A Beautiful Swimming Pool Made Out Of 10 Pallets


A few days ago, a man from Germany, Torben Jung, shared on Facebook his summer project. A great pallet swimming pool, which became in short time viral on the worldwide websites. So, are you dreaming about having your own pool at home and spending some relaxing moments in it? Well, with the help of this next DIY project this dream can become reality and you will never again have to go to public pools in the summer. This pool project is so great, because you won’t be investing a lot of money in the making of the pool as you can use materials you already have at home. We are talking about old pallets that you have in your home from a previous project. Even if you don’t have a few pallets at home you can always ask a crafty friend to give you some. To make this cool pool you will need 10 pallets and your entire investment will be less than $80. According to Jung, this whole project cost him only 70 euros, which isn’t too bad for a whole pool.



264 Responses to “A Beautiful Swimming Pool Made Out Of 10 Pallets”

  1. Alegna says:

    I wish he would’ve posted directions. It’s nice to post someone’s DIY project but no instructions only make the post nice to read.

    • Sue says:

      The photos look self explanatory to me and directions should not have to be ‘spoon fed’ to you. If you are not sure ask a handy person you may know to decipher it for you.
      To all those asking about emptying the pool and where is the ‘plug’ or drainage point, seriously, a stint in guides or scouts may help you! Cyphen the water with a hose or pump, not rocket science.
      Oh, and it is not written anywhere but to keep it clean, make sure to use correct chlorine, perhaps ask your local pool supplier what might be best. Keep a skimmer handy for debris too and depending on how often you use the pool, don’t forget the water does evaporate and needs to be topped up and on occasion one should empty a third or quarter of the water and re top with fresh, then shock water again. A filter will help maintain your new pool for a longer period too. You don’t want stagnant water as it becomes a breeding ground for mosquitos etc.

      • Will says:

        Couldn’t help being an asshole?

        • ceri says:

          I know right? theres always one in the crowd

        • Debbie says:

          Is it a full moon?

        • sarah says:

          ya seriously. asshole

        • Jennifer says:

          Great idea for a base around the pool that I could attach veneer stone to. But I did have a question as to what type of fasteners you used. I could figure it out maybe, but not working in the construction industry, I like to learn from others more knowledgeable than me and I don’t know all the fasteners out there.

          My project revolves around a partially in-ground pool, so I’ll be cutting these in half and attaching them. Then, I’m covering them with some veneer stone that I had given to me, to make the pool look like a grotto of sorts.

          Any suggestions on stabilizing the pallets would be welcome.

        • John says:

          My thought exactly.

      • Tracey says:

        Wow. You may have some good information, but you’re tone is really nasty.

      • Bob says:

        you are rude

      • Lynn says:

        Sue, why do you have to be a smarmy little bitch??? These kind folks were simply stating their wishes out of curiosity and an educational interest….Yes Sue, everyone has a right to use their voice, it’s just too bad that you use yours to demean and belittle, but hey..if that’s what you need to feel like you’re what…important? intelligent? matter? Sad! And that’s MY opinion. If you treat people like they are a waste of time why bother reading posts? I could think of several other worthwhile things to be doing…I feel bad for those closest to you (assuming there is anyone crazy enough to do that) your critizing must be a JOY to be around!

        • Edie says:

          I re-read Sue’s comments after seeing some of the rude remarks. Remember people when you read a post YOU are the one putting in the inflection and tone. Not the poster. Her comments were helpful and I took it as such. Such negative people sheesh.

          • Rose says:

            “Sue” had an asshole ton of a man. I tried to read it as if it were coming from a woman, this is not a woman.

            “directions should not have to be ‘spoon fed’ to you”

            “To all those asking about emptying the pool and where is the ‘plug’ or drainage point, seriously, a stint in guides or scouts may help you!”

            “Cyphen the water with a hose or pump, not rocket science.”

            If you’re telling everyone that this is not an asshole response, you’re either Sue or a man yourself.

          • Becky says:

            Thank you, Edie. I agree people make so much more out of things, I guess because they like to jump on the mean bandwagon. LOL! I thought Sue had some very helpful points, especially since some people couldn’t figure it out on their own.

          • Celen says:

            You’re right, agree 100 % with you.

          • Kathy says:

            My feelings exactly. The comments were blunt but I took no offense when I read it. There was good info there re the water and the syphon.
            And think about it for a minute and the answers to the questions that were asked would become obvious.

            The responses like ‘asshole’ and ‘smarmy little bitch’ and ‘sheesh’ are reflective of whoever wrote those words and are worse than the original post.

            I wish people would turn down their reactive button before speaking online.We are all in this together and more tolerance and kindness would help, and that does include everyone.

        • Dave says:

          Thanks, Lynn! Someone needed to tell her. This comment made my day. Laughing out loud literally! 🙂

        • Victoria says:

          What a rude and judgmental comment to people who are trying to figure out how to make something. No everyone is blessed to be good with this type of thing…on the other hand, I expect you have failings, too. But maybe I am wrong. Maybe you are perfect.

      • Lairie says:

        No need to be a biotchistic pompous ass. Must be nice to be so brilliant.All they did was ask a question, not everyone is all that handy or knows a ‘ handy person’. There are a lot of little things left out that I had questions on during the slide show. An extra 3 words under the pictures wouldn’t kill someone. I myself am very hand but also had some simple questions that I could surely figure out but since they already did this , would have been nice to have been ‘ spoon fed’ the small details as well. So take a deep breath and get a little kindness forcibly ‘spoon fed’ to you by a scout. So stop with the biotchistic smugness and be kind, you will live longer.

        • Neil says:

          Sue was quite correct. I believe that any person who needs to ask such stupid questions should get his or her throat cut, and be buried 6 feet under. We have too few sustainable resources remaining to tolerate pig human stupidity on this planet. IQ under 130? Please f*cking die.

          • Me says:

            Sad little man arent you?

          • Friendlypest says:

            Maybe you should be the one to go and die. You are a very obnoxious, rude man and Sue is the same. You are no better than anyone else!!! I have a very high IQ I can do whatever I set my mind to doing and succeed, and I do not talk down to people who cannot do what I am capable of doing. Treat people as you would want them to treat you. Most people who act the way you and Sue do are what is wrong with the world today!! Liberal people full of hate that think they are better then anyone else in the world!!

        • Debbie says:

          What is biotchistic pompous ass? I’ve heard of masochistic?

      • Peggy says:

        @Sue….spell check is an amazing option for those that wish to appear as superior

      • Ricky Bobby says:

        Thanks for not being a huge b!tch, Sue!

