Inuit Elders Are Warning the World and NASA that “Earth has Shifted”

Global Climate Change: The Earth Has Shifted, Say Inuit Elders. A new warning has come to NASA from the Inuits. They are warning that the change in climate is not due to global warming but rather, because of the Earth shifting a bit.

The Inuits are local people that live in the Arctic regions of Canada, the United States and Greenland.
They are excellent weather forecasters and so were their ancestors. Presently they are warning NASA that the cause of change in weather, earthquakes etc., are not due to global warming as the world thinks.
They state that the earth has shifted or “wobbled”. “Their sky has changed!”

The elders declare that the sun rises at a different position now, not where it used to previously. They also have longer daylight to hunt now, the sun is much higher than earlier, and it gets warmer much quickly. Other elders across the north also confirmed the same thing about the sky changing when interviewed.

They also alleged that the position of sun, moon and stars have all changed causing changes in the temperature. This has also affected the wind and it is very difficult to predict the weather now and according to them predicting weather is necessary on Arctic.
All the elders confirmed that the Earth has shifted, wobbled or tilted toward the North. This information provided by the Inuit Elders has caused a great concern in the NASA scientists.

381 Responses to “Inuit Elders Are Warning the World and NASA that “Earth has Shifted””

  1. Sharon Muzik says:

    I have been saying the same thing for several years but keep getting shot down.

  2. Stacy Byford says:

    Very interesting story about earth shifting.

  3. William Bean says:

    I knew it! (Inuit… Get it?)

  4. Edward says:

    Real science. This is true science. The Eskimos believe what they say.

  5. Dan Lewis says:

    The Inuit Elders are correct on the earth tilting. I noticed it almost two years ago as the sun was starting to come up in a different location. I’m also Indian myself and notice these things.

  6. Debbie Ford says:

    My granddaughters teacher told her a year ago that the earth had tilted.

  7. Mike C. Mone says:

    I live in NJ, I take a walk every morning.
    A few months ago, I said to my adult son, “it seems that the sun is not rising where it used, it appears to rise lower in the sky. Coincidence or fact?

  8. Wanda Clapper says:

    It says in the Bible that planets are going to be in a straight line in the end times I think that’s what is happening now with the planets.

  9. Ron K says:

    I have always thought that pumping oil and water out of the Earth would change the rotation. I don’t think this is something we can fix.

  10. Sherri says:

    We BETTER listen to the elders

  11. Teebox says:

    Scientists would do well to listen to them. Their kind of wisdom can’t be learned from textbooks.

  12. Willem Malten says:

    A long time ago, maybe early 1990 ties a Hopi elder visited us in NM and she said it is not just global warming…it is the dawn of the erratic times. Having snow and freezing temperatures for a couple of days in the middle of summer like we had here in Santa Fe clarifies her point.

  13. Avery King says:

    This article is about 12 years old for cripes sake!

  14. Jodi DeBoy says:

    I was wondering if you can feel like you are off balance from the shift? I can feel things through my feet like before an earthquake etc. Sometimes I feel like I’m connected to earth in some way!!

  15. Ravoul says:

    Dat sum good sczhitt!!!

  16. William Suermann says:

    They probably know more than our “experts’

  17. S Hayes says:

    I certainly believe in the Inuit elders and believe what they say.

  18. Richard Knowles says:

    This I do believe here where I live I can tell a difference in where the sun and moon rise and sets

    • LSO says:

      There was a broadcast on TV a few years ago. I saw people lighting their water from the faucet on fire. There were real flames coming out of peoples water faucets. Water and fire together why weren’t people freaking out? Fracking and other kinds of explosions or bombs sent into the earth will send huge large intense shock waves into the earth. In turn these shock waves will travel through the earth. Who knows how strong they are or how long they will last or where they will end up or what kind of damage they are doing? All of these explosions have been bombarding the earth for years. it’s just a matter of time until we knock ourselves into oblivion.. we have had more earth quakes and many other strange weather and environmental problems. I pray we wake up before it’s to late.

    • Ruth/dan darragh says:

      Did u ever live in Williamsville, ny?

    • Carey Logan says:

      You are absolutely right. I have some steel poles that have been placed into the ground and for the last 10 years I have noted, daily, the position of the sun with respect to time/position/season. I have seen it with my own eyes and the folks I know think I am crazy. Can I join your “Crazy Train”? :o) :o) I am not freaked out about it, I am just amazed how ignorant/unaware people are of their environment/surroundings. Anyway, Keep on truckin’ dude.

    • Marilyn G. says:

      This is a duplicate report of what came out about ten years ago. Having almost total recall, I remember a video clearly about the Inuit saying that the slight pole shift had occurred.

    • Elle says:

      Richard Knowles. Me too. I have noticed a difference in where the sun rises and sets too .
      For 10 years or so now. I live in California.

    • Teri Fry says:

      Same here in Texas. It appears the Sun is slightly farther south.

  19. Red says:

    I been sayen this for years. Many years, to stop this you have to stop magnetic north pole from moving.and you ain’t going to do it. Every 32 to 3600,years or so. Best sleep with your life jacket and beer cooler. Ride the waves.

    • Stephen says:

      Nailed it. Magnetic north has been moving eastward for several years. The earth is preparing to shift its axis again. That also explains why southern tier states are seeing an increase in snowfall over the past several years. No amount of money raised in the climate change scam is going to prevent a natural cycle from happening.

    • HappyInfidel says:

      Just raise the price of fuel.They tell me that works!

    • Chris says:

      Are you sure we can pay more tax so the government can stop the earth from moving 🙂

    • Ruth Greenfield says:

      I’v been saying this too, we are polluting the world, but I can’t believe the global warming theory

  20. Maria Teresa Lopez says:

    I just learned something. I didn’t know the Inuit people can predict the weather. I always thought the Native American Indians could. Such as, The Navajo, The Sioux, The Cherokee, etc. Interesting, fascinating, and awesome. NASA sure has competition and alot to be concerned about. Luv it!!! m.t.lopez 😀🙂🥰😍🤩🥰😷❤☹💋

    • Rev Bob Martin says:

      All the tribes of people are Athabaskan including my own.

