Small cosy house with eco pool, green roof and vegetable garden

Small cosy house, very stylish, great living space and absolutelly stunning garden with lake and many many plants, just wow. This Cottage is Situated in Sankt Corona am Wechsel in the Lower Austria region.

This Massive DIY 2900 Sq Ft Cabin Kit Is Now Available On Amazon

There is almost nothing that can’t be ordered on Amazon, and this cabin is the living proof. Once you start browsing, you will enter a black hole of infinite cabin kits on Amazon, that can be ordered to build a cabin by yourself.

This Gorgeous Floating Tiny House Is The Ultimate City Escape

A floating house on the water where you can also feel safe? Sounds like the perfect and most relaxing home. So, if you would like to have your tiny island, without spending a fortune, you can invest in a floating house just like this one.

Tiny A-Frame Cabin DIY Plans

Build the perfect tiny A-frame style cabin on any plot of land, great for guest houses or Airbnb cabins! The overall size is 11′-1/2″ x 18′-0″, including the front porch. These DIY plans are simple and easy to follow, intended for all woodworking levels.

Winnie The Pooh Treehouse

I brought Pooh’s house to life taking inspiration from the original decorations of E.H. Shepard, with exposed tree branches wrapped around the house, “Mr. Sanders” inscribed above the doorway, shelves stocked full of ‘hunny’ pots and bespoke wallpaper that I have designed. For ...

1-Year Building a Cozy Log Cabin in the Woods

Building a log cabin from start to finish complete build. No talking, ASMR inspired building an entire small off grid cabin from start to finish using a sawmill by hand.

Sleek Shipping Container Home Rises Like a Starburst in the Desert

Joshua Tree is one of the most popular and Instagrammable destinations among influencers, and it is also the place where some of the most eccentric and expensive residences in the world are located. This next futuristic container home fits perfectly into the picture and it was designed ...

Cabin Built Out Of 3 Shipping Containers. This is so beautiful!

You don’t need a lot of money to build a luxurious home. An example is this cabin, built out of three shipping containers. Each container was bought for $3,400 by Joseph Dupuis, who is originally from Ottawa. The owner worked to convert these containers into a luxurious and cozy ...

TIMELAPSE – Log Cabin Construction

This cabin has been a practice build to prepare for the construction of the Log Cabin Getaways holiday park which will hopefully launch in 2022. The cabin is 12m long by 8m wide including the deck at the front. It’s not shown in the video but there is a solar system installed ...
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