      • Anti-Sue says:

        Wow, Sue. It must really take a lot of patience to put up with all of us who were not born as brilliant as you. I did learn something new, however. Cyphonism was a form of punishment by a wooden pillory. “Formerly, this term was widely believed to refer to a form of punishment in which the criminal’s naked body was smeared with honey, and exposed him to flies, wasps, etc.” (Wikipedia). I didn’t think you could do that to drain water from a pool. [Perhaps the word you were looking for was “siphon”? Spell check isn’t rocket science, either, but I appreciate how you offer unsolicited helpful material.

      • Rick says:

        “Cyphen” seriously, a stint in the dictionary may help you!

      • tim says:

        Sue, don’t be such a bitch.

      • Joseph Rodrick says:

        Seems Sort of harshly put, Butt to the just I guess

      • Joe says:

        Sue, you sure do have a smart mouth. I bet you’re a real joy to be around. Go F yourself before I do it for you.

      • chris says:

        Thanks Sue for your insight, she committed on lack of directions, not your condescending thoughts and your belittling remarks. maybe you should refrain from being ” a Dick” to other and focus on your attitude towards people. They have the right to ask questions without feeling put down because someones lack of respect for another “seriously” maybe someone needs to “spoon feed” you a bit of respect. the idea of posting a DIY PROJECT is to share your project and help other face issues you may come across. Please remember not everyone is handy, some are visual learners, some are hands on and others need to read to attack a project not everyone can be like you “all knowing and stuffed full of info” thank you!

      • Sue too says:

        Well Sue, you certainly are a self righteous gal! Must be awesome to be you and know everything! Gosh.

      • Elaine says:

        wow…. your reply could have been said with a little less sarcasm and freshness ! Just saying…. Being nice matters !

      • Vince says:

        Sue, I think you said it well, minus the cyphen part.
        Old people on the internet are too sensitive now a days.

      • martie says:

        Sue, It’s really not good advice to recommend using chlorine to keep the pool clean, this harmful chemical is bad for humans and for the environment. There are many other choices out there that will not hurt either, so please use your big girl brain and recommend those instead. I would tell you what some of them are, but you can just find that information on your own, since you feel doing so is so necessary.

      • Suga says:


        Nasty Ass!

      • Terry says:

        Wow. Seems to me like someone should post directions on here about how to remove a cob from your ass, because ol Sue here could benefit from those. Does it make you feel good about yourself to make someone feel inferior , for simply making a comment. Rude much ?

      • Jadid says:

        cyphen????? Bwahahahaha. Do you spell much? A stint in elementary school may help with that. Or there is a big book called a dictionary that can help you get it right…if you even know how to use one or the letter the word actually starts with! Smug B*tch!

      • Tina says:

        Well, it seems you’re not perfect after all. It’s siphon and not cyphen as you wrote. If you’re going to be an ass, learn to spell 🙂

      • Bodhisativa says:

        I think I love you Sue…

      • Needy says:

        Wow Sue. Wanna hook up sometime. I need a real bitch that loves to suck d***.

      • Livy D. says:

        I have NO idea why all these people are calling you names, and being total jerks. Sue, thank you for your instruction where the article lacked it. Now people will know how to make this. Hopefully the rest of the comment section realizes this, instead of continuing to be total asshats.

        • Kyle says:

          Really?? #BITCHSUE in no way explained how to build it. Her advice was ” ask your Boyfriend” or some shit..She only tried to explain how to maintain it. She sounds quite familiar with the upkeep of hillbilly above-ground pools.

      • Pkc says:

        As Thumper said ‘If you don’t have anything nice don’t say nothing at all” Nothing wrong with someone stating they wish there would have been directions,, would make it easier to do & have it turn out, do not want them “spoon fed” but maybe YOUR pool mite be a tad stangnet, thats why you didn’t have a nice word to say hmmmmmm????

      • Belmont says:

        Wow. Really glad I don’t know you in person. I can only imagine how you treat the people around you if such a simple request or suggestion brought this much bitch out of you.

        Do your kids a favor and don’t have any. “Mom, I can’t figure out how to solve this math problem.”

        “The problem looks self explanatory to me and your math homework should not have to be ‘spoon fed to you’.”

        Person of the year, right there.

      • Jenny Craig says:

        Ease up on Sue, she’s obviously fat and hates herself, takes it out on others

      • Paul says:

        …I think Sue nailed it… …like what you see, fig it out.

      • Peter Parkinsons says:

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      • mega lolz says:

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      • Mama says:

        Sue, I love you. But don’t forget to drink your medicines.

      • Me says:

        I agree with you Sue. People use your imagination! Step by step about EVERYTHING Sheesh

      • Kyle says:

        Cyphen??? Really?? Spelling isn’t rocket science either SUE.

        • Pro Sue says:

          I’m pro-Sue. Go fuck yourself you sensitive little twats. The pictures were more than enough information.

      • moda says:

        “Sue” – Your response had less than zero value. The OP simply stated, “I wish he would’ve posted directions.” Your remark was negative. A DIY project should not require one to ask the help of a handy person and it should, in fact, come with instructions.
        I am not reading any tone here. But telling someone “directions should not have to be ‘spoon fed’ to you”, “a stint in guides or scouts may help you!”, and “Cyphen [sic] the water with a hose or pump, not rocket science” are all blatantly rude at face value.
        So, for you, “Sue”, here are my suggestions: stay off the keyboard until you can learn to be polite, until you can learn to stay on topic, and until you can learn to use spellcheck.
        Now, go stand in the corner.

      • Christine says:

        wow, really, do you have to be so mean???!!!

      • karisa rowland says:

        Do you have to be such a jerk about it? Why don’t you go to Twitter where the nasty trolls live?

      • jon says:

        great info, just turn down the cunt in your attitude and people may actually listen.

      • Bruce says:

        All the negative comment posts: I think you did much worse than Sue. Think about this (if its possible) – someone took the time to point out if instructions need dumbing down any more you probably shouldn’t be building one (go ahead though I get a laugh at the darwin awards!) All you can do is post something negative about someone else’s more-helpful-than-your-post rather than post how to build a watertight sealed drainage system, waste siphon, water slide… There’s a million ideas you could have supported and your idea was to be an asshole. Oh the irony!

        While here about that drainage system – what about making a tiny hole in the low side and using the screw top from a soda bottle cut away from the rest, pull the liner through and screw the cap on over the liner to stop the water leaking?

        • ah the joys of the internet says:

          Look at how many people were so deeply offended by one comment on the internet without post censorship. This is why workplace drama is so prevalent. Most of these people have learned to ‘behave’ themselves in such a way that they continue to express their terrible feelings about situations but its not overt or straightforward its sneaky feminine and passively aggressive. When someone, especially someone with a female name attached to them dares behave differently, their precious feelings do not have enough ego resilience to let it bounce off and move on. These are the people that gossip behind your back, go tell your boss that you were mean and socially police others.