    • jan kubiniec says:

      That’s because the inuit look at the sky. NASA and NOAA look at computer screens. Not the same observation.

    • Suzanne Benson says:

      Inuit People are Indigenous to Greenland, Alaska, Canada, they are from the Arctic regions. But they too are considered “Native” to their own continent.

    • Toby that Canadian guy says:

      Ayo, “Indian” is offensive to natives, who are actually indigenous or just native, even native ameriican. Pardon me for saying this much rather out of the blue, but I thought you should know it is offensive to call them that when that isn’t what they are.
      Sincerely, An actual indigenous lad, Toby

    • Gloria says:

      I doubt the Inuit consider competition. I doubt they concern themselves with sarcasm either.

    • byrd026 says:

      Are you not aware the Inuit people ARE Native Americans????

    • Anita Toth says:

      I do not find this surprising. Many indigenous cultures live in very close communion with Nature. They know because they feel changes in everything.

    • RobynBanqs says:

      I took a cultural anthropology class years ago and the Inuit were one of the peoples we studied. The Inuit are incredible when it comes to having developed the skills to survive in that environment. By chance alone they should have never survived. There’s so much ice oout there part of the year the distance they have to travel to hunt puts them in a position of absolutely having to get a whale. If not most all of them will die. So they rely on the shaman for a vision of where to hunt. Apparently it works.

  21. Loretta says:

    Those people better be careful the Democrats will banish them from the USA if they deny their false climate change crapolla.

    • Cathy says:

      Inuit are Canadian

    • Robin says:

      Please all of you idiots who think this is new news and NASA should listen to elders. This is not new news to the scientific community. The poles have always shifted. Read the NASA website. Poles have always shifted. What is new is the speed of pole shift, and yes, you can read this on NASA and other scientific sites too. Because the Natives and Inuits notice this, and you don’t might be because they are far more connected to the Earth than the average person. Science does work, maybe you just don’t understand it.

    • Tedd says:

      Oh come on….stop political nonsense now!

    • Melissa says:

      Oh give it rest already.

    • Kevin Berry says:

      you are absolutely right. I’m sure there are Facebook & Twitter feeds burning up – about protesting and canceling/ denying their right to exist, and looking how to attack them politically & financially….
      The rise of the “Democratic Socialist” (reimagined) society or “new norm” …

    • Spookie says:

      The Earth has been Shifting since 2000 at 1 Degree per year.
      Now it’s speeding up as we are heading towards the Void through the asteroid Belt
      Actually into a Higher Dimension…

      This is Why People Are Going Crazy Now Worshiping Their False gods
      With Labels

    • Dan says:

      Please don’t speak.

    • Jeanie Myers says:

      You spelled Republicans wrong.

    • Joel the K says:

      good one! 🙂

    • Kevin Gerard Haan says:

      That story happened 4 years ago in northern Canada. I live in Edmonton.alberta, Canada all my life,nd I can tell you that the sun does not rise or set in the same place and the stars ie:the big and small dipper are in different positions in the night sky.

    • Chris says:

      Loretta, what do you think is fueling climate change, if not a shift?

    • amy says:

      HOW convenient for you to make such a non contributory unhelpful comment – since you dont believe in science perhaps you should stick to Parler

    • A. Overstreet says:

      Oh, good lord. What an ignorant statement.

    • Steve says:

      Way to make this about your own agenda, Karen.

    • David says:

      Darn! Foiled again! Calling all Dems! Cancel Operation “Banish Them From The USA If They Deny Their False Climate Change Crapolla”!

    • Terri says:

      I hope this is an attempt at humor…poor humor…at that!

    • patricia cooper says:

      OMG you got to polarize America in everything you do? Get a life.

    • Nancy says:

      Inuit are not solely American, but yes, this doesn’t fit the narrative.

    • Bell says:

      That’s stupid. This has nothing to do with democrats.

    • Michael says:

      . Funny how the Democrats (liberals)are the greatest evil in the US but people can not see it. Even Christians voted against their own religion being in schools(prayer) courts (ten commandments) and Government ((in God we trust). If you bring it up they act like they can’t understand what your saying and claim they just wanted to be against the other guy. I will never wonder about how people gained power in Germany before WWII again.

  22. francie cook says:

    Finally! Some who pays attention to real nature and not the lying media! That being said…. We need to find out why the earth is wobbling! Maybe it’s a reaction to the poles getting ready to shift….I don’t know but…I would very much like to know!

    • Susan says:

      They could very well be right about the shift. However, that doesn’t explain the acidification of the oceans. What do you think happens to the billions of metric tons of CO2 emissions daily? This carbon was long ago sequestered underground by the actions of nature when it was removed from the atmosphere. Now we’re releasing it without hindrance. Do actually think there are no consequences?

    • Dan M. says:

      It’s called “precession.” The ancients knew all about it, before liberalism came along and corrupted the narrative. Besides rotating and revolving, the earth oscillates like a spinning top. This is mostly due to the pull of the Moon. Because of this motion, the North Pole traces a circle in the sky, pointing to different stars as it moves. Each slow oscillation takes roughly 26,000 years. Polaris is currently the Pole Star, used in navigation. In 14,000 years Vega will be the Pole Star, as the earth wobbles roughly 23.5 degrees on its axis.

      “Global warming” has nothing to do with the narrative. The earth warmed and cooled naturally for eons, long before there were any people on it.

    • I says:

      Check out Chan Thomas, “The Adam and Eve Story” to learn about cataclysms, which cause a massive and essentially total re-facing of the planet as a result of a sudden release of the earth’s crust from its affinity with the mantle. They occur at intervals here, and Thomas says that by his calculations, the next one is due within a 200 year window, starting from 1997. It’s therefore very possible that we’re heading for one, and it’s rather poetically fitting, given the rest of what’s happening in the world. Thomas’ discussion of the breakdown in social fabric that accompanies the magnetic field decline that precedes a cataclysm adds some definite intrigue, given our current times. The book was originally classified, hence the uncommon nature of the information.

