Crock Pockets: make 2 sides at once in the crockpot

If you have ever cooked using a slow cooker, it is that simple! Place the CrockPockets inside the ceramic dish. Then place your ingredients as desired in each individual “pocket” and follow the cooking guidelines on the recipe. If one side finishes cooking

Pickle Fork

Remove pickles, olives, and more without the mess with this Condiment Fork. This condiment fork allows you to access your favorite pickles or condiments without constantly dirtying utensils or getting your fingers wet.

Make a kitchen island using CRATES!

This is the most unique Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Island you will find on Etsy, online or in any store. It is handmade completely from solid wood and is very sturdy. This design and it has been Featured on the HGTV webpage among other places. This Kitchen Island is made completely ...

Man Buys House with Unused and Perfectly Preserved 1950s Kitchen

Retro decor objects are not easy to find, and many of them which are designer pieces can have a high price. But Nathan Chandler seems to be one lucky man as in 2010 he purchased a home that has a kitchen fully furnished with the finest American pieces from the mid-1950s. The home ...

The Zip n Store Is a Slide-Out Organizer For Ziploc Bags In The Fridge

Zip n Store is a storage solution that turns seal-top storage bags into a practical means of food management. Zip n Store also rescues those zippered pre-packaged foods (think shredded cheese) from that pile in your crisper drawer and lets you organize them like books on a shelf. ...

The Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker

With three independent blending stations, the Tahiti offers the ultimate in frozen drink making for your biggest bash, blending a variety of restaurant-quality frozen drinks at the press of a button. Pick your favorite from six automated drink settings, programmed to shave just the ...

Dishwasher Magnet Covers

So beautiful with vibrant colors. These Dishwasher Magnets are gorgeous and such a fun addition to any kitchen! I love the colors and patterns and how it distracts from messes by drawing the eye away from my unwashed dishes! Hand-crafted, washable, made in Canada.

Farmhouse Kitchen Countertop Ideas. I love these! What about you?!

When talking about interior design, a most common overlooked item is the kitchen counter. Sure, some people just choose a color of marble and let the builders do their job. Here’s a log countertop which fits perfectly for a log cabin

Lemon Yellow Design Ideas

With Summer fast approaching, now it would be a good time to start thinking about repainting or redesigning your home. If you’re looking for cheerful ideas, then adding some bright yellow elements could do the magic. Lemon yellow, specifically seems to be the color of the moment ...
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