      • DDD Cartel Admin says:

        perfect reponce to stupidity i love it i hate how bloody morronic online people can be.

      • Jaimie says:

        Wow ,no need to be so hostile,nasty person…

      • PATRICK Allan NOONAN says:

        Can I just swim in your pool Sue?

      • bentley steilman says:

        I think it’s going to cost more than 80 bucks. What was used for the liner? Is it a regular line? A tarp? Where is the filter? The pump? How long do you think the water stays clean w/o that? You shouldn’t shoot your mouth off so damned fast.

    • Doreen says:

      Your link just brings it back to this page.. WHAT SLIDESHOW?!?!?!

    • Lairie says:

      Thanks for the link.. I was wondering if they screwed the pallets together….and if the exterior was those roll up thin teal beach blanket type things….

    • John says:

      How about a link to the dang slide show you keep ranting about, instead of a link back to the same damn page we’re already looking at?! SMH

    • paula says:

      I don’t know how these pallets would hold up to 15,000 gallons of water

    • Maureen says:

      Probably for the best. If you know building, you might figure it out from the photos. If not, you probably shouldn’t be tackling something like this first time out.

    • Jayson says:

      I’m a carpenter, and i’ve done a few pools in the past. I could give you directions if you were interested in doing the project. Its actually pretty simple if you are pretty handy..

  2. Tami Mascho says:

    Are there written instructions any where?

  3. Caroline says:

    How do you change / empty the water?

    • Paul says:

      You could use a small trash pump to empty it, or install a sump pump in the build.

    • Samuel Dodd says:

      you pump it out with a pump

    • Doug says:

      siphon it out.

    • Lairie says:

      Easy , simple trick , also works on getting tiny spots of dirt out…figured it out when trying to get some sand out of my hot tub without emptying it.

      1. Put one end of the hose in the pool and make sure it’s submerged…MUST STAY SUBMERGED.

      .2.Hook up the other end of the hose to the water supply ( spigot) and turn it on. ( like you were going to fill the pool).

      3 let the water flow into the pool for 30 seconds. (30 seconds makes sure there’s a hose filled with water and not any air gaps)

      4. With the hose end in the pool and still submerged…this end still has to stay under water. …go and Disconnect the other end of the hose from the spigot ( water supply) and set it on the ground, water will be flowing out of it. Shut the spigot off.

      Your hose is now a siphon and will drain the pool as long as the pool end of the hose stays under water. You can do this, like I said , to suck up the dirt if you want to just clean the bottom, it will suck it all up . Just move the end of the hose over the clumps of dirt. You have to be quick about it tho…you lose a lot of water if you are slow when cleaning. Happy siphoning !!

    • Jayson says:

      You could just buy a filter, and all you would need is the part where the water enters and exits the pool. Which you could buy at any pool store. Then use it as a ordinary pool

  4. Sue says:

    Maybe need to use some kind of pump to pump to empty the water out ..I’m not sure how you could hoop up a pool filtering system to it I wish my daughter lived here she would figure out something LOL If any one else does PLEASE post

    • beejsteph says:


      • Lairie says:

        You keep saying watch the slide show but this slideshow doesn’t give people much info unless there’s another slideshow no one knows about…..because they did watch the slide show if they got this far. But thank you for the link..I was wondering if they screwed the pallets together and if the outside was a bunch of those beach roll up teak thin blankets, lol.

    • OLMATE says:

      Poor stupid Sue, she is oblivious to our comments…most people on smarty medications usually are, though her daughter put her on them as she said to her mum…. “Mum, sometimes, just SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

  5. sharon says:

    Looks good but yes where is the drain hole an the setup for the pump etc

    • Daniel says:

      Where does this “slide show” say anything about a drain hole for a pump?

    • Not a DYIer says:

      Do not say “watch the slideshow” again unless you can provide something other than what we’ve already seen. The “slide show” doesn’t really show much of how it’s put together, or what some of the other materials are. Get a grip.

  6. Beth says:

    You would have to syphon it out with a hose or use a billage pump.

  7. Amber says:

    You could probably use a syphon hose

    • glen w. says:

      If he put a pool liner in you could buy a pool pump and install it just like a regular pool.
      go thru 1 of
      the pallet slats with a hole saw then install it, they come with rubber seals for both sides.

    • Disciple of Sue says:

      You’re a Cyphen hose

  8. T. says:

    That is really a great idea. and when you purchase the liner it will come with holes on the side where the pump goes. You will need to attach the hose, like you would when cleaning, to the inside part. and if you want to drain it that is how you do it…
    it is really that simple….

    • shots says:

      no the liner doesn’t come with holes… you make the holes yourself after everything is installed that way you don’t have to worry about getting the liner lined up because as you fill the water the liner moves and stretches…

    • lilly says:

      Most pool liners are not cut out for pump or return, you place liner and cut to fit. Only concern is water needs to circulate in a pool a minimum of 8 hours a day. Could probably by a cheal pump that goes over the side like the cloth pools wal mart sells

  9. T. says:

    The cost will be more than $80 bucks….though…. the liner alone is over $100. for a 24′ round pool liner. the cost to level the ground, depends on you? the pump filter system, unless you have one will cost over $200…. and that depends on the type of filter system. sand or cartridge, salt or chlorine….. the best thing about it is that you have the satisfaction that you created something…. love the idea….

  10. Rob says:

    you would get a filter and a pump to keep water clean and use salt water or chemicals to keep water clean

  11. Bryin Willis says:

    Amazing !

  12. Paul says:

    You can take a whole saw and cut two holes on the inside boards of your pallet this would allow you to install your liner then put fitting in for a pool pump and filter with flow and return line

  13. Machelle Farley says:

    Looks ez and a great country pool
    I can’t wait to try it
    I will stay after my man til I get one!!;!

  14. LATRICIA says:

    would you please post instructions for the pool. thank you

  15. Paula says:

    U can buy a poop pump but instead of putting holes in tarp just use those and tape it to run down side so it does not move around same for return hose. Where there is a will there is a way. U can make pool just retangular also I would assume

  16. blake says:

    Nice idea, but for one you need level ground within an inch all around… the pallet won’t serve as the greatest wall. Not sure this idea will serve much in the long term

  17. Chas says:

    you can easily hook up a regular pool pump to this …just takes a little inginuity…..same as the construction pics are instructions enough

  18. Tyler Robinson says:

    All you would need is a plastic hose adapter with a rubber seal gasket, drill a hole in board on the bottom and cut a hole in the poly, then use the seal gasket and adapter to seal off the hole in the poly, and run a short piece of poly hose to the outside and add a 1/4 turn valve to drain it. Total for parts would be less than $15, and extremely easy to do

  19. Janet says:

    What size tarp. Why did he put an edge. Sure wish he had put instructions.

