All-girl engineer team invents solar-powered tent for the homeless

How 12 teens invented a solar-powered tent for the homeless

Girl power is so underestimated and girl scientists are especially ignored by the science community. But an all-girl engineering team came up with an innovative solution to keep homeless people safe in winter.

A team of 12 girls from San Fernando High School in partnership with DIY Girls designed solar-powered tents for the homeless, and they can also be packed and folded into a backpack to be easily transported.

DIY Girls is an organization that offers its support for girls interested in science and technology and builds a sense of community by connecting girls through science projects.

When drafting the plans of the tent, the girls had in mind a few key features, such as lightweight, easily transportable, and has a LED or UV light that can disinfect the tent. The goal was also to patent the invention and to make sure it gets to as many people in need as it is possible.

This project is so empowering and it’s living proof that great minds can do great things when coming together and having proper support.

Left to right: Kassandra Salazar, Paulina Martinez, and Paola Valtierra, help DIY Girls Executive Director Evelyn Gomez set up the solar-powered tent. Visit Site

Prinsesa Alvarez shows off the solar-powered tent in its rollaway backpack.

When packed up, the tent looks like a “big blue sun,” Prinsesa Alvarez says. A clear opening on the backpack lets sun shine through to charge the solar panels.

Top image: Daniela Orozco uses pliers to pick off excess plastic from a 3D-printed box that will house wires for the solar panels. Bottom image: Left to right: Paulina Martinez, America Hernandez, and Maggie Mejia, check out the teams’ social media channels.

350 Responses to “All-girl engineer team invents solar-powered tent for the homeless”

  1. taibeitaco says:

    great job ! may I inquire the cost and how to get one ?

    • Zainuddean Akbar Jeewanjee says:

      How can I buy and gift these to charity? I want maybe 5000 of these? Can someone reach out to me,,,

    • Ghislaine Coulon says:

      If designated for the homeless or refugees, it shouldn’t cost anything to them, should it ?!…So I expect them all to be donated, for well meaning corporations to fund the manufacture of them (since they evaded corporation taxes for decades long) and for these girls to not see a penny of profits from it all !!!
      The likelihood of that hapening is what ?
      Are they going to be sold to people who are not homeless ?!…quite probably !!!
      I wished these kind of articles didn’t exist.
      Now if the article said that so many tents had already been donated, that so many more are in the pipeline, and that in conjunction homelessness and immigration issues were also addressed at the source, e.g. kicking the G8, banks and corporations where it hurts the most, cancelling the 3rd world debt to those greedy bastards, taking back all the corporation taxes that every country is due from these shysters and putting them behind bars…then I would say “good show”. But right now I reserve the right to be sceptic big time.
      Also the size of the carrier is too big for a homeless person to cart around, blue is too visible (think camouflage), as they are too often asked to get lost by the local police, council authorities and other twerps who do not give a toss about them and just see them as a blight on the landscape and not there as a result of the failings of society. I know I narrowly escaped this situation through no fault of mine, but instead because of all the fail safe protocols I had put in place during my carreer, subscribed to and paid for weren’t triggered as all my newly diagnosed
      Maybe, these girls should spend a week or more with a few homeless people to cater for them more effectively.

  2. Elizabeth loughlin says:

    Wow what a fantastic invention this will help so many people well done girls

    • Dalek says:

      How about stopping the causes of homelessness? Rather than this attempt to put a band aid on a shotgun wound. And that’s if it actually works.

  3. Alizabethann Stiffler says:

    Exciting and awesome to know some children are doing something constructive and creative besides getting into trouble. GREAT JOB.

    • Elle says:

      I don’t know how old you are, but I’m old and I consider these “children” teen-agers. Children aren’t in high school!

  4. Chris says:

    How about “all-teen engineer team”?? “All-girl” implies that engineers are boys.

    • spacerwoman says:


    • Sam Brownlee says:

      They usually are.

    • Constance says:

      Too good to be true?! Where can I buy one… if I can afford it! Is there room for two? I agree, leave OUT the gender indication.

    • John Cummings says:

      No, you have to say “All-girl”, otherwise so many people will read “all teen” and think “teenage boys”. Girls and women in science are so commonly invisible, we have to make them visible.

    • te says:

      “all girl” implies nothing of the sort – it could logically be a coed team.

      They say “all girl” because they want to highlight girl achievements

    • Linda says:

      Chris “all girl” implies nothing. It very specifically states “all girl” which by default excludes any boys. Great job girls. Very impressive.

    • Aut says:

      No it doesn’t. It’s specifying that that team of engineers is all-girl. There could be a team of engineers that’s co-ed or one that’s all-boys.

    • June Picard says:

      Until girls get the same recognition, it has to be this way to create a new norm.

    • Lynn says:

      Precisely! Also they are students not engineers. “All teen team engineers…” is accurate.

    • Kai says:

      There is approximately less than 1 female engineer for every 10 males. There is a reason behind pointing out gender, it’s a great way to encourage more women to go into STEM.

    • Rio says:

      Nobody thought that but you. The focus is on the achievement and the impact it will have. Not on group-identity.

    • Dalek says:

      Usually they are 90% male, girls would rather do “something-something” studies and other witchcraft debt traps.

    • Melissa says:

      But with that logic you could say the same thing about “all-teen”. You could say that implies engineers are all non-teens. But “all-girl” DOESN’T imply that, it merely implies they are all girls in a society in which people in these fields are generally discriminating towards girls/women, and it is pointing out that positive.

    • Scott says:

      To many, engineers are equated with males. Why does it bother you to mention they’re all girls? And why are you so quick to want to erase them?

    • Anubhav Kohli says:

      Not really …It implies all girls and says nothing about boys or engineers. Nothing wrong in mentioning gender as long as there are no comparatives.

    • Scott Furciniti says:

      “All-girl” helps dispel the pre-conceived and incorrect notion some people still hold that engineers are, by default, males. By doing so, it empowers more girls to enter the field.

    • Jeff says:

      Yeah… no. It doesn’t at all.

    • Emily says:

      It’s an all girl club called “DIY girls” that is specifically made to encourage engineering among girls because many times people do think most engineers are boys. The fact they were teens is less notable than that they were all girls.

  5. Paula says:

    I would be interested in obtain one, can I have the cost.

    • Matt says:

      You can buy them on ebay and amazon…they start about $800 and up…they have actually been around for quite a while..about 10 years…they didn’t invent solar power in tent’s they invented solar power tents for “HOMELESS”….

  6. Dennis Chandler says:

    My Mother taught me by example that females can do anything they set their mind to. Mom enjoyed doing different types of work. She was a registered Medical Records Technician, a Realestate Broker, a licensed Caregiver, a Private Investigator and the list just goes on and on.
    I’ve worked for female bosses and have been asked by them where I got my respect for her and I told her my Mom taught me to be respectful.

    I hope to see a President in my life time.


