kids-7

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