    • amy says:

      we already know that Earth wobbles because of Precession and that is why we get a new North Star every 3600ish years Now its Polaris but back a ways it was Vega and it will be Vega again one day ( a change in the orientation of the rotational axis of a rotating bod )

    • graybeard says:

      If man keeps taking from the earth, she will react in strange ways!

    • Klaus says:

      It´s a well known problem caused by massive shift of water reserves in India (mainly). For detail search for northpole moving eastwards.

    • Laurence says:

      Hi Francie, I’ve heard about a theory that China has laid so much concrete it has wobbled the spinning of the earth…? How to find out if this is true?

    • Bruce majury says:

      It’s the UNs fault for making the world lean to the left !.

    • Jim Evans says:

      It’s all the dead weight we have in Washington DC, it causes an imbalance kind of like an out of balance tire.

    • SAGE says:

      Earth Center, Hot Core, is always moving, slowly cooling down and changing Natural Electromagnetic Field, also Causing Other Earth Changes such as Earthquakes, Weather,,,etc, , , Since EARTH IS CONNECTED TO SUN BY GRAVITATIONAL PULL The Wobbling Happens because of Natural Materials Moving Inside Earth Core,,, also Sun is moving Changing Gravitational Pull and Wobbling is More Similar To a Dance Between Stars & Planets, , ,

  23. Patti Castro says:

    May God bless all Native Americans of all tribes on the North American continent. I have learned about your people and what you lost in
    lost in school. You lost everything you had…your land, your beliefs, your way of life…. your identities….everything. I now find myself in the same situation. Due to the shift in power and money, it is now easy for a big mortgage holder to lie and use fraudulent documents to foreclose on your home. I didn’t owe more than about $18,000 on a second mortgage that was originally for $25,000. I got behind on the mortgage in October of 2019, I called the lender to make payment arrangements. I was told no, I had to pay the whole thing which they said was well over the original loan amount of $25,000. I couldnt do it, so I lost my house, my belongings and way if life. I hope this doesn’t happen to others. I’m 75, retired and partially disabled. May God bless you. May you have a joyous holiday.

    • Paula says:

      Which state do you live in? Especially because this happened to you in the beginning of the pandemic, I feel like you can appeal this decision…?

    • JOHN says:

      you name in lambs book of life

    • Dii Moffatt says:

      The Inuit are not all Native American, They are also Canadian, Greenlanders and Danish.

    • Joli says:

      I’m so sorry you lost your home! Thank you for your service!!!

    • Petal says:

      Pattie, You are right about the shift in power. The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. Even those in between feel the squeeze. That’s a terrible thing to happen to anyone at any age but especially an elder. I wish you well for the future. God bless you.

    • Nikki Hall says:

      Patti Castro…so sad about your situation! Just to let you know that someone is thinking about you and sending loving energies your way! Hang in there…may 2021 be a kinder, more peaceful year for all…!

    • Marian Sharpe says:

      I am so sorry that you lost everything. That was very mean spirited of that bank. I hope you will still find happiness.

    • Bob says:

      sorry to hear you lost your house…..

    • sean says:

      I hope this year is better for you, & your family. I wish you all the positivity i can & enjoy the holidays, God Bless

    • Debbie Gaffney says:

      Did they fully foreclose on your house? If they did and they sold the house anything above what you owed on the loan they must pay back to you. Try to find an attorney to help you !
      Good luck

    • John Moran says:

      Your situation is not even a quarter of how detrimental the subject your speaking about is.

  24. George Walruff says:

    There is a good reason that elders are honored and trusted. Let’s see if NASA is as wise as they are. They’ve been doing it longer than NASA and NOAA have. So, listen to your elders. Let them guide your science. “Civilized” folks might be in for a surprise. Of course, don’t worry about the progressives and the media, they won’t be able to see the light for a long time. Their sphincters have their heads trapped.

  25. C deering says:

    I have been saying the same thing ever since early spring , the sunlight has shifted on my garden. Things are not growing the same as in past years.

    • Paul Morgan says:

      I’ve noticed the same in my garden here in South Carolina. eE also get chemtrailed heavily day after day. See the last phrase in Revelation 11:18. The Almighty will put a stop to this destruction one day in he future.

  26. Ryan says:

    This is an interesting little article. Indigenous knowledge can be very valuable and should be respected, however, when no sources are cited, and when this information is published by an “interior design and architecture” website, I question the validity of it. I teach my students to not trust articles online that do not have valid sources cited, and that are published by those who do not have the qualifications/background to make their claims. I would ask that people do not share this on social media or cite this article. If it is not true, it can lead to a disrespect for indigenous cultures and a misleading of the general public (unethical). If it IS true, then please find a better source to share that validates the content better.

    • Bob says:

      Interesting you cite sources. I doubt CNN or the MSM would touch this, as it does not fit their narrative. The WHO and other organizations have their own agenda and NASA does too. They are all political animals that can’t put out anything their bosses do not approve. I’m curious as to which sources would acceptable to you. Just saying.

    • Pat Bouvat says:

      I agree. Years ago, a professor of mine wrote a little book: Everything is Story. Document your sources. Otherwise, everything can be hogwash. I will give credit to most of the liars out there – they are creative. What I am disheartened by: so many Americans will believe anything. They allow themselves to be taken in by anyone. There’s a serious lack of common sense, education, thought, will to get to the truth . . . . In a sense, we will be the victims of our own stupidity. Oh, I may have just explained human history!

    • amy says:

      “If its not true”…did you google it to see if it was after you read the article or just Hit n Run ???

    • Justin says:

      Thank you Ryan. Sources matter. All of the comments here are making my head hurt with their distrust of science and scientific agencies, likely from being misinformed through “articles” like this.

    • Natalie says:

      Nice comment! Agreed.

    • Chrissy Aay says:

      amen. fishy info and the comments are silly, LOOK at what you’re reading ppl!

    • Kara says:

      Yes, you have commented exactly what I was thinking as I read this.