  20. rubleangela@ymail.com says:

    Did anybody ever find instructions? I’m a single mom of 3 and on a tight budget. I can’t afford even the above ground pools, I was wandering estimated cost on the project? I have 3 acres and it would be nice during the summer, after yard work, and for the kids, to have a pool and this looks awesome. ..i guess I’ll goggle it. …

    • shots says:

      you are better off getting a used pool cheap and buy a new liner for about 100 and put it up yourself

  21. angela says:

    I found out that the whole pool cost less than $80!

    • Becky says:

      There’s no way this pool was less than $80! The pool liner alone is $100! That’s the cheapest you can find one, plus you’d have to have a filter, and the cheapest I’ve found one for a good size pool is $150, so it would be over $300 just for those things! I wish they wouldn’t put things like that out there, because in order to enjoy this pool in the heat, you’d HAVE to buy a filter system and attach it to the liner,otherwise you’d have green water! and you’d have to buy the liner. Maybe the tarp, and the tape and wood for the ledge was $80, but not the entire pool!

      • Mark says:

        Agreed. The internet is littered with these “CHEAP EASY SOLUTIONS!!!!” that are anything but. It’s a cute idea…if you are an experienced builder. The materials may be humble but the process is not simple. Pallets aren’t uniform in size. Tarps, straps, supplies etc are not cheap. Even if you had stuff “laying around” that you could use they weren’t likely free…you paid for them at some point!

  22. Arick says:

    You could just install all of the valves and an opening for a debris trap. Seems to me the images provided are pretty self explainitory.

  23. jeri says:

    Would love to have written instructions for this….

  24. Shirley reynolds says:

    U could take some pvc pipe make a u shape to hang over the edge of pool and attach it to one of the small Adtdide filters for the current u Latin needs. U just would make one pvc u shape longer th3 the return one. We did this

  25. Sandi says:

    Directions please???

  26. Troy says:

    It would be nice to see the images without the optin box being right in the way

  27. Kevin E says:

    Um, they forgot an important part – a filtration system.

  28. Vern says:

    Where are the photos of it full of water. Only 2 straps binding it isn’t enough. 2 more top and bottom. PVC plumbing can curculate water out to filter system and back
    into pool.

  29. Jacob says:

    I guess this plan is only for people who have common sense.

  30. angela says:

    where did you get the pool liner?

  31. Rob says:

    Or move a pallet ……….
    Put back together
    Fill back up

  32. Adam says:

    All you would have to do is drill a drain hole through the wood and use a plug. You could even have it so it’s a hose screw on that way you could run it to where you would like it to drain.

  33. John says:

    Wow your a bitch

  34. John says:


    • Sue Lives says:

      Sue is but a truth teller. You are lost on the winds and would do well to seek wisdom. And you’re dumb

  35. Beth says:

    I see pictures but can’t find the slide show.

  36. Anit says:

    I have 4 palettes just need 6 more….any one got any to spare??

  37. mmd says:

    dumb dumb dumb….. pools need filteration an inlet and outlet. not just as ez as this shows.

  38. Theresa says:

    She did not ask for you to be rude. I’m sorry, but if you can’t reply to someone with respect, it is better not to reply at all.

  39. julie says:

    WOW SUE! Lay off good god u dont need to go on a rant like that. My goodness! Sounds like u dont have any other time than to totally rip someone to shreds cause they asked one question. Wow how bitc*y!

  40. Lala Loopsy says:

    Very nice, but I don’t see any filtration or pump. That’s a lot of water to replace when it gets green. But very ingenious idea.

  41. Tracy says:

    I’m sorry your comment sounded very rude.

  42. Celia says:

    I don’t see a pump
    which is needed, no one wants to swim in water that has been sitting and collecting bacteria, algae etc.

  43. Delila says:

    No need to be so rude and condescending to a stranger.

  44. Doug says:

    Juat remember pallets rott quickly whenwet as they are not waterproof. This is good for a summer but not long term. You still need a pump as well

  45. Megan says:

    Wow. Who pissed in your oatmeal? No need to be rude to people just asking questions. Unfortunately not everyone can just look at a photo and copy the project. When did people start being such assholes to each other? Geeze…

  46. Stephanie says:

    What the hell is wrong with people? Let’s immediately jump all over you because you asked for directions! Jesus, world, do back to bed and wake up on the other side.

  47. Lori says:

    Why must you be “ugly” people ask questions its human nature. It looks pretty self explanatory to me also but I wouldn’t act like you If asked a question. That’s what’s wrong with this Country everyone is do damn mean. Why respond at all.

  48. Klint says:

    The pictures explain the whole process.

  49. Rebecca Johnson says:

    Your comments are just condescending and rude

  50. Shirley says:

    How do you circulate the water and keep it clean?

  51. nancy says:

    This is a bigger than $80 cost. The bottom liner alone will cost you around $40. The material to cover the pallets between the liner looks like painters plastic. That’s about another $15. Cost of the pool liner that size is about $300-$400. Then, you would need a filtration/pump to keep water clean and clear of algae. My main question is….how are these pallet walls going to be strong enough to hold this water and the pressure of all the splashing??

  52. diane says:

    What slideshow. My article does not have a slideshow??

  53. Chris hutchins says:

    Actually if you just look on Craigs you can find all of the material for free. The big question is do you have enough common sense to build ANYTHIMG?

  54. Kim kollman says:

    Pictures are nice, but what about holding the thing together ? What did he use ? Step by step for the dumber than average handy person ??????

  55. Robby says:

    The only thing that i am not sure of is why all the towels with the waterproof tarp

    • Caz says:

      so the sharp edges on the pallets don’t puncture the liner when the water pulls it, even garden ponds etc are lined with sand, carpets, fabric pre liners, so it will be along those lines I hope that helps!!

  56. Anthony Dickerson says:

    Does that really work out,is it sturdy id like to do it ..someone that has done it can u text me and talk about it?? Email me

  57. Tina says:

    I don’t see where the slideshow is at. I click on the link, but it doesn’t work.

  58. Cherry says:

    To keep it clean you just get an old sprite 1 litre bottle . Fill the bottle with 1kg of salt and 500grams of sugar. Shake it round until its well mixed. Then get a small knife and stab a hole in the bottom. The salt balances out the sugar which also filters the water making it safe to swim in

    To drain the pool just drill a hole in the middle and when you are done just use a tyre patch like how you would repair a bike innertube. Ive done it heaps of times.