  7. Bad Idea says:

    Does it come with a sanitation service to clean up the inevitable filth that comes with it?

    • Jan m Griffith says:

      You are just wrong

    • Dawn Smith says:

      Who are you? Do you have any idea how many people are living on the streets because housing in this country is unattainable? Do you know that there are over 37,000 homeless veterans in the U.S.? Do you have a shred of compassion for other human beings?

    • Lucian frost says:

      Yup, and hire the homeless to make them in a U.S. Factory – Instead of outsourcing to China.

    • CC says:

      Bad Idea > Maybe that is something that you can invent. We need solutions to these types of issues. Not scoffers.

    • Thom says:

      If you don’t like filth then you need to provide away for people to stay clean. Public restrooms and trash containers would be a good start. Do you have a spare bedroom?

    • eric clap says:

      Only if you are in it.

    • Christy says:

      No your ignorant ass will clean it for free!!

    • Vanayssa Love says:

      I notice in the description there that it includes a light that sanitizes the tent inside. So that would keep it sanitary. I expect it would need a wipe-down periodically though. They don’t say how to get one. Pretty neat.

    • Anon says:

      You’re a piece of shit

    • Gene Secor says:

      … and what would you suggest? Why does there have to be one self-appointed critic who has little or no vision. Why don’t you put your small mind to work and suggest a solution for the non-existent problem.
      I think your tents are brilliant and would hope that a company like Coleman would be all over it. I’m retired now, but i would be happy to make some phone calls, if needed. However, I think you ladies are clever enough to take care of your own marketing. Best of luck to the company that winds up working for you.

      Gene Secor
      CEO, Retired
      The Secor Group of Companies

    • Kelly Crass says:

      When drafting the plans of the tent, the girls had in mind a few key features, such as lightweight, easily transportable, and has a LED or UV light that can disinfect the tent.

    • kathy jones says:

      The girls are ahead of you, Grumpy. The article states that the tent comes with an LED or UV light to sanitize the tent. . . . . and no matter where the tent users are (in the tent or on a street) they will have to locate restroom facilities. Great job girls!

    • SueEgg says:

      If you’d read the article, instead of just being negative, it says, “UV light that can disinfect the tent.”

      I’ll bet you don’t have the energy it takes to be homeless.

    • Jeanette says:

      Why do you have to be so negative? So many people find themselves homeless through no fault of their own. It doesn’t mean they will leave filth around! Grow some compassion please.

    • Charlotte Smith says:

      Could your comment be more disgusting? You clearly do not have a clue about being homeless.

    • Pam says:

      And what are you doing to help?

    • kat says:

      Did you not read the article?

    • Good Idea says:

      Perhaps instead of criticizing it, you help end homelessness or at least provide sanitation services. You apparently do not know how easy it is to become homeless and without any support, how hard it is to get out of it. Also, try getting a job without an address. And like you mentioned, sanitation is required to be able to keep a job. Does being homeless mean you are not human?

    • You Are Worthless says:

      I can’t wait for you to choke

  8. Eric Cruit says:

    A version in camo, bright blue is nce, but being incognito is safer in some areas and places

    • Maria Krasinski says:

      Agreed Eric, but these people never spoke to a homeless person, because it has a glaring flaw the homeless will pick up on and pass….. it looks too wide to fit through a standard door. homeless people DO enter bldgs ( a shelter/motel to get a bath ) putting it on wheels only compounds the error….. its too easy to steal. All that said, it looks great for the week-end warrior. i hope they get bought up by parents that want to keep jonny safe in the back yard. What the homeless really need is affordable housing. They have money. The rents are just too high.

  9. Rebecca M Weible says:

    This is awesome. My daughter has chosen to live on the streets. Are these for sale yet?
    Thank you.

  10. Kathryn says:

    Seriously? Where’d your compassion & love go? This is something to celebrate especially as the freezing nights are coming. The filth is in your mind & heart.

  11. Richard says:

    Lot of campers will be interested in this. Only suggestions I can say is mylar floor liner to hold heat in or something. Also one of the biggest problems camping in winter is moisture condensation on the ceiling….if they can solve that, a lot of tent mgf will be happy as well as the campers. Zippers need to be fail safe, self repairing with a good air seal around them. Sleep pad (foam and an inflatable) to get you off ground is best way to hold in heat unless you can put the tent on top of a bed of cedar/ pine needles or something.

  12. Ellie Cragg says:

    Awesome!! Where can I get one!

  13. MaryAnne Wilson says:

    I wish to purchase. Please send me the information when it is available.

    Thank you

  14. Delia Ustick says:

    How much would the tent cost to buy it for a bug out supply situation? Is it available to purchase?

  15. Jay Lee says:

    How do I make a purchase? Congrats!

  16. Martin says:

    I call this bull s… exuse me for my bad language but how in the world shoud i carry this on camping ???????

    Even a homless person has more stuff than a tent its too big (packed up).
    Go gamping couple of times on foot and you find out what i mean 😀
    even if u would go camping with my car its too damn big.
    It is a great first try yes a good idea yes but too bulki and big for any use on the street or in the forest.

  17. Jenna says:

    Have they put their creation on Kickstarter yet for crowdfunding opportunities?
    This is amazing work young ladies! You should be proud!

  18. Robin says:

    These would be even better if they could provide heat. But I love the idea. Good job ladies.

  19. Laddie Dunn says:

    You young women are my hope for the planet.Amazing brilliant minds working together to help those that most need it.RESPECT

  20. James west says:

    I would like one for remote hunting

  21. Christine says:

    I am wanting to buy one …great job great job girls!!! Please let me know where I can buy

  22. Eleanor Myers says:

    Awesome ‼️
    It’s so nice to see girls doing things like this, we understand how to help people out with what our parents/Mother’s tough us

  23. Jesse Thomas Chenoweth says:

    And it will only cost a few thousand dollars for the solar tent because solar panels are expensive. OH! and it will require the solar panel to be flat or the electricity it can produce will be reduced by about 80% if it’s curved in any way. It will require the tent to be constantly in the sun to generate power and most homeless tents are set in foliage where it’s cool during the summer and protected from more snow and rain during the rest of the year so it will be more exposed. It could NEVER be used to generate an air conditioner or a heater of any kind. We will STILL have tent cities where mass amounts of feces, garbage, drugs and drug apparatuses and broken glass from beer bottles, and violence….just like every other homeless tent city in the world. OH! And a homeless tent city is the reason why most of Talent and a large portion of phoenix oregon are now burnt to the ground.

  24. valencia guerue says:


  25. Art Vandelay says:

    Finally! Tents where the homeless can plug in their cappuccino machines, plasma TVs, recharge their iPhones and watch The View.

  26. Yvonne Maples says:

    I’m homeless and would love to have one. How do i acquire one?

  27. Patrick brown says:

    I have no job and would love to have a chance at this.