    • Ben Russell says:

      With your thinking cap on at the right angle you can spot a sinister side and a funny side to this article. The sneaky little implication that climate change is not our fault. And then the Inuit elders worrying NASA with their observations that the earth has shifted! The same NASA that supplies the precision data on the earth’s movements, without which the satellites that are enabling us to read, share and comment on this article simply wouldn’t work.

  27. Donald Sasso says:

    I remember in my high school years studying the world magnetic system, the north and South Pole positions and its magnetic history on how it had traveled from the north and South Pole to the Ecuator and back to the north and South Pole throughout the millions of years. For some reason this was not taught any longer and even NASA was amazed on how it had recently shifted.
    Like it or not, it will shift, reach the Ecuator which will become the North and South Pole and then back to what we used to say was the north and South Pole in the Artic and Antártica. No one can stop this and is up to mankind to adjust to its changes and build accordingly. If not, then don’t be surprised with the rise of sea levels, collapse of construction close to the beaches and changes in weather patterns around the world.

    • Waye says:

      They are not referring to the magnetic pole flipping between North and South poles, although this will happen sooner or later, I’m sure.
      The Inuit elders are referring to the earth, physically shifting slightly on its axis.

    • Anonymiss says:

      The Equator. Ecuador is a country.

    • george says:

      Donald Sasso you have write.But this will happen easily and no one wants to believe it because afraids our thought.

    • Lili says:

      So, do I understand you correctly? There is the belief that the poles were in the opposite positions they are now, and we are slowly moving back to what they were? If that’s the case the places in the middle of the poles might stay relatively the same, right?

  28. Jim Hovater says:

    Earth DID shift on it’s axis, approximately 6-inches, in 2011 due to a massive earthquake. The earthquake lasted longer than 5 minutes, creating a tsunami that destroyed the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

    • Kimberly says:

      Was it 6 inches? And was it the Fukushima quake? My vague memory thought it was Banda Aceh. Could it have happened with both? I’ve tried searching for the information on the shift but it seems to have been scrubbed. If you have a link to any of the stories from that time period (or later) I’d love to see them.

    • Karen says:

      I was going to say the same thing, but I could not remember the dates. I remember geologists mentioning this, but the climate change people swept it under the rug.

  29. Alice lefey says:

    Listen now to all the aboriginal elders all around this beautiful world!Aho All my relations

  30. sf willi says:

    Certainly more valid than man-caused global warming BS

    • amy says:

      it IS a combination OF this and normal cyclical changes in Earth’s atmosphere and environment. Normal heating axerbated by the Industrial Revolution and people’s ignorance and fear of Green energy plus them listening to the wrong people and not Science., Hmmmm sound familiar…perhaps alittle like a certain Pandemic and your refusal to listen to authority has caused it to get worse instead of better….How Ironic

    • Lili says:

      This is one theory. It’s not to say that other scientists are wrong. There can be multiple things going on at once and they are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Similarly, even if you don’t believe that changes in the weather are due to carbon emissions, it still causes health issues and should be addressed no matter what. Air pollution doesn’t help us in any way. We might as well clean up the mess, and become better stewards of our environment for multiple reasons.

  31. Josué Adan says:

    Soooo,, all those una high prepared scientist with una high tech satellites and ultra high tech equipment don’t about this change??.. HOW MANY things around us are happening that governments don’t tell us about??..A LOT!! Is my personal belief as a biological scientist..

  32. Paula says:

    they are probably correct

  33. James Olinger says:

    I would not discount their knowledge on this topic. However, I would think that satellites would have picked this up if it happened over a short period like a decade.

    • Walt says:

      If I remember correctly satellites do not have elders !

    • ESarli says:

      You are probably right. The satellites may have picked this up. The problem is that this finding may not fit the global warming agenda. Much is known by our government that is not disclosed to the american people.

    • Oh Really says:

      Perhaps the satellites did pick it up. that doesn’t mean we would be told about it. Especially if it went against the AGENDA….

    • Ken says:

      Maybe the satellites did and reports were suppressed or ignored to support an agenda.
      Just saying.

  34. Toby Daniels says:

    May god bless you and lift you up from your situation. You are in our prayers.

  35. Patty C says:

    I’m so sorry that happened to you. It’s sad when corporations remove “humanity” from their business.

  36. Jessica Davenport says:

    I was just thinking that same thing the other morning when I was driving home around 5:00 a.m. as a sun was rising

  37. says:

    Inuits arenati es. Now tell us 2hat to do uncaring for our own. We’ve had food storage unit what else besides survival knowledge Apa he

  38. Carna says:

    It shifted because the polar caps are melting at great speed. They’re melting because of higher temperature from the pollution we have put into our atmosphere

  39. William Stratton says:

    I remember that .I cant believe nobody is thinking this ,besides us..Our days are actually 24 1/2 sec. Long now.Thats absolutely a huge deal. Just more proof on how our government steers us into idiotic blindness..

  40. Lloyd Jahns says:

    Climatologist and geologist need to talk, but they won’t. Any geologist can tell you that the planet goes through these changes for the past several hundred million years.
    The last ice age didn’t end 10,000 years ago, as they teach in school, it’s ending now.
    The reason why climatologist are screaming climate change is caused by green house gasses produced by man is their being paid billion’s of dollars for their BS research.

  41. Charles says:

    You can search this it’s actually a true thing that is happening

  42. Lavinia says:

    Actually they are the same people. They just migrated to the south.

  43. Connie says:

    My opinion is year after year after year NASA puts a rocket into space, in the same place on earth which I feel pushes the earth down or sideways moving earth off its axes

  44. Tim says:

    Poor Greta dingwad from Sweden…..she should’ve kept her stinking mouth shut and stayed in school…. Most people thought she was stupid….then she started talking about climate change and left no doubt…

  45. Karen L says:

    Exactly lol can’t have it both ways mainstreamers either the demons I mean dems are right or the Inuit natives lol I’ll take ancient wisdoms over modern democrats anytime

  46. Karen L. says:

    But the trusted sites are the ones owned by the rich untrustworthy people. I believe the natives over mainstreamers anytime

  47. Robert says:

    Pollution and smog are not good for our health.