  59. alan says:

    If you cannot figure out how to empty a pool without a drain hole or install a simple skimmer and filter pump……then you do not need to bother attempting to build this pool. It takes a little Common sense . People are so reliant on pre packed goods that they cant even think for themselves. and you do not need a $200 liner , this was built out of Cheap tarps. It probably would not last as long as a regular pool but you have very little invested…THATS THE POINT !!!!!

  60. Ashley says:

    Why be an ass about it? You could’ve been polite about it but chose to be condescending and arrogant.

  61. Steve says:

    Or just buy an Intex pool

  62. Flat Pack Bart says:

    Awesome project!
    Simple and does the job!
    Great idea there

  63. Jennifer says:

    Why not just go get a livestock tank

  64. Lori says:

    Wow kind of rude. They were just asking a question Ms. almighty know-it-all…

  65. Lori says:

    I think I’m going to do this in a couple of years after we get our house built. I’ll figgure out a way to install a pump buy then.

  66. Bryan says:

    Guys, I’ve worked in the pool industry for about 15 years. Unless you’re 100% certain you know what you’re doing every step of the way, I’d advise staying away from this project. If you decide to go for it, keep in mind how much water weighs, and that all that weight will not only be pushing out against the pallets but also be pulling them down into the ground, which means this thing is going to sink slowly if the ground isn’t prepped and leveled properly which leads to all kinds of problems. This might be a fun temporary dip tank, but when the fun is over expect it to be due to catastrophic failure. I personally wouldn’t want to be swimming when it happens. Proceed with caution.

  67. Cindy says:

    You don’t have drain holes on large pools…..if you had one it would rip the liner with the force of so much water…..submersible pumps are inexpensive and you only need a small one…..my guess is to keep it clean, you would have to buy a filter pump also…and chemicals…..it still would be cheaper than a new pool…

  68. nig says:

    Sue your pathetic cunt. Go to hell cum guzzler, this world has no place for the decendent of satan himself.

  69. nig says:

    Sue your a pathetic cunt. Go to hell cum guzzler, this world has no place for the decendent of satan himself.

  70. Eileen says:

    Thank you Sue, you explained it perfect for me, now I now what to do

  71. Dan says:

    Do you accept paypal? I’d like to order two of these. Also, do you ship to the US?

  72. Danny says:

    It’s not that hard

  73. Brianna says:

    Thank you Sue for being real!! People ask questions or complain with comments like “it would be nice if instructions were given” instead of just getting off their butts and going to a local pool store OR using this gift we new age spoiled generation have called the internet to figure it out are going to get a response like that from someone who does the work to figure it out themselves… Reality is a question was asked and a solution was given… Be grateful and take what was given…. People today… Again, thank you Sue

  74. Nonya says:

    same, ass wipe.

  75. Dan says:

    I agree with sue. Just because she may of spelled a word wrong doesn’t give you the right to bash her. People read text differently and if it offended you then you should take a step back and think if she was being sarcastic or just voicing her opinion. You scum bags are worse off then she is. Pools are a very simple. A frame to retain the water in a water tight tarp basicly. Need directions then go to your local pool place and buy one. For 80 bucks a couple old pallets take a chance and stop looking for everything to be handed to you. No reply is needed. This is my opinion.

  76. Tammi says:

    I agree this is more than $80. A tarp will quickly get holes. Spend the $200 on a pool liner and buy a pump kit for another $400-500. You will get the return filter pump. You can buy the padding to go behind the liner otherwise rubbing will cause holes. He uses ratchet straps to keep the pallets from blowing out from water pressure. This is a great idea for a project. Remember one of the best things about a DYI project is to give us a starting idea then thing how we can make it better. Not to critize but to help each other. Thank you.

  77. jeff says:

    Love ya Sue! For everyone else, DIY = Do it yourself. That guy thought up the idea and shared it. He shouldn’t have to write a user’s manual for the rest of the world.

  78. john smith says:

    i like how right below the article theres an ad to have a pool company install one for you for 30K

  79. Erica says:

    You guys all seem to be just as rude as sue. Instead of commenting on the original post of the pool you are all scolding someone for something they said.

  80. brenda says:

    Just adding to the rude person answering comments on how to build this pool…..all I have to say is ” if you can’t say something nice or in a nice and helpful way, then don’t say anything at all!! Not everyone is a builder!

  81. brenda says:

    Amen to that!

  82. sassy says:

    I believe they used tie downs from the looks of things. You can buy these at pretty much any Do It Yourself store like Home Depot or Canadian Tire. They are tie downs which are used when you’re transporting things on say a trailer or a flatbed. They actually have a sort of pump crank on them to tighten them Once you’ve hooked them in position.

  83. Sancho says:

    My only question is how to secure the pallets? No way in hell those 2 5ton straps can hold the water pressure plus swimmers.
    The straps can handle it if water is still i.e.no one in pool but with 5 kids and 2 adults doubt the pool would maintain the shape.

  84. M says:

    I love how all these self titled “professionals” throw “common sense” out @ people. Well to you Rhodes Scholars, common sense should tell you that there ARE people with no experience in these matters. Just like you have no experience with RESPECT, empathy, or kindness. Nobody deserves to be looked down on because they ask for help. It doesn’t make them stupid or lacking common sense. You need to ask for help with spelling & punctuation,though.

  85. diana says:

    this is a neat idea for a short term pool on the cheap, but be aware that to keep it algae free and clean/clear you will need actual water circulation through a filter like any regular above ground pool. That can still be done with this set up but of course would run you more money than 80 dollars and require some extra work. My main concern for longevity is the wear and tear on the liner with the pallets- water moves and expands and causes the liner to rub on the rough pallets, which could cause a tear or leak down the road. foam padding would reduce that potential, but again is more money. I don’t mean to put down what this man did- it is still cool and cheap and a great way to see if you really want to have a pool, just be aware without some extra cash and some modifications I cannot see it being a long term practical swimming pool.

  86. Anastasia Lynn says:

    It would be really easy to install a skimmer. Notch out a piece of wood just big enough to clear the height of the skimmer basket. And the wood to cover the outside would need to be left open as well. As well as the return nothing some pvc pipe wouldnt work for. Definitely a WHOLE lot cheaper than buying a pool especially when you can buy pallets for free. And I LOVE the wood look. If properly treated would last just as long. Thanks for the idea. Will be doing this when we buy our house next year.

  87. Nikki says:

    So this looks like an awesome project, however I am wondering if it would be easy to add steps and a slide? Any thoughts? I’d prefer to not get a snotty response.