  28. Jessica says:

    Wow love seeing the heart some of you have.. my husband and i we’re on the streets for years trying to make it.. we didn’t drink do drugs nothing but just couldn’t make it on his salary alone and i am unable to work.. not all homeless are filthy not all are drug addicts.. open your hearts better yet your brains might come in handy as well

  29. Ellen says:

    Awesome work girls absoulety brilliant. Homeless people would love it Nd not be cold.

  30. Carol McCarthy says:

    Fabulous, I’ve taught science and am renewing my STEM teaching certificates in MA. You go girls!

  31. Paul dee says:

    Smdh… You want to put the homeless in tents there’s millions of houses boarded up across this country spend the time to refurbish them and let them live with a roof and a floor underneath them. The homeless are already living in tents in cardboard boxes. And I guess you didn’t figure it out the snow it’s going to be coming in don’t live in the snow

  32. Dynnette says:

    Ive seen some clean homeless people. Me being one of them. Dont judge on what you don’t know

  33. George says:

    How can I get one

  34. Kai says:

    Bad idea is the filth you speak of… your negativity? Kindly fuck off.

  35. shane says:

    I think ur all wasting ur money and time since the city of London Ontario city workers keep kicking them out of spots around the city and if they can’t carry them then the city throws out everything that is left also the tents and throws it all in the city waste as garbage. I think u should all save the money into a account and when u find a person to help by getting a place and needs help with the last of first months rent because they are not approved by Stability Bank that helps them with rent. And make sure ur with that person to make sure the money goes to the rent and not their pocket. I am an Advocate for the homeless here and I used to be homeless for many years until I started to fight for my rights and that’s what they need help with because the places that are to help them are ling to people with what their rights are not not helping them that’s why there are so many. If u need more information please feel free to contact my E-mail.

  36. Children of the streets says:

    Hey Bad idea. We don’t have a service that sanitizes society from heartless vermin that think like you do unfortunately. Which is something mankind needed since the dawn of time. So before you complain about the less fortunate perhaps you need to clean your own yard jerk.

  37. Gus C says:

    This is amazing! Young girls doing something great that large companies could have done long ago but didn’t. I hope and pray this takes off BIG for all of you.

  38. Mills says:

    Indeed. They don’t care or want the extra baggage.

  39. joe blowe says:

    Fantastic, or feminist prime minister Jacinda Ardern is creating a massive homelessness problem in New Zealand. These are desperately needed.

  40. Jim says:

    That is great but the homeless people I know are broke and could not afford to buy it.

  41. Jon says:

    Can you say dystopia? None of these tents will ever make it to the homeless and is a really stupid idea that will do nothing but perpetuate the issue.

  42. Maxwell says:

    Amazing work guys! Is there some way to provide legal protection for these items to ensure that police can’t take these away from homeless people? I don’t want to come off as negative, I think this is incredible, but I do worry about the ethical treatment of homeless in certain states and how items such as this might be confiscated and thrown away during police raids. It would be amazing to have some sort of federal funding provided to classify these items as a necessity for homeless people much in the way a wheel chair is a necessity for a disabled person and ensure these can’t be taken form those who need them most.

  43. mar blake says:

    wonderful idea.. I’d like to order a few of them..How can I get in contact with them..

  44. Terry Fall-Davidson says:

    I have been thinking about a solar powered umbrella for bus riders.

    I live in Florida and the summers can be brutal.
    When I rode buses, I always carried a powder blue umbrella for shade. Once I got my first solar charger, I would hang it off the point of the umbrella, but it made the umbrella top heavy, plus the charging cord had to hang down the canopy. In short, it was awkward.
    I’ve been looking for a personal umbrella with solar panels in the canopy and USB ports in the handle. The closest I could find was a solar powered patio umbrella that is too big and too heavy to be much use for a bus rider.

    If DIY Girls can design a small, portable tent with solar panels they certainly could come up with something like I am describing. It doesn’t have to be waterproof, just reflective to provide cooling shade while powering devices to keep bus riders occupied while waiting for a bus in the hot sun.

  45. Perry says:

    Where can I purchase this item? And what is the cost?

  46. Michael stephen says:

    You’re invisible filth

  47. Michael stephen says:


  48. Toni white says:

    We really need these in Ohio for our homeless,how do we go about getting some??

  49. Steven says:

    Logic isn’t your strong suit, dear.

  50. Pamela Nesbitt says:

    You girls rock!! So many people are homeless. Are these afforable?

  51. Michael Wolter says:

    My grandson Michael Wolter created a gofundme page to raise $20,000.00 to provide sleeping bags, tents, clothing and school supplies for the homeless. How much are your tents?

  52. Alberta Walker says:

    First n For most A GREAT KUDDOS SALUTE to These Gals for their Acomplishment!…with the increase in Homelessnes Wide Spread…This Solar is A Leap-Toward the Future!
    I am sourcing Textile maker’s for my various Digital-designs

  53. Angela Bennett says:

    Kathryn I agree with you and I am surprised at the pathocracy that seems to exist in our communities these days.
    Is this what comes of 4years of Trump?
    Kindest regards to you,

  54. Susan MacSween says:

    i have a feeling that I am going to be homeless in the near future and wonder the cost and where one could purchase one

  55. Donald says:

    What are these women doing out of the kitchen?

  56. AL says:

    1. Designed not invent.
    2. How does patenting increase world coverage? Patenting will limit distribution and prevent / discourage replicas. Making the blue print available for the world would have been a better approach if the goal is souly coverage and reaching all homeless.

  57. Tyrone crider says:

    Wher can i get some

  58. Wanda Johnson says:

    If you read the article, it comes with a built-in uv or led light that sanitizes the tent.

  59. Cynthia says:

    Good job young people! Thank you for developing this very helpful portable home for those who are in desperate need. May God always bless you.

  60. Lynn says:

    Congratulations, ladies! Very impressive!
    The naysayers are welcome to come up with something better, of course. But they likely won’t, so let their negativity slip away.
    Be proud of what you’ve accomplished. All the best in your marketing endeavors.
    Looking forward to seeing what else you can create in the future! Girls, you rock!

  61. Amy Madrigal says:

    How much and how do we order them

  62. Andrew Stock says:

    Would like one. Also, solar cookers work well.

  63. Sixto Escobar says:

    I’m homeless

  64. Anee says:

    It would be awesome if they were winter proof… It get very cold up in the north states

  65. Sharon says:

    I love their invention it’s wonderful. My suggestion would be to try to find a way to heat the tent with solar. Something like the heating elements in a car seat. I live in Colorado and we have a lot of homeless.

  66. Brandan says:

    Thats cool with all the extra straps it could easily be attached to ones main pack. Alot of good design and ideas put together. I just wonder the weight

  67. Jay says:

    I would love to purchase one. Left my email . please respond when you can .