  48. Robert says:

    rebuilding our infrastructure that is falling apart with bridges and roads and walls to prevent flooding our smart thing to do.
    That is the first major stage of the green new deal. Do you know anyone who’s in favor of flooding?

  49. Len Schaber says:

    Notice where the moon rises and how high it is getting. Seems to be rising much farther North than I have noticed previously.

  50. Anthony says:

    I believe these natives over the current predictions. I saw a show where the Chinese are pouring so much concrete, it shifting the globe

  51. Michelle says:

    Very interesting and seems plausable so it is definitely worth investigating. This isn’t a political issue, it is a scientific issue. Side note: these people live in the artic area of CANADA which is NOT part of the USA, so your comment about democrats banning them from the USA makes you appear uneducated.

  52. Heidi E Jenkins says:

    The Inuit ARE Native Americans

  53. Cj Alvers says:

    I believe so too

  54. B Dogg says:

    Yeah buddy you know the plights of native Americans becausr your getting screwed by a banker or something. Because they are the same exact situations. And this is a political issue with the evil Republicans or or diabolical Democrats that are behind it or covering it up you two are the worst people in America and you are the ones who are fucking up everything for everyone buying into the division and distraction we are spoonfed daily while the government both Republicans and Democrats are silently conquering us because they are opposite sides of the same coin with same agenda only difference between them is the lies they are gonna tell you and bullshit they spead. But with dummies lime you two its no wonder they het away with it . Excellent job gentlemen and ladies you people parroting the propaganda bullshit diet we are steadily fed are the problem and not any part of the solution buch of worthless brainwashed sheep but go ahead and show everyone how individuals can do when you are fighting for a bullagit dreamkissing ass to the puppet masters controlling you’re a little bit of a bitch and a featherweight in the brains department in case you don’t know that you’re retarded and part of the problem

  55. Ted says:

    Satellites Know the movement. But they are owned by your politicians. You Really believe that they are tell you it’s NATURAL

  56. Ellie Rodriguez says:

    Totally agree with you.Im so very sorry you lost your life as you knew it.Prayers

  57. Ellie Rodriguez says:

    Lol well said!!!Thank you

  58. Ellie Rodriguez says:

    Totally agree 👍.Well said

  59. Ellie Rodriguez says:

    I also remember this in somehow it disappeared

  60. Ellie Rodriguez says:

    This is so true.They did say something about the shift in an article I read.Not long after.

  61. Medic RN says:

    It’s seems a shift in the magnetic North pole should be an easy factoid to check? Just fly up there with a really good compass and check it out? Oh wait! FAKE NEWS witchcraft!
    Much better way to confuse the people and keep them Soros deceived.

  62. Bob Ritter says:

    The poles have already started shifting toward the south southeast. Do internet search.

  63. Vito Lipari says:

    God Bless the Native Americans! The real Americans who gave up their homes for a bag of trinkets or died defending it.
    They deserve better treatment as their needs are still ignored by the government.

  64. Mishell says:

    This is something which I have been saying for years now. I have no educational backing, no inside knowledge, but I have just known. Everyone tells me I am weird, I’m mad, what would I know, but I do and have been saying it for many years.
    I have also been saying that we should be listening to those who know – the elders – the tribal people who live off the lands, not those who rely on the modern life.
    Only now am I being vindicated, as comments are slowly being made about how seasons are now different, where once it was hotter or colder it is now more or less intense. Move up or down the country and the season is now akin to a place that it used to be further away – so the earth has shifted and will continue to shift.

  65. Bj says:

    I totally agree with those elders. It didn’t just happen either. It happened a few years ago. Where I am, it is so obvious that the sun is not in the same position during the day nor the moon at night. Matter of fact, the sun and moon are both see alot during the day. That’s not all either.
    Glad to see that somebody
    else is paying attention also.

  66. Me says:

    Anyone who spends enough time outdoors can make the same predictions. I lived remotely on a ridge over the Pacific Ocean for six years. I also used to go on high altitude backpacking trips for long periods. Race has nothing to do with this ability.

  67. Me says:

    They may know that the Greenland Ice Sheet has finally slid into the Atlantic. But NASSA knows that it has effected the earth’s spin. That was caused by global warming.

  68. Janna Forsythe says:

    I believe them completely. Today on my reservation in Northern Maine, right next to Canada it hit 60 degrees!! And its still 57 right now at almost 10 at night!!!

  69. Julia Wolf says:

    Of course there’s other forces such as seismic activity and the sun that can effect our climate but this information doesn’t change the necessity of our collective efforts to keep our planet healthy.

  70. Cole wilder says:

    The Elders are very wise and very accurate with their observations. Now on global warming, the government would love for you to believe that people are to blame for this. Truth is that God said in the beginning do not hurt the oil.. The oil inside our earth acts as a protective barrier. Remove the oil, then the open areas fill with water and this causing the core of the earth to be able to heat the surface hotter and hotter. This creating global warming. The core also determines the equilibrium of the planet. So In short hurt the oil, destroy the planet. God has given me the gift of healing and the gift of wisdom, which I am thankful for and give him the glory amen.

  71. Charles Lafleur says:

    It’s all the nuclear bombs that were detonated it will kill the magnetic poles

  72. Scott Hamm says:

    According to my google goggles.. this article has been floating around since 2015, in one form or another..

  73. Regine says:

    Fracking maybe 🤔

  74. Darryl says:

    The axis of the earth shifts continuously in a wobble every 26,000 years. This affects our relationship to the sun and other planets. The Inuits notice this shift

  75. Brad Barlow says:

    Shouldnt NASA already know if the Earth has wobbled? Wouldnt every electronically guided telescope be pointing to the wrong place in the sky?

    As far as global warming is concerned, we have been through at least 5 known ice ages. This most recent one has been “warming” out of existance for the past 10,000 years. As the ice sheets melt less sunlight is reflected back into space. The rate of heating will continue faster as the ice melts. We are at the end of this Ice Age Cycle which will result it global warming, increased local tempetures, decreased ice fields and rising sea levels.