  88. Kelly says:

    You do not have to be so rude to people. Comments are for everybody

  89. Tammy Kuhn says:

    So Mr know it all without directions ….
    The pool will not stay clean with or without chemicals without filtration …and by the way Mr. directions are for idiots ….you can apparently build a cell phone just by looking at it ….a$$hole…

  90. crystak says:

    No pun intended, however thus is to be used as maybe a weekend party piece, however not for an extended amount of time. I have an inbound pill and if any of you maintained a pill, you would know not to believe this, nor believe everything you see on the internet. You need chemicals for a pool and those chemicals would eat through a trap. Not to mention the microorganisms, including, but no where near limited to algae… These organisms can make you all sick, skin infections and so much more. I would not yet this s it is hard for a person who has had a pill for some time to keep a pool healthy with much experience and everything needed for an in ground, not to mention us III Ng him made sweeping idea and planning to put chemicals on a tarp, no testers fot these chemical… This article and reading all ur responses is scary. If you want a pool save money there’s many safe options out there from the least to more affordable. Please be careful guys

  91. Susan says:

    You must be a very unhappy person or you must be making others around you unhappy.

  92. Tanya says:

    To all of you who are commenting, some of you are just rude!!! People should be able to ask questions without being called names. Not every one can see a video. I can not! As far as the cost I believe I read that he used stuff he already had. That’s how it was so cheap. As far as a pump and filter, yes if it were used long term this would be needed, but if just using short term.. Maybe not

    However please be kind to one another. Think about how you would want people to respond to you.

  93. lisa says:

    I wish step by step directions were also posted.

  94. Barbara Thompson says:

    This is a great and inexpensive way to enjoy water in the summer time. Am going to have to have one.

  95. kz says:

    I can’t believe you people. Such language, and immaturity. Un be lieveable. Grow up People.

  96. Jill says:

    Alegna-look on YouTube, I saw lots of videos explaining how!! This is awesome 🙂

  97. rachel says:

    I would like to say as a mom of seven grown children who went through multiple pools as the kids grew up. This is a neat idea. Not one pool we bought lasted over three years. They get weathered even when you tear them down and put them up for the winter. They crack and break down, the pumps go out a lot. You are always have to buy new ones. When they run 24/7 all summer and you clean the pool every day some time three times a day because Of storms and leaves. I am a neat freak!! If this guy would have thought about putting in a drain and a pump it would have cost him more. He was out to spend the littlest as possible. But He can always go back and add a drain plug for $10-15.00. If he want to invest in a pumping system that will keep the pool clean there are all kinds of ways to do it on the web he can check in to. Some he can build him self. I can’t believe that a idea of anyone’s that gets posted get slammed so badly for not doing something or no spending more money. It depends where you live, the taxes and if you buy New or on the web “How Much People Spend Now Days”!!! Come on this was a pool for his use not for the public pool of his town!! Your not swimming in it So be a human with some Respect, instead of criticizing putting him down. How about compliments and suggestions Instead. If your kids were talking to someone like this and putting them down for doing something. It would be called bulling / being bullied, harassment. Think about some of the comments made on here…. Just saying I think the pool is A NEET IDEA AND IF YOU CHOOSE TO ADD TO IT LATER ON LET US KN⅞OW WHAT YOU DO. MAYBE A NICE DECK MADE OUT OF SAME MATERIAL…. WHO KNOWS WHERE YOUR MIND WILL TAKE YOU… ENJOY YOUR POOL… A Mom & Grandma from Kansas who spent A lot more than you to make here kids Happy…. Lol

  98. Poohbutt says:

    You dont need to be b@!$# about it. Didnt your parents ever teach you this: if you dont hace anything nice to say DON’T SAY ANYTHING!!!

  99. Christine says:

    Why all the rude comments when someone asks a question? There are several people-Alan, Mike, Chris Hutchins, and Sue, on here talking crap about someones questions. This is ridiculous!! How old are you? This is not acceptable behavior. Especially when we are talking about a DIY project. You need visual and written instructions to make sure it is done properly. No one is dumb because they are asking for written instructions. You are the dumb ones for replying the way you are. Your shit stinks just.like everyone else’s!!! Get a life!!!

  100. Wanda says:

    I am not getting a slideshow either. Thanks for trying though!

  101. Michelle says:

    Think you could put a filter on this?

  102. Diane says:

    Great tip. Thank you!

  103. Summer says:


  104. Anti Redneck says:

    The instructions to this Myrtle Manor Special coming to CMT this summer. Sad that people have nothing better to do than THIS. How about get a job and move your family to a place where people can BUY a REAL swimming pool!

  105. Terri says:

    Just buy an above ground pool then add the pallets on the outside of the pool for decorations 🙂

  106. Bob 2 says:

    Everyone’s so butt hurt. Get over it cry babies.

  107. KraveZombie says:

    Wow. So, some people can use pictures only to build or make something while others can’t. Lets see how easy it is for you to make a recipe worth no words, no measurements, and let you guess what the ingredients are and what order and how long. Or, buy something from the store that needs put together, but do it with no instructions, just those dumb pictures without anything to house you. But its all self explainitory, yeah?

  108. chad koon says:

    I wanna see what she looks like…I mean,to get this many peoples hackels up over this pallet swimming pool…..she obviously Libes in a theme park……and the theme is “trailer”… BAUGH….(I betcha she is smokin hot)….we’re all rude like that.however,I wouldn’t post something cool and slam nice folks for liking it….that’s just mean & stupid…..be someone of substance…

  109. handy manny says:

    It is true just looking at the pictures it kinda explain how to do it you dont really need to be that smart to complicate yourself making this awesome swimming pool I have to try this thanks for the idea

  110. peace says:

    The pictures do look self explanatory but I would like more direction..

  111. Julie says:

    From one know it all grammar be damned bitch to another thank you, for those who backed her thank you for those who decided to be little her for having common since get over yourself also because I’m just this way most Walmart type stores carry pumps for pools and pvc pipes have pieces that are flat on one end with an opening in the middle get one a bit smaller than the other and use water proof pvc glue to sandwich the liner between the pieces do two one for in (closer to the bottom) out closer to the top and attach the hoses from the pump might have wiggle the hoses into the pallets

  112. Hayley says:

    Anyone still having troubles figuring some of this out just pull up Google and put (Torben Jung  a-beautiful-swimming-pool-made-out-of-10-pallets) in and it pulls up just about any and every thing you need to know. Hope this helps.

  113. Sue needs Dick says:

    Sue take a quelud chic or better yet go buy a dildo cause it’s obvious you need to get laid. You’re so uptight so maybe a fat cock will loosen you up. No reason to jump down anyone’s throat it’s a fucking home made pool were talking about. I hope you don’t talk to people like this in.public cause you’re likely to get your ass whooped or shot maybe! Chillax and hire a gigalo.