  68. Gail Hill says:

    Before you make too many talk with some homeless people. E.g. a friend who has been homeless for many years indicated the solar may need to be detachable because you wouldn’t be allowed to leave a tent up in the sunlight in an urban setting. You’d be under an underpass etc. But great work and a great project. You can do anything you put your mind to

  69. Kariamu Kamau says:

    Please contact me and let me know how I can purchase these. I’m looking to invest my time, energy and finances into helping the homeless in 2021. I need these!

  70. Braefair says:

    This is amazing how do you get them?

  71. Cece says:

    Please send info on how to purchase one of these tents please.

  72. Joyce says:

    Are they being produced now? If yes, where can I purchase them ? This will save lives….

  73. Gen Agustsson says:

    thats like the reinvention of the tent. everyone needs shelter!

  74. Stephanie bordeaux says:

    How much ane where can I get 1

  75. Susan reeves says:

    Am interested to buy one

  76. Victor says:

    You put a solar panel on a tent and put it all in a backpack. It took TWELVE of you to come up with this? This does not exactly show “girl power” in a good light.

  77. Adam Poe says:

    Grear in theory. Worthless in practice. Have a built in heater, and then it might be worth it. But over all they wont be able to get ahold of it. And those that do will either 1. Have it stole from them or 2. Sell it for a few decent meals.

  78. Jimi Mitchell says:

    Congratulations, let me know when they are available.

  79. Cory chambers says:

    how do you get one. Very interested

  80. Anne Hairelson says:

    I hope that the Homeless people with NO $$ Have these Wonderful Solar powered tents DONATED to Them .. there’s Great NEED Out There😢❣️
    Make it Worldwide & Let’s All Help Get Those Tents Where Their Needed ASAP💖💥💖

  81. Martin says:

    Are these available yet? How can I get one n for how much?

  82. Naomi love says:

    Would like one please. Cost?

  83. Debbie Williams says:

    Maybe before you pass judgment on the filth, you should take a stroll out among the homeless and see they are not all “filthy ” as you describe it. I have a a friend who meets with 43 homeless tent sleeping women 5 mornings a week and brings them breakfast and a bible study. These ladies are not filthy because we as the feet and hands of Jesus help them to know a better way than you have described. You are missing such a blessing by not being a part of the solution.

  84. WalkAway says:

    I’m homeless and it gets cold here in Michigan so I am saying thank for all who are as I am world wide.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all of you

  85. Dee says:

    How much are they?

  86. Rose ramos says:

    Great job, what is the price of this tent, this would be good for someone I know that is homeless

  87. William says:

    They should invent one that can be heated in the winter time up north weather could get pretty extreme around the north -50 today it’s freezing cold weather we get

  88. Fred Johnson says:

    Would be interested when in production please!

  89. Twistedhell420 says:

    How can I get one

  90. michael j knezovich says:

    Where can i buy one ??

  91. C. Roberts says:

    Dear Bad Idea, maybe you should volunteer with organizations that help the homeless and get a clue… Compassion seems to be something you are in short supply of.

  92. Geri Watson says:

    A great accomplishment that has so many applications! Great minds uniting for good. Yes!

  93. Elaine says:

    Can I buy one

  94. H.Bailey says:

    I work with the homeless community in Richmond VA. Another cold weather shelter has been shut down, and we have more homeless than resources. How do these tents get connected to the unsheltered? Purchased then distributed? Donated? Where to get these and how?

    Thank you!

  95. HENRY AUSTAN says:

    More information. May purchase a batch.

  96. Paul Charbonneau says:

    great job ! may I inquire the cost and how to get one ?

  97. John Kiekhaefer says:

    Have seen many proposals for homeless sheltering devices. Now, all that is needed is properly zoned land in urban areas. Very expensive.

  98. Deborah Ler says:

    Way to go!! You all are amazing & brilliant 💫
    Sisters working together with the intention to create something to benefit many 💙💚💙
    All female engineers working on the same invention is rare !

  99. Shana park says:

    Can i get one please? Homeless n REALLY NEED!

  100. Louana M George says:

    What part of 2020 do you not get about women’s empowerment. These high schoolers are young women not girls. Get with it.

  101. Autumn says:

    How do i get some of these and whats the cost. I work with homeless and have some in need

  102. CAROLINE says:

    I was just thinking the exact same thing.

  103. Elaine Sapong says:

    Where can I get one, I maybe homeless soon? And the cost??

  104. DarA says:

    I’m interested in purchasing .. where can I buy one.. or 2… or 3..

  105. J.G says:

    How about create a system to get these people jobs and apt/housing. Seems like they keep creating things to keep them on the streets

  106. Syed says:

    This is one project that should be the highlight of the season as its cold out there and millions are homeless. Wonderful caring and compassionate.

  107. Rebela says:


  108. Bismark Romero says:

    The next thing would be to generate ad revenue from companies that would like to display their company logos or websites on the tents so instead of paying for billboards the companies can get more exposure throughout cities on the street tents. And in order to beautify communities all the homeless would have to do is trade in their old tent for a new one until all the tents in the cities are one uniform color.

  109. Ruth says:

    Awesome! I hope some of those billionaires that have made even more millions on the pandemic, will buy thousands and millions of these and distribute them to all those who will be, or have been, evicted because they lost their jobs.

  110. Michael Morrison says:

    I have been homeless many times and have friends that are homeless now and really need to acquire one of these.
    Please let me know how to get one of these.
    Thanks in advance.

  111. Coffeejon says:

    It’s very empowering to see young women chasing down these social issues. DIY Girls Should also be celebrated for their efforts. Well darn…

  112. Debbie says:

    Very impressive. What are they selling for ? Are they available to the general public?

  113. Alisia says:

    Insult and complement great job karen!

  114. This solar tent invention is fantastic and your all girl team of 12 did an awesome job for the homeless! 💕 There are a lot of people who have lost their jobs and lost their way through no fault of their own. This invention will help them through the Winter months and be able to pack up and go. I celebrate your invention and if there is an award for showing kindness for others all of you girls win hands down. Merry Christmas and Have A Wonderful New Year! 😊💕🎅🤶⛄🎁🎄💕💕

  115. Donna Stamatakis says:

    This is so awesome bless these young ladies. I hope they get out there for the homeless soon as possible they need these.

  116. Lola matino says:

    Where can I buy one of these I help the homeless in Chicago and st. Louis we’re always buying propane tanks intense I’d rather invest in something like this… Would like to find out exactly how it works with the solar capabilities on what features there are please email me with further information..

  117. Beth Light says:

    Where can I buy a solar powered tent that was designed by the all girls engineering team?

  118. Tipper says:

    Are they taking investments, yet? With homelessness as high as it is, I hope they completed the patent process. If not, do it quickly. That’s one of the most utilitarian items in a long time. I wanna be an investor.

  119. S Terris says:

    Fabulous achievement by this all-female engineer team. I wish I had one of these! Please let me know when they are available commercially available.