    If you cant concieve of the warming being caused by a natural cyclic process, move to Fargo North Dakota. You will be standing in what used to be a huge glacial lake bed. Before the glacier melted it was a huge sheet if ice up tp a mile thick. After it melted it was a huge lake, after the terminsl morraine broke and released the water to empty the basin and create the fertile northern plains.

    Its all a cycle we couldnt stop without doing something that alters the amount of sunlight that makes it to the earth’s surface.

    Follow the science, not the polititions.

  76. Doris Boshers says:

    They have convinced me, I take their word over Al Gore any day, or any of these other crazy loons.

  77. Michael McCullough says:

    This has been noted and published by NASA and climate change scientists but certainly not given any credence by any of the main stream media

  78. James Morrow says:

    This is why it matters if the earth is perfectly round . The pole reversal conspiracy is just a throw off . Perfectly round = spinning on one axis . Otherwise the earth has more than one axis , and eventually will try it’s other axis . When you flip a tennis racket it does half a rotation . Eventually this planet will do the same .

  79. Steph. says:

    Climate change , if this is true , clearly isn’t an issue anymore , however , we have left a proper dump for future generations to live in .So its our duty to stop plastic use , fossil fuel , our carbon footprint etc . Its a sad show when politics is always the first go to argument when people talk about the health of our Planet , you’d be the first person scritch
    if your Granny was I’ll and someone threw Politics at you as an argument not to help her get better !

  80. Thea Drury says:

    This was predicted by Edward Caycy, the sleeping prophet, in the last century, warning us of a turn of the earth’s axis that will change much of America’s landscape by 2022.

  81. Amanda says:

    I read your story and I feel bad when someone loses everything ..may God be kind to you hear your pray
    s and look over you . praying for you . I hate it when the rich get richer and the less fortunate get nothing and no one will help

  82. ChanaYvonne says:

    Intelligence has less to do with what you know and more to do with the ability to adapt to change instantly. The only thing that doesn’t change is that eventually everything changes.

  83. Chuck says:

    We really have to stop making everything political. Seriously …why in the world would you even make a comment against Democrats or Republicans or anybody in a conversation like this? This sort of comment is absolutely 100% part of the problem on our country today. We need
    to remember we are Americans before we are anything else.

  84. Bob says:

    Always a nut bag like Loretta that can’t help but interject stupid political comments into a serious conversation.

  85. Doug says:

    Well I hope they are wrong. If climate change is due to human activity we have a chance to change shit. If it’s due to the earth shifting then we are on a path to extinction with no hope.

  86. Randy says:


  87. john white says:

    It’s a shame what has happened to this once Great Country it has been taken over by Thieves and CRIMINALS but rest assured that they will answer for their actions if not here then when they go before GOD ALMIGHTY, People nowadays are only worried about themselves and how much wealth that they can acquire no matter who they hurt or destroy.

  88. Kelly Fanello says:

    So sorry to hear that happened to you

  89. Lujean Wood says:

    Well put

  90. Cherelle says:

    Just because it’s a home design magazine doesn’t make it invalid. Playboy publishes all types of articles an no one questions it. It’s only the vehicle to which the information is being delivered. Kinda like grubhub or doordash. They cant take credit for making the food…they are just the delivery system. I for one believe this article to be true. I’d take the word of an Inuit elder over NASA anyday

  91. Toney says:

    People who live off the land are experts on nature and the weather. This is how they live day to day. If they are giving a warning, then the world better take heed.

  92. Scott says:

    Man I’m from Tennessee and I have been watching the climate shift every year just a little bit what these folks are saying I believe wholeheartedly. I’m not going to take away I’m not going to take away from the fact that there is something going on with our climate there has to be with so many engines out there running everyday that being said we need to shift on what we use for travel and how we use it I bet anybody giving thought to this get the buildings that we build everyday and the place is where building than could be causing this shift like creating islands in the ocean and building on them not going to point fingers but they know who they are marinate on that

  93. Dennis Rutland says:

    Thank you for your post! It’s interesting to me that the poles have changed like that over time! I was never tau ight that in school either and it’s a shameful thing! I am certainly interested in anything relating to this wonderful 🌎 earth we live on! Thanks again my friend!

  94. Veronica says:

    Perhaps these monolith sightings are responsible

  95. Daniel says:

    have you ever heard of the blue kachina or the red kachin. have you looked at the sun and seen the rainbows around the sun. our sun is a magnet the blue kachina is a bigger magnet which has tilted our world . sounds crazy just look it up study it . the world is about to change

  96. Don garnett says:

    I realized that years ago after the Chinese damned the yanzes river. Creating one of the largest reservoirs in the world the weight of the water held in on spot rolled the earth

  97. Alina says:

    Well you better teach the Democrats and media that ethical idea. There is a lot of science out about how every so many thousands of years our planet changes on it’s poles

  98. Kendra says:

    The inuits are also american/alaskan natives! They are what people call eskimoes

  99. Vivian says:

    I remember them saying this when that earthquake happen. Joe easily they forget. They have been studying this planet for such a short time considering how long it’s been around. So much they don’t know but assume.

  100. Danny Fox says:

    True Jim Hovater. Along with the one in India. People forget so fast.

  101. Ruthann says:

    The Inuit are the indigenous people of Canada, America can’t say or do anything to them thankfully. They are right. Watch the moon, even it has been affected. The tides will be affected by that. It rises earlier, sets earlier, and is in a way different position than it was even a year ago.

  102. Jeberiahlevi says:

    Large Earthquakes also separate the Tectonic Plates every Quake, making the next big ons possibly come sooner, in turn would make a Shift even bigger, like the San Andreas Fault lines for instance, the Oil we drill out of the central parts of these Plates is there to act as a lubricant for the Plates, drilling from the center does not leave Oil along the Plate Lines as needed to stop Plates from separating because all the Oil under the Plates is at a similar level, so if big, or even small Earthquakes trigger them it is possible to trigger even bigger Earthquakes, unpredictable in size and distances, thus changing Global Warming Drastically !!!, the Oil is supposed to be there so to lubricant the plates, in Earthquakes so they settle and dont separate from eachother !!!

  103. Ken says:

    The earth wobble has been announced by scientists for about 2 or more years also. The poles have shifted. Read abiut it sometime ago. Interesting nevertheless.