    • Suebot says:

      Your comment has been placed in a queue and will be analysed by an algorithm and then forwarded to Nigeria for archival purposes.

      Warm regards,

      Suebot 17

      Sue Industries

  114. I like Sue says:

    I like Sue! Right to the point. Not rude, blunt.

  115. shelly says:

    Wow Sue. I guess you never thought about how your high and mighty response might be taken by everyone that read it. No one likes a hater. Next time you should try to be less disdainful. These people were simply asking a question, they didn’t deserve your wrath. And now there are a lot more people that have a negative opinion about you and feel terrible for anyone and everyone around you. I can’t only hope your response came out on a bad day and you aren’t really like this.

  116. riversideCA says:

    Anyone near riverside ca, ill build rhat for you cheap, bryan 9512544946.
    Never thought id see so much hostility on fix it website comment. Section.

  117. Kevin says:

    Though not shown, or figured in the cost estimates, a filter system, such as used on many above-ground pools, will not only help keep the pool clean, but also provide a method for draining (or partially draining) the pool when you need to change the water. Make sure the filter you get allows you to back flush for filter cleaning, and route the water to a suitable drain away from the pool (so you don’t have erosion at the area around the pool). Check with your pool supply vendor, describe what you want to do, and you’ll find most of them helpful in making a sale to you. (get second opinion from a different source, just to make sure you’re getting good info).
    While this may not be as inexpensive as originally thought, it’s still a relatively easy project, even if you have to enlist a friend who has a bit more knowledge than you might.
    Good luck, and have fun!

  118. Rachel says:

    Will be a nightmare to empty and clean

  119. Alex says:

    I see a hot tub in my future….I have the pump from a previous above ground pool(very basic, yet highly effective pump and filter). It will suffice for circulation and jets, and the new(cost effective) heaters are great for this type of application. This will be awesome with cooler weather coming!

  120. Lovessue says:

    How does one go about starting a Sue fan site? Bahahahahaha,

  121. Bekind says:

    Geez! The attack on Sue is brutal! I agree her tone was condescending, but some of you calling her out on it take rudeness to a much higher level. There are far worse post than hers that people should jump on.
    I’d like to pass this suggestion on in case someone finds it worth applying in their life. I think it can make a difference in how we talk to people. When someone makes a mistake in a service they provide (cooks, receptionist. .) or bumps into me…, I might sometimes feel a little irrate and think I’m justified in coming on a little too strong in letting them know how I feel, but I stop to think for a second, “if they were one of my older kids or my mother, would I want anyone to talk to them like that? ” No, I would never want them to be on the receiving end of someone over doing it if they have a complaint about them. Thinking along that line can really help to switch that “verbal attack” to something more appropriate.

  122. Bekind says:

    Geez! The attack on Sue is brutal! I agree her tone was condescending, but some of you calling her out on it take rudeness to a much higher level. There are far worse post than hers that people should jump on. I’d like to pass this suggestion on in case someone finds it worth applying in their life. I think it can make a difference in how we talk to people. When someone makes a mistake in a service they provide (cooks, receptionist. .) or bumps into me…, I might sometimes feel a little irrate and think I’m justified in coming on a little too strong in letting them know how I feel, but I stop to think for a second, “if they were one of my older kids or my mother, would I want anyone to talk to them like that? ” No, I would never want them to be on the receiving end of someone over doing it if they have a complaint about them. Thinking along that line can really help to switch that “verbal attack” to something more appropriate.

  123. not handy like sue says:

    Hey Sue! You sure have made a lot of enemies on this page. I dare tou to comment back to us. Lol I doubt you. even know how to build this yourself. Seeing as you are probably enaing due to have a handy man at your diaposal. Well Handy man have to ask questions in orser for them to learn. No one is born will knowledge . Take a hike sweetie there’s no room for you on this page after all you know everything . This is for us do it ourselves.


      When the apocalypse comes, you will not survive because you are shit at life and need mummy to do everything for you.


  124. Flabbergasted says:

    Everyone who replied back to her just to state she is a bitch, an ass hole, and all these other things really need to get their heads checked. You all have such disgusting attitudes that it’s a shame you’re all part of the human race. She was a bit condescending about how the pictures seemed self explanatory, and I agree. They are quite clear. She never claimed to be brilliant, but merely stated that certain aspects of this project weren’t rocket science. Meaning it’s not too difficult if you try and do some research yourself. I don’t see anyone else posting helpful information so please just stop. This is the internet, so unless you go around with your righteous indignant attitudes correcting all the other fucked up things across the interwebs, don’t go bashing the one person being productive and helpful.
    As for my two cents to contribute to this pool building scheme, Chlorine is the cheapest solution to helping maintain a pool like this unless you feel like investing heavily in a salt generator among other things. This is in response to the gentleman who griped about there being other greener options. I figure if you only want to spend $80 on a pool you’ll most likely roll with Chlorine, that or let it get disgusting.
    Now I’m going to go do other things, seeing as I wasted 7 min of my life reading the shitty complaints and formulating a response that’s likely to be dismissed by horrible close minded people. Yeah bash Sue more, so that we can make ourselves feel better for not thinking of the obvious. Torches and pitchforks! RAWR!

  125. Rane says:

    Let’s get back on track awesome, cheap pool, and it appears to be simple to put together.
    All other questions, come on folks use Google and research things,
    So much negativity here.
    Just saying.

  126. bonnie lash says:

    Unreal…all that actually took time to read…and then .had all the rude remarks.and all the filth that you feel the need to put out there.. Its just discusting.. All that kept trying to out do and get nastier than the next..fools…your just fools.look around people..life is so very short…and what a waste all this was..praying for you all..

  127. Ant says:

    Sue was right.
    Obviously instead of figuring out how to make it all your feeble brains can do is attack and abuse.
    If I had any faith left in humanity it just vanished.
    The pictures couldn’t be more obvious strap the fucking pallets together.
    Line with a waterproof/plastic sheet.
    Use extra wood to make it look pretty.
    The end.

    To drain use a hose with the end the water is draining from lower than the bottom of the pool.

    Call your local pool cleaner for aproriate chemicals that won’t deteriorate the plastic.

    Call your local council before you try because at least in Australia this pool would be illegal with no fencing….

  128. pro sue says:

    Dont be so hard on sue sue… Its not her fault.

  129. Jimmy jam says:

    Your a complete asshole.