  120. Dawn says:

    How much is the cost and how can I order one?

  121. Lea traxler says:

    This is amazing. I’d love to know how to get in contact with these. I do tons of outreach in our town with our unhoused and these would be so valuable

  122. Adreama says:

    Any idea if it comes In a different color other than bright blue how many it can house,how much they go for and where I can purchase one?

  123. Dawn mongeau says:

    I also am homeless I am living on my mommas sun porch in TN have been since I got out of prison that seems like a great thing Ang the kids so smart good going kids proud of you keep going think bigger than the planet and higher than the stars

  124. Steve says:

    Awesome but people are forgetting the police will just destroy these tents just like they do when they break up homeless tents now. Let’s fix the actual problem and not put a patch on it.

  125. Cynthia says:

    I agree ,we need to lift people and give praise to such and innovative ideas. Think of ways to support the cause.and make this a better world to live in.We should be our brothers and sisters keeper.

  126. Margaret Clay Bocchichio says:

    These young women need investors!

  127. Becky says:

    Way to go, ladies, you just show them we can do anything we put our minds to.

  128. Catherine Mccarthy says:

    well done keep up the good work the government and council should be helping out to

  129. Sarah Kleveland says:

    I would be interested in buying some! There is a great need over here and I’d even help by setting up a go fund me or something to raise money for your cause. Love your idea, love your reason. Keep up there hard work ladies!

  130. Justin brauer says:

    What was the cost to make it and are the solar panels secure from thief’s in the night as best as they can be. Also I’m proud of you all. You have done a great job, now it’s time to get there a share your knowledge so that homeless can be warm too.

  131. Robert says:

    Cost would be good to mention

  132. Pamel says:

    my son is a street person can we get these

  133. Jessica says:

    Brilliant, ladies! Good work!

  134. Afzal R says:

    What a wonderful idea & noble intent!
    Keep up the good work, girls.
    More power to you!!

  135. Andrew Forest says:

    Where can these be purchased & the cost ???
    Quantity discounts???

  136. r. isabell says:

    What does the tent *do* with its putative solar power? All I see is a camping type tent with a rollaway cart.

  137. Sandra Ruhl says:

    Would like two of those for my two brothers whom love to live off the grid.

  138. Ann says:

    Great for car camping too

  139. Thom says:

    Nice job, speaking of jobs, where are these made? It would be even greater to give homeless people the opportunity to make these so they can make money and not be homeless.

  140. Carly says:

    How can a homeless person obtain one of these?

  141. Bonita Amor says:

    This is a great idea!!!

  142. Victor Mendoza says:


  143. Matt Young says:

    Very weak article. I am sure it is a very fine invention, but how does it work? What about the tent is solar powered? Does it do more than disinfect? Does it use a battery for storage? Need to know more!

  144. LaMingo Johnson II says:

    Hello I’M part of a community of people who are in transition. I would say at least 375 who need accesss

  145. Darla says:

    Where can I find one & how much are they! Great invention with so many homeless in our country!

  146. LaMingo Johnson II says:

    Hello I’M part of a community of people who are in transition. I would say at least 375 who need accesss to these tents . How much are they

  147. Nancy says:

    Well done. Now to come up with one that is heated easy for Canadian winters. Way to go girls keep up the great work.

  148. Nancy McLaughlan says:

    Well done. Now to come up with one that is heated easy for Canadian winters. Way to go girls keep up the great work.

  149. rosetta says:

    This is wonderful. How much would these cost? Would like to purchase a couple to donate to our homeless.

  150. Gil Moreno says:


  151. Adrienne says:

    We don’t want a bunch of tents covering streets of cities. We want them in long term psychiatric hospitals where they need to be. Litter and more homelessness on streets is not the way to go because that is exactly what this encourages.

  152. JG says:

    That bulky, heavy, brightly colored tent creates more problems than it solves for the homeless. Fifteen years homeless here, so trust me when I say that.

  153. Rose says:

    How much are they charging for them and how many were made?

  154. Insha Caldwell says:

    How does a nonprofit organization that works with the homeless contact anyone to purchase tents?

  155. Tamra says:

    I noticed it mention s nothing about her for winter months, is this something they thought about?. It’s a great idea, what these people. Came. Up. With, but will it work in all. Climates? Just having light and sanitizer for the tent, doesn’t do much when your entire life is on the streets.

  156. Lorraine says:

    I would like to get skill and start such initiative pleasw help

  157. Steve says:

    This is amazing and thank you for inventing such a wonderful thing to help the homeless.

  158. Darnell says:

    I’m interested in this

  159. cortney says:

    never have I ever read such negative posts about an invention that will help the less fortunate. I’m sure the homeless would love a place of there own with running water and sewer but I don’t see anyone else coming up with a better idea. if the person above wants to pay for the plumbing in there tent so be it.. great job girls!!

  160. Sam says:

    We need something in are town which is terre haute indiana we have all kinds of homeless people from kids to people with no legs and so on it get cold by the river where the homeless people live what the website?

  161. Sam says:

    We need something in are town which is terre haute indiana we have all kinds of homeless people from kids to people with no legs and so on it get cold by the river where the homeless people live what the website to buy some ?

  162. Anthony malich says:

    Hey girls wonder job!! Let collaborate and add solar to bivvycart. I was hoping to add it in the future. Lets chat!!

  163. Tod Schneider says:

    We make Conestoga huts for the homeless in Eugene, Oregon. We haven’t found the best way to power them–especially to heat them. I’m excited to see what you’ve come up with, and wonder whether it would work for our huts. How can i learn more?

  164. Jasmine schinke says:

    I want one

  165. Cecelia Manywounds says:

    Hi am homeless myself and right now I am couch hoping 🙏 for the winter months because it does get very cold out and I kept getting sick so even though I have a husband out there I had to get indoors. ladies, you are making a difference for the homeless. Very awesome, ladies

  166. Carole christensen says:

    I am an electritian an electronic tech before I was disabled. now I’m homeless and can really one of

  167. ash says:

    @badidea I dont think your mother comes with the tent but according to your father it does. If you dont have anything nice or positive to contribute because your simple minded butt isnt capable of creating anything worth while and you lack compassion then shut the heck up.

  168. Calvin says:

    Great idea. Hope they have heat.
    But the “girl scientists are especially ignored by the scientific community” comment? Is there research to support that statement?

  169. Jim says:

    Does this tent also keep the homeless person warm?

  170. Loretta says:

    I didn’t see any information on cost or if it’s available to order?

  171. Cheri says:

    Hi Awesome where can we buy to give to family and other homeless

  172. Margaret MacNeil says:

    I know of a few people that are homeless. I was wondering if these tents are available yet and the price. Please.

