5 Upcycled Garden Projects

Even though Summer began a month ago, it is still not late to plan a makeover for your garden. Since the good weather is here to stay, this is the best time for outdoor DIY projects and upcycling of old objects. If you love spending time in your garden, but feel like the place needs ...

A New Enzyme Found in Compost Just Set a Speed Record For Breaking Down Plastic

A plastic container thrown into landfill can take hundreds of years to break down naturally, but a newly discovered enzyme could eat up the waste in less than a day.

Sunflower Picnic Table

Summer is almost around the corner, which means it’s time for colorful DIY projects to spice up your garden. If you’re feeling crafty and wish to welcome friends around once the good weather comes, you can try making a sunflower-patterned garden table. There are lots of cool projects ...

Wall Mounted Tailgate Bar

This beautiful, handmade piece would make the perfect touch to any room. This piece is solid fiberglass making it both strong and durable while also lightweight. With this piece you get the ability to choose your paint color as well as working lights.

Outdoor Trash Bin

Very simple build plan, all lumber comes from standard 8 foot 2 x 4’s, plywood and picket fencing. No complex cuts or joints, very sturdy. Ideal for two large commercial wheelie bins.

Lego is finally making its iconic bricks from recycled plastic

Lego is producing a lot of plastic that will eventually end up as waste and contribute to global pollution. But the company is finally taking steps towards becoming more sustainable and has revealed its prototype for Lego bricks made entirely of recycled plastic.

Glass Insulator Planter

Insulators can be used for a lot of arts and crafts projects, but they are most perfect as planters. These types of insulators were used mainly for telephone and telegraph wires and became most popular as a design object in the 1960s.

Turn your recycled bottles into hummingbird feeders

These KIT’s allow you to recycle your own fun bottle into a super-cool (and hilarious) Hummingbird Feeder! It includes everything but the bottle. You get the feeding flowers, the Suction Cup, Hanger and instructions. Recycle your own bottle in under 60 seconds. The kit is available ...

Dragonfly – made from Recycled Materials

We thought we’d have a go at creating a dragonfly made from recycled materials. To create this dragonfly you’ll need fan blades, tennis ball and spindles.
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