  130. Robin says:

    Love how you look down on someone for wanting directions and the proceed to give directions!! *smh

  131. Tamara says:

    Totally agree… Not rude at all and would have thought the same thing. Good points. Thanks

  132. Grinningchook says:

    Gee let’s all be rude assholes and bully Sue. Show her that we can be rude and mean too.
    Sue’s reply was nowhere near as rude as all the people that have had a go at her.

  133. Craig says:

    Did any of u asshole haters actually try make a palette pool that mr asshole was so kind to share. Or did u just talk about it?

    Yeah thought so!

  134. I love sue says:

    I spent an hour reading all these comments and I forgot what the hell I was looking at. Yes, Sue wrote her comments like an ass but then a hundred plus people were an ass towards her. How bout everyone stops being an ass towards each other and figure out how to, build a……….what are we trying to build anyways?

  135. Taylor says:

    Look people, if you can’t figure sh*t out on you own then don’t be on a DIY page. It’s a DIY page not a hire a contractor page. If you can’t do it then hire someone to build you a real pool and a pool guy to maintain it and the kid next door to teach you to swim. For the love of god people. Get off your Facebook and try it yourself.

  136. Lisa says:

    Really can’t we all just get along ?

  137. Kyle says:

    I only posted because this cool DYI turned into 50 comments of horshshit. Who cares how the comments make you feel. The person who posted it probably figured people could use their own intelligence to figure it out. Don’t have a nice day and please don’t use public forums to complain about your feelings. <- negative tone btw.

  138. Miranda says:

    That was fu**ing Awesome!

  139. K-Mart says:

    Good luck….no filter…pool will be like a sewer in a month

  140. Meg says:

    Wow. Feel good now that you took your energetic dump all over everything and everyone? I’ll tell ya where you could stick the the directions that aren’t there… lol

  141. Kathryn says:

    I was always taught that the only stupid question, was the unasked one. I have a question of how to put the hole for the pump/filter . How do you fix it so the assembly doesn’t leak? Maybe Miss Sue can condescending explain it to me…

  142. Lee says:

    I love that everyone is so quick to jump on how awful Sue is! Her tone may not be nice but talking like this isn’t going to change that. It just make you all worse than how you felt her remarks were.
    Sue if you have a point then try and be more polite when you put it across.
    Everyone else, try and be a lot more forgiving, for all you know she may be having a bad day, some one in her family may have passed away for all we know.

  143. big dawg says:

    You all are way to sensitive, I mean really if u can’t figure it out with the pics or even use ur own brain and figure it out.. you probably shouldn’t even try building this project or anything else for that matter…. what is wrong with people these days seriously!

  144. Me 2 says:

    The most perfect example of keyboard warriors I have ever seen.
    I was interested in how the pool was made but now I don’t want to.

    Humanity under a microscope. Shame on you all.

  145. Rick says:

    Your views are morbid and yeah by the way sorry about your penis.

  146. Corin says:

    It looks like ratchet straps were used to hold the pallets together. When the shelving is screwed together at each of the joints (where the pallets meet) that would hold them together. At this point you should be able to remove the straps.
    I suggest a fish tank cleaner to help clean and empty the water. I would suggest one of the larger ones as a small one would take a long time. Or there are pool/hottub cleaners you can purchase at pool and/or hottub stores.
    Bromine? Not chlorine and filters can be purchased at some retail stores, or anywhere that carries pool or hottub supplies.

  147. Jan says:

    I find it interesting that the people who are bashing Sue are saying even more hurtful things, great way to make a point people!

  148. Diane says:

    If you can’t say something nice, Sue, then STFU.

  149. kat says:

    So how do you join the palettes together ?

  150. Wkr518 says:

    Sue needs a good doinking..It appears

  151. nikki says:

    That’s what I was thinking, gawd it must be hell being so perfect -rolls eyes-

  152. Andrew says:

    Love ❤️ and respect ✊ your post.

  153. Rico says:

    Why are you all so mad about Sue?!?! Do you think that a person building a big water tank with wooden pallets will have an education?? C’MON!! hahaha

  154. Jennifer says:

    Come on yall!!!! Really???isn’t the world out here hard enough with all the hate going on?!?!?! Why do we have got to be mean to each other’? All they did was ask a ? There was no call to be hate full!! Isn’t this world hard enough??? Come on now….

  155. Rachel says:

    As a woman I am offended about the “asshole tone of a man” comment. Us women can be assholes too if we want. But Sue certainly put plenty of her own negative spin in for the readers. No additional smarm necessary. Examples include: “spoon fed”, “seriously…..”, etc. But yes, her suggestions were helpful if you can get past the snark.

  156. Worried Sick says:

    Has anyone heard from Sue? I’m starting worry about her!

    • DrunkenHouseWife1000 says:

      LOL She’s good. She decided to go skinny dipping in her new pallet pool with all the box wine drunk Betty’s husbands.

  157. mike says:

    Soooo many assholes, Sue not being one of them! And say what you want about me, I DGAF! But I will give you a quarter to call someone that does GAF.

  158. Larry says:

    Sue and I could he related. #JustSaying

  159. The Rich Guy says:

    I wonder how long it’s going to take before the comments become less about the pool and more about politics

  160. Jay says:

    Babahaha….right…I mean its a pool made from PALLETS people not a 100,000 dollar pool

  161. Julie says:

    I was so grateful to have found this picture in the internet! Since Covid hit and it’s Sumner the entire Country us nearly sold out if new and used pools. I promised my girls a pool so I made Five trips in my little SUV to local hardware store that has free pallets, brought hone about 13. Bought 20×30 sturdy tarp fir 70$, layed old tarp on ground, stood up pallets in a roughly 11 foot diameter, used four wraps if wire and hay baling twine on each joint, wrapped outside of pallets with strong rope Three times, laid old sleeping bags over top on sharp edges, gently layed expensive tarp inside (Make sure you tuck tightly against bottom edge), used couple bungee cords to hold up edges of tarp while filling and it was done. Kids love it!! I don’t have filter but bought chlorine/algae stuff and dump in/Stir. I’m going to try that hose siphon tip above to suck out leaves etc. Entire project was under $100 US . Tip, baling twine added to joints really makes it stronger. And all you mean commenting know it all people need to go sit down!

  162. Carley Faulkner says:

    Instructions very easily found with Google. It really isn’t rocket science!

  163. DrunkenHouseWife1000 says:

    Holy crap! You girls are savages!! I can just picture all the box wine drunk housewives, bashing old Sue’s head in. Sheesh!!! Simmer down, now…..simmer down! LOL Honestly, you girls need to lay off the booze a little…..go to bed and sleep it off.

  164. Sandra H says:

    There are tons of videos in youtube on how to make a swimming pool from pallets

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