  173. Matthew D. says:

    The vast majority of homeless living on the streets are crazy, drunk, drug lovers. Or all three. The ones in shelters are the unlucky but normal ones. These girls need to design this tent for who will be using it. Dark, tough and cheap. Not for themselves if they were homeless. They won’t be.

  174. Dalek says:

    Does it work? or is it just a wish list of technologies that need to be developed.(probably by men)

  175. Nelia A Lake says:

    I’m interested in how we can go about getting these to distribute locally and the cost…it is winter and even in Florida, the nights can get cold.

  176. Tatitus Kilgore says:

    They didn’t “invent” anything. They just put together some solar power cells and stitched it up on a tent something that’s quite easy to do, plus solar powered tents have been around for years 🤦‍♂️.

  177. Philip Brackett says:

    How do I go about obtaining 10 of these?

  178. Carlos Medeiros says:


  179. Lauri says:

    I am homeless I’m 56 years old and me and my two little dogs live in a tent and currently we are in the middle of a Texas winter it would be nice to have a tent like y’all’s how much are they and where would we get one

  180. Samaritan's Closet (Volunteer Director) says:

    Would like to know more on the tents cost please. I work with our Homeless Veterans & Homeless & have for 44yrs.
    This is a blessing & congratulations to these young teens for this blessing.

  181. Ron Arnold says:

    Please advise cost of these tents when available. I am a member of local Kiwanis and this would be a great project. Thanks

  182. Dawn says:

    This is a wonderful innovation. Is the energy stored somehow to use at night?

  183. Robert Davis says:

    I would love to test one here in Charlotte NC. We have a displaced group of 200.

  184. Majuel Armstead says:

    Your Mother is Spot On! She Is #GirlGladiator! She Rocks! Keep Achieving!

    Majuel Armstead

  185. Sabrina says:

    This is fantastic!!
    I would prefer them to be referred to as young women.
    Girls just sounds so condescending imo.

  186. Eric says:

    It literally says they are an engineer team in the headline. 😐

  187. Angela Aiena says:

    Are these being manufactured yet? I’m in SLO CA where many homeless are close by so I think of them every day. Are you looking for support donations or investors? LMK thx for caring.

  188. Angela Aiena says:

    I just wrote…here’s corrected email….coffee now 😀

  189. Andrea says:

    What’s the name of this solar ⛺

  190. Nancy says:

    Awesome work girls!! Don’t let the haters slow you down!!

  191. Nancy says:

    Awesome work girls!! Don’t let the haters slow you down!!

  192. Lila Marshall says:

    Need more information, and cost. Would like to purchase some for homeless people.

  193. Ann Carroll says:

    Congratulations and best of luck with your invention and continued innovating. I’m thrilled for your problem solving! I’d approach REI and Patagonia for further funding and investing. And If you assemble a list of contacts to update, I’m happy to stay in touch with your progress.

  194. Tammy says:

    How will the homeless pay for the tent

    • Lester says:

      They wont… you will.

    • Bernie Bottje says:

      Well,I’m guessing initial price will be $250+. (Ballpark figure) So most realistically the homeless will have to wait for a knockoff to appear on Aliexpress, then wait weeks for it to arrive at.. Oh, they have no address.
      I’m beginning to doubt if this is not more of an ego-stroking project rather than an attempt to improve life for people who need help.

    • James says:

      They won’t….tax payers will pay for them just like we pay for everything else for the homeless….

    • Scott Furciniti says:

      Many homeless do receive welfare benefits. Although those benefits aren’t near enough to afford renting an apartment anywhere in the country, they may indeed be enough to afford a tent. I’d also suppose that if the tents are truly as efficient as they seem, that non-profits and perhaps even municipal governments might purchase and distribute them as they’d certainly be much less expensive than setting up and maintaining shelters.

    • Jerry Hill says:

      OUR new TAX dollars will pay, simply add another tax!!!

  195. Erika says:

    How about we get solve the homeless problem rather than create more tents. More tents doesn’t help the city look better or help the people that have to deal with crazy homeless people everyday. The tents are great but NOT the right solution.

  196. Panda says:

    How durable is it? How long will it stay water resistant/proof? Hiw long will the solar panel last before it needs replacing? Can it be used to charge things like your phone or a flashlight? Is it fire resistant?

  197. James says:

    Have experienced a homeless life style Its To Large and Its Features really dont do anything to Help Out Homeless, LED Lights? What about Production Cost? Its Simply a Tent with an Solar LED that you can Buy at the Dollar Store, Hygiene Is Important but there is no Science that Tents contribute to sickness. Compactness is important. Decrease its Folded up Size by 80% and Keep The Retail Price under 20$ and You have a Novelty item for the homeless at least

  198. terry says:

    hmm obviously the girls made the criteria and then built something they are proud of.. As an engineer and someone who has lived out of a back pack. This is not an wondfull invention by any means. if you never been homeless let me clue you as to rent living. it’s freezing at night and super hot once the sun hits it. homeless people do not care about disinfecting anything.. they care about food and shelter and safety . adding a 5 dollar solar light to a tent is all that would be needed as a backpack item this is a fail because no homeless in the world would carry something that big and bulky. where you going to put all the other stuff

    how bout we make a backpack that turns into a tent therefore your not doubling the weight requirements

    ya and you can stick a small solar light on the top.

    when is the world gong to stop handing out first place prizes to everyone who tried.

    I see nothing happening with this invention and it’s completely not practice for any homeless.

    don’t forget when homeless all your items have to fit on your back not just your tent.

    personal hygiene
    ect. ect. ect.

  199. Homeless couple says:

    Would love to have one currently homeless

  200. Tammy Takitch says:

    This is a wonderful thing. She is a genius . The hardest thing about camping is no electricity. I can’t wait to buy one.

  201. ********** A Thinkabout **********
    Alright, keep the homeless people comfortable homeless people so we can keep doing things to help them remain homeless people so we can feel good that we did something for homeless people.

    When will we see helping homeless people to help themselves get out of being homeless people?

  202. shannon says:

    how do we obtain 1?

    and i think that those are great ideas!!!

    you young ladies did an awesome job!

    please keep up the great work!

  203. Janey says:

    Please post price and where can I But one. There is a homeless man outside my brothers body shop that I would gladly buy one for him.

    Thank you

  204. Alisa says:

    You were a bad idea man. What a rude comment. If these people weren’t ostracized and denied basic human rights like access to restrooms they wouldn’t be forced to do so outside. What else are they supposed to do. Heartless remarks only show what kind of person you are and your type are the problem. These girls did an amazing job for a good cause. Kudos young ladies you are amazing. And with more people like you maybe there is a chance one day for actual solutions to such a terrible, sad problem.

  205. Makareta says:

    So refreshing to see and you girls are inspiring! Also please send costs to the email i have provided thankyous so much!

  206. Carol Lindberg says:

    Please send me more information about these tents. What is the price of a tent and roller bag/backpack? Are there any other colors?
    Thank you.