  104. CW says:

    You’re absolutely correct with your statements. Soon after the the Fukushima quake i recall an article discussing that the ring of fire was so active in 2011 that a scientist or maybe an astrophysicist suspected the earth’s rotation also slowed down for approximately four seconds. This slowdown may have caused an estimated 4k feet per second movement forward in time.

  105. Billy Brown says:

    Look at the Moon in the Morning way off and out half of the day …

  106. Arthur says:

    The South pole of a compass is actually “N”. We are in for a magnetic shift very soon. Geometrc North has been shifting as we found in 1995…

  107. Kelly says:

    I have noticed in the past summer the sun has risen in a different place.I believe there right.

  108. Travis says:

    Most of the gps satellites in space are locked into position around the earth…they don’t look from far enough away to see the tilt if its true and if someone takes the time to flip a satellite around and points it back at earth from far enough out and then studies our orbit they will know eventually

  109. Carolyn says:

    The Chinese, Africans, Azte s and other advanced groups of people read the skies without the white man’s technologies for thousands and thousands of years way before the white man came into new technologies. Africa was more advanced in trade, money science as were indigenous people who had the knowledge that there was was always someone bigger in the world than they. They did not work against nature as the white mans technology does. The pyramids, etc.. all unexplained science yet in sync with someone or something bigger than they. The white mans technology is limited for it assumed there is nothings bigger than their technology or them. Somewhat arrogant and overly confident.

  110. Eric Jablonowski says:

    It is hard for me to believe people haven’t noticed the changes well before now. I’ve been saying this for years.

  111. Sherri Shepard says:


  112. Stephen Campbell says:

    The earth has shifted and NASA or other agencies weren’t aware of it? Give me a break!

  113. Fred says:

    uh… honey, Inuits ARE Native American. Now you’ve learned two things today.

  114. Debbi says:

    A while back I saw a program on the science channel about this the they said that the earth is wobbling because of weight distribution. Mostly in China that there is so much building going on that part of the world has become to heavy. And that is the reason for the wobble. They talked to scientists and engineers about how to counter balance the planet. It was very interesting. Frightening, but this article validates that claim.

  115. Elizabeth says:

    Smart News

  116. MGM says:

    Read “The HAB Theory” by Allan W. Eckert. Who says science fiction can’t be based on fact!

  117. Marty Hester says:

    Hello! Seen this years ago. Sun is also a different color than it used to be.

  118. Bob says:

    The sun rises and sets in a different spot every day morons.
    Climate change is cause by mankind , if you’re not open to that fact you’re head is firmly in the sand.

  119. Jim says:

    Obviously our world is getting closer to that reset point. With the interview of the last astronauts that just came back,the one astronaut straight up said, ” as humans we need to find another planet to live on soon.”

  120. Lee Jarvis says:

    As an astronomer, I can tell you that this very definitely has not happened.

  121. Lee Jarvis says:

    As an astronomer, I can assure you very definitely that this has not occurred.

  122. Rd says:

    The inuits would be the ones to know, they live near the North Pole and ones always in harmony with the earth. They depend on earth for their survival so I believe them.

  123. Kat says:

    Most likely due to earthquakes.

  124. Elder Son says:

    This isn’t news to anyone who happens to look up and pay attention to their surroundings. I’ve been saying this to my wife for years.

  125. Poncho says:

    I have been saying for the last few years. It is Niribu,planet x,wormwood. Coming back and putting stress on earth. That is why Arecibo mysteriously broke.

  126. richard s. says:

    and just by coincidence on Tuesday, a main cable snaps on the Arecibo Observatory radio telescope in Puerto Rico, and caused the entire structure to collapse. yep. coincidence.

  127. Mark says:

    They didn’t finish saying what is causing the the wobble. It’s Planet X and it’s in our solar system.

  128. oldbat says:

    this is old news. i saw inuit interviews well over 10yrs ago; maybe nearer to 20.

  129. Allen says:

    My father once was once
    stationed in Inuit Land and said “you’ll find none wiser than the Inuit.”

  130. Chris says:

    I don’t know. I’ve lived in the same house in PA for 38 years. At the Winter solstice the sun rises just slightly right from straight away from the front of my house to the SE. I haven’t seen any change in that position. If it has changed, it’s not a noticeable amount.

  131. says:

    Yes the moon and sun have moved their position I noticed it to.

  132. Chris carson says:

    I remember that the GPS on airliners had a glitch a couple years ago and all GPS units had to recalibrate.

  133. Kevin Gerard Haan says:

    That story happened 4 years ago in northern Canada. I live in Edmonton.alberta, Canada all my life,nd I can tell you that the sun does not rise or set in the same place and the stars ie:the big and small dipper are in different positions in the night sky.

  134. Vincent Leason says:

    CERN is on a magnetic ley line… and since they’ve fully fired up it’s been chaos with the weather. The magnets they are messing with have stronger pull than the Sun’s gravitation.. that’s what is killing the earth

  135. J says:

    Snopes reported this as false. More false stupidity allowed BY FACEBOOK. You should not be getting your news from here or believe anything you read on Facebook.

  136. Bill Stuart says:

    When paired with “Chemtrails”, it poses a detrimental threat to humanity as a whole!

    Check out Dan Wigington (GeoEngineering)

  137. Will Stuart says:

    Combining Chemtrails with the wobble, leads one to some very disturbing scenarios!

    (Check Dan Wigington/GeoEngineering) if your unaware of Chemtrails.

  138. Jim says:

    It’s been known for years that the earth”s axis wobbles. Only brainless idiots claim that pollution doesn’t contribute to the acceleration of global warming.

  139. Mike says:

    The Barycenter of the solar system is changing. That’s the root cause.

  140. Blather says:

    I wouldn’t bet against what they are saying. The have long used this method to record their time on earth and pass it down. It was really important to them and if they notice something, you’d better too.

  141. Amy says:

    I live in the mountains of Portugal (with a 300°open view) and for the past few years noticed the sun rising more and more SE and sunset more NW. Everyone I told ridiculed me.
    I do not believe that NASA is surprised! If they are, they should be closed down due to being useless.