  207. Kevin Donnelly says:


  208. Gloria Teasley says:

    Congratulations. These types of items are needed in today’s society. There are so many people that are suffering due to homelessness. I hope it is affordable and that our community will help get this much needed tent to those in need.

  209. Cydne G Casper says:

    Perhaps a Buy one Give one system? Depending on the price, I would be willing to pay a higher price, knowing that I was not only getting one for personal use, but also providing one for someone in need.

  210. Edward Dowd says:

    Looks like something I could have used when I was homeless,.Great idea, but how do the homeless get the tents?

  211. Liberal street kid says:

    Great idea.

    Nevermind anybody that says otherwise.

    We the people have support one another from within, and the right ways. Many people that live on the streets are dedicated to precedent, principles, and rights. “We” hold it down in the face of adversaries. It can be very tedious out there, and karma comes around.

    This is a great idea that hopefully can help many people find their way to freedom. Take it from me, as a Texan whom was persecuted by a corrupt Texan government that funds others, I used to steal tents, food, and sleeping bags from time to time BECAUSE I needed them and I was being discriminated against for calling out corruption (not for fun or whatever). I needed things. I’ve been known to be justified in what I do. The people need independence. The people need resources just like these tents.

    Things like this can help people to get to the next place.

    – A former homeless Texan

  212. Elizabeth Castillo says:

    I am very interested in finding out how to get one. I have a family member that’s homeless. This is amazing go girls I hope to see your next invention in the future.

  213. Victor Thomas says:

    I want two !! How do I reach you.???

  214. Theresa Bagley says:

    I need one for my brother he’s homeless

  215. Paula Stahl says:

    Many homeless have a small disability payment that will not cover the cost of rent. There are a lot of homeless veterans that have a small income also. Probably cheaper for these to be supplied than homeless shelters…. Why so pessimistic?

  216. Carolyn Hood says:

    What an awesome Legacy.

  217. Bo says:

    “The goal was also to patent the invention and to make sure it gets to as many people in need as it is possible..”

    So basicly, its not made to help any homeless, but to make sure they have all rights and to sell to make money, so as i see it, only one they are helping are themselves 😉

  218. Sonia says:

    Please inform me where to purchase. Would love to pick up a few to hand out. There’s no way a homeless person could afford them.

  219. Tamika says:

    WOW amazing invention, I use to be homeless.. in Nevada and I visited East L A.. the homeless community.. IT’S an easy way of life
    .the demographic is huge… young and old .. are living in there tents.. I think the homeless community can benifit from this .. invention…thank you for investing your Self to make .. your invention a here and now reality.. I was Homeless for 3 years in Clark County Las Vegas Nevada, today I live in New Jersey non homeless..and a valuable asset to the community self employed.. freelance photographer, small business owner.. I can’t help .. to thank you.. for investing in the homeless community..Keep up the Good work

  220. Susan Patton says:

    Way to ladies of youth! Congratulations 💐👏! Kick butt and show em how done!

  221. Susan Thomas says:

    I would love to know the price of them? We have been giving tents and sleeping bags out to our homeless!! We are also trying to figure out how to open a shelter for them!

  222. Bernie Bottje says:

    Go on, pull the other one. This is terrible. What country is this, where something somewhat interesting is hosanna’d because it’s done by girls? Please elaborate why surprise is warranted. They’re smart, creative, and girls. The first two characteristics are newsworthy, the third should be as relevant to their achievement as the color of their bicycle.
    And some more rain on this parade of ehm, mutual gratification: Yes, good job. No, this will not solve any homelessness problem. At best it’ll make it look less bad than it is. At worst, it’ll prolong it. Because they’ve got tents now, haven’t they?

  223. DanIel r papIch says:

    Thank you mIssoula montana I mean guy leader staff of poverillo’ shelter announced haveIng a boy SometIme June 2021

  224. victoria Bender says:

    I would also like to know how much they cost and if i could buy one?

  225. James says:

    I bought one of these from princess auto 5 years ago. This was not invented by “women scientists” sorry. The USA made it first. I have 2 in my shed, both of them have 2 power outlets.

  226. pacman says:

    Invent a solar-powered self-cleaning/sanitizing portable potty to go with this invention would be great.

  227. Delores says:

    U ladies created an awesome product like no others. Congratulations on to a New Beginning. Era Tent for The Homeless. So very Proud of U All. Keep up the great New Inventions.

  228. Delores says:

    If I decide to purchase one r some how much would it cost me.

  229. Jina says:

    I would like to know how much these cost.
    Thanks, Jina

  230. Hellen Williams says:

    How do I get one of these are they for sale yet?

  231. Kevin Miller says:

    Not to be a wet blanket but…they didn’t “invent” anything. Besides the fact that it’s simply a mishmash of two existing products, many companies have been making tents like this in many different forms for decades. Wanna know what San Fernando valley girls did invent? Using the word “like” frequently and arbitrarily, the use of the word “totally” as an affirmation, the word “duh” (often preceded by “like”), pausing dramatically between words as in: Oh. My. God., and so on.

  232. Matheus says:

    Because it’s easier making a tent with solar energy than putting homeless people on unoccupied houses

  233. Cheryl McClendon says:

    Outstanding! Integrating STEM and Social Action is an important experience for our young leaders of tomorrow. How are they planning to get the solar-powered tents into the hands of homeless people?

  234. Tina says:

    How much are they?

  235. Ann says:

    Manchester New Hampshire needs at least a 100 of these.

  236. James Bond says:

    “ready, fire, aim”. They should understand the problem before they come up with the solution.

  237. Brenda McDonald says:

    Considering a purchase. How to order and receive more information.

  238. Robin Franklin says:

    Would love to know more about plans to produce these tents. I might know investors that could get involved. Brilliant idea and product!

  239. Gabriel Naboria says:

    This is incredible!! If its anyway to buy one of these? I would like to buy some 😍

  240. Nancy says:

    Amazing …but how much are they?? I’m wondering if homeless people can afford to buy one?

  241. Kat says:

    Great job ladies! Rock on.

  242. Nasir Gilani says:

    Great work.
    What would be the price of this great invention?
    When and where can somebody go and buy it to help some homeless person around us??

  243. kigundu stuart says:

    It’s so impressing and awesome , they innovation ,
    How I wish such items and service s und reach Uganda’s street people,
    Am working with my organization to support such people and children ,

    Keep the innovation ,

  244. kigundu stuart says:

    It’s so impressing and awesome , they innovation ,
    How I wish such items and service s und reach Uganda’s street people,
    Am working with my organization to support such people and children ,

  245. Elizabeth Marie Mills says:

    I would live to order one for a friend. Please notify me on cost

  246. Chaplain Harrison says:

    This is terrific. How much do they cost? Who is giving out these gratis to the homeless? How many are being donated? When will they be available for Scouts purchase?

  247. Eligio silberie says:

    I really like your helping hand,iam very prouwd of you girls.and that’s how we must thinking 4our self and what you had made is supper

  248. Eddie wHALEn says:

    NO RESERVATIONS here about receiving more INFO regarding “solar powered tents.” Thank yoU

  249. Niggie says:

    Shut the fuck up you liberal cuck

  250. Jacqueline Comar says:

    Great work Ladies. Have any city governments contacted you about costs in order to supply tents for people in their communities? How will you get them to the homeless?

  251. Wanda says:

    Shut up with negativity..not everyone has to choose to live under someone else’s demands..great job ladies. Ignore the ignorance that others show.. us woman god created to help man any way so keep up the great work…lol

  252. Donald Nash says:

    I’m homeless. Going back into the street this Friday. Those solar panel tents is a great way… I would love to get one for I have nothing to go back onto the streets with.

  253. Odie says:

    The reason why “all girl” is highlighted is because throughout history until and even now and even now Rears like engineering and other science based careers have been considered male domain…. All girl focus is a way of trying to encourage females into these historically male dominant career paths.

  254. Gwynn Alcorn says:

    GIRL POWER ! Well done, caring for the homeless.

  255. kevin arlint says:

    if it can charge while walking is better , get all day sun charge, looks too heavy

  256. Virginia says:

    I wish I could buy one!

  257. Kath says:

    This is awesome. I applaud these people who contribute solutions to the homelessness crisis.

  258. Elva eungard says:

    How much are they and where can they be purchased

  259. Alfred says:

    ??? It’s that an invention, always puzzle me everytime when i see this kind of Post and story…

  260. joel winterburn says:

    Please send me more information. Maybe I can help with the patent process. Or what is the cost.

  261. . says:

    I thank them all for meeting needs and solving problems

  262. Michael says:

    “The goal was also to patent the invention and to make sure it gets to as many people in need as it is possible.”

    If you want to get it to as many people as possible, then don’t patent the design. Make the design “open source” so anyone can make it and distribute it.

  263. Price Please says:

    I’d love to know the cost so I know if I can afford to purchase some for members of my family who are living on the streets in California

  264. Gail Harvey says:

    Where can I purchase?

  265. Lynne J says:

    Perhaps they should patent this and every state should invest in them and provide them to the homeless free of charge. The students should receive royalties. That is so phenomenal!!!

  266. Aidan says:

    How much are these & colors?

  267. Jack Gabel says:

    young people crawl in and out of pup tents with ease – consider this: many who might use this have enough years in their bones to make that difficult – first suggestion for the redesign: make it tall enough for an adult to walk into and stand (min. height 6′)

  268. Patrick says:

    How do they work in a Canadian winter when you can be looking at 20 below zero in many of the centres where the homeless situation is prevalent? It even gets very cold in cities on the west coast.

  269. Tay Kim says:

    You all are an inspiration to not only other teen girls but to even someone like myself who is very jaded and admittingly mired in negativity…you girls give me hope and renewed optimism. Thank you!

  270. Lisa Cleaves says:

    How can I get one

  271. Carlos says:

    The important thing is the tent. I don’t care if the team was of girls or boys. Why that distinction? All them have the capacity to create a better world

  272. Ronald Ricks says:

    It’s very nice and thoughtful, but from my experience the tent would get traded or sold so the homeless person could buy something else that they needed or wanted more at the time.

  273. Kevin Livingston says:

    So how do the solar panels work?

  274. Joanne Quinn says:

    You guys rock!

  275. DWN says:

    What do the solar panels power? The article only mentions an LED/UV light. Can they run the TV with it? LOL

  276. Joe says:

    Those 6 solar cells are enough for maybe an led bulb. You want more cells. Enough for a small heater in the cold. They were probably thinking it would be for a smart phone lol Good effort though.

  277. Claudia says:

    Good job! It’s amazing to see how you connect your dream of being scientifics and the fact of helping people. Congrats from Argentina

  278. rik says:

    As much as I appreciate kids working on inventions,being an inventor myself. ehh, where are the flexible solar cells? There have been some experiments with solar integrated in textile fybers itself, but those are far from market ready as far as I know. Flex solar cells have been around sometime though, but how did they integrate them in this case?

  279. AGK says:

    This solar-powered tent might well appeal to ordinary campers. They should contact some of the outdoor equipment companies once they have their patent. If they can lease the patent to a big company, and the tent sells, that would allow them to give away tents to the homeless, or maybe pay for college tuition.

  280. Windee James says:

    Can I have one I’ve been off and on homeless for seven winter I almost died in a tent fire that I burned eleven percent of my body and spent three months in the hospital because I was trying to heat my tent with a propane stove .the worst part is is that it’s still the only heat source that I have even after almost dying every year homeless in my community die this way but there is no other way to stay warm

  281. Linda says:

    I see this as something to serve even more people than the homeless. If they were offered on the market, the profit could finance the manufacturing of more to give to the homeless! Great job, ladies!!

  282. Grimm Reality says:

    But I didn’t see a SINGLE photovoltaic ( solar) cell ANYWHERE on this page..
    All I saw was a regular tent…
    Care to rethink the photos and content folks?…

  283. MELONY says:


  284. Daniel says:

    Nice of them. But what does it do? Solar for uv light. Sure it kills the virus in small particles, but if you share such a small tent you are very likely to contaminate eachother with bigger particles.
    Basically if they were not teenage girls, this ‘engineering’ idea would have been thrown in the rubbish.
    Or am I missing something ? Is there a heater in there?

  285. JOY Burton says:

    Wow,AMAZING, YOU GO GIRLS!!!!…our young people are so smart!!!! Especially these young ladies… love the idea of a camo tent instead of the blue…These should sell like hotcakes!!Anyone wanting to help the homeless could donate money to a fund for the tents…So great just for a backpacker wanting to use them in the wild!!!….for every ten you sell you could donate one to a homeless person.

  286. YeahOkay says:

    Um… solar powered tents already exist. Too bad they didn’t know that

  287. Melanie says:

    If this is truly how you feel then you have never been homeless before so keep your thoughts to yourself. They are mean and condescending.

  288. msscamp says:

    How cool is this!

  289. Martin says:

    All good but … since when are engineers scientists?

  290. Caz says:

    What solar power does a tent need?

  291. Julie says:

    Proud of these girls what a great idea 💡

  292. Howard says:

    Definitely need to work on how we can roll this out amongst the homeless community globally… we’re in London..get in touch via Squatters Community in FB…

  293. Victoria says:

    How much? How to I buy this ??

  294. says:

    When will they be available ??

  295. Joy says:

    Need more girls like them

  296. Angel Kinzie says:

    If you could make them affordable,&available online,
    I know I would buy them to donate to those in need.

  297. Stuart Wakefield says:

    A tent has 2 uses, to keep you warm and dry. What’s the point of solar in the winter, it does not work.

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