  142. Randy sparks says:

    Ive noticed for a few years now ,stars arent were there supposed to be, same with the sun and moon they have moved they dont rise or set were they should

  143. Baba Jaiy says:

    Someone should really learn to understand their language more deeply to ascertain what they really are saying and meaning. Physically the earth has not shifted. Otherwise thousands of amateur astronomers (who have nothing to gain or loss), would have noticed setting up their telescopes – In reference to their ephemeris’s, whether digital or book. I don’t have a telescope, but do make plenty of observations often as a hobby using my ephemeris and software. These books/data have been compiled years ago. If the earth had shifted, I would have noticed a change – but it has not.

  144. Ross C Boone says:

    The government will deny this as there is no way to tax it!

  145. Blather says:

    ah BS site. Didn’t print my comment praising the Inuit.

  146. Jackie Lynn morava says:

    I swear the same i watch the stars and Orion belt is farther south then ever before.

  147. Tim says:

    I’m guessing none of you realise this is a well known fact. The north star changes every 25000 years…

  148. Kathleen says:

    The Earth has always wobbled since the beginning of time. And our rotation to the sun always shifts slightly from year to year as well. As a farmer who spreads most of my days out doors…I can tell you the length of days shifts from year to year. For instance…usually by now it is dead dark by 5pm. But this year, I can get in another 30 minutes of work more than last year.

  149. Dale Musser says:

    I noticed earlier this year a change in the time of year where my patio went from sun into total shade from ten years ago.

  150. Richard says:

    It seems kind of strange that this thinking is coming to light now.
    I know that science is based on facts that can be proven but I have felt for many years that something has changed in the way of the physicallity of everything around me. It’s like a physicist thinking there is something that exists that makes matter act the way it doesn’t can’t prove it YET!

    NOTHING feels the same to me lately. The air feels different, the ground feels different, the sunset and sunrise look different, the plants and animals look and act different, etc, etc..
    Am I alone?

  151. Dbag says:

    Stop. Indians were brutal savages that constantly murdered a fought other tribes to take over their land. Karma bit their ads when we took it from them.

  152. Bobby Fletcher says:

    I’ve been saying this for a couple years. The Aztec calendar never predicted 2012 was end of world, just as we knew it. The poles have shifted. And now the democrats have killed freedom as well

  153. Melissa says:

    An asteroid crashed into the sun and knocked out the magnetic polarity from the sun to the earth asteroid atlas it was reported on this app around April

  154. Kenyon says:

    Probably the 3 gorges dam!

  155. Andy says:

    It will be interesting to see if the sun is out of alignment with Stonehenge at winter solstice.

  156. Jim says:

    Can’t you just be? In the present. Give yourself a needed rest, and everybody else. Just breathe.

  157. Lola says:

    You’re pretty dumb.

  158. Heather says:

    I noticed the same thing!

  159. Kintarian Amaru says:

    The Inuit are Native Americans. America is made up of North, Central and South America, filled with countess Native American peoples and tribes or First Nation peoples. And this article simply states that the Inuit are particularly well versed in weather forecasting. Not that they are the only ones that can do so. Blessed Be! And Happy Solstice to you… ☀☘

  160. Trina says:

    I thought I was just crazy. Now I guess not. I thought the sun an moon seemed out of place.

  161. Sandi Saylors says:

    I have notice from northern Arizona the sun hasove over to the southern corner of my large winder when it used to always be in the center. I believe this form the Elders

  162. sherry L purdy says:

    My boyfriend has been telling me this for 12 years now. He says it is the Earth righting itself back on it’s axis after the tilt it got and caused Dinosaurs to die off.

  163. Toni kiwior says:

    Isn’t it tiring being hateful even when it’s not necessary.

  164. John says:

    It is nice to know that the Earth has tilted. Is there something positive that will occur due to the tilt or it going to be all negative for the human race?

  165. BJ says:

    Every earthquake makes the earth wobble. Drilling will cause wobbling. I can’t remember name of cave salamander that faces north. Scientists marked its position and sometime later checked on it again to find it had moved inches.

  166. Jason Parsons says:

    This change might have something to do with our sun entering into a new solar phase.

  167. Steve says:

    The earth shifted 2 degrees during the undersea earthquake that caused the Tsunami in Japan

  168. youreannoying says:

    shut up

  169. zoe says:

    The Earth’s plates are shifting because there’s hardly any oil left. I think the oil was the gel holding the plates where they were, now they’re moving, causing tsunamis etc… natural disasters, weather changes. Of course humans are taking everything they can get from poor mother earth. The indigenous peoples know the truth. Stop raping the planet.

  170. Gloria says:

    Bless our native AMERICAN people. And yes, you can see the change in nature.
    .y garden and flowers. Even people.

  171. Jatano says:

    I’ve been saying this since August last year when my garden wasn’t getting the sunlight like it used to

  172. Amanda says:

    Inuit are Canadian

  173. Eileen says:

    Maybe. It’s from too many cell phone towers

  174. Edgar Shugars says:

    In 2011, there was a Tsunami near Japan that knocked the earth off of its normal axis by 3 degrees, hence the change. We are also coming up on the time for the poles to swap.

  175. Kesha says:

    I grew up my older family at Little Diomede Alaska about the weather. My Ahna heard the same while growing up & she was able to pass on the education to me what she was told young. She said if its nice to long at Diomede a big Storm is coming. Another one not related is when someone is lost during winter time & dies from being exposed from the harsh winter. Near by villages surrounding the area. It will get really cold out for while because a person died from the winter cold.

  176. Pete Chapman says:

    Seriously, the Earth shifts and not one observatory, communications satellite network or ship at sea notices this? This article is fishing for gullible readers.

  177. sarah says:

    I have long believed this to be true. We as a whole should be listening closely and taking heed.

  178. Paula Henry says:

    I’m sure that the earth has probably shifted…maybe permanently, maybe temporarily, but I can tell you for a fact that people who write about these things can NOT put sentences together! The people who comment are a LOT better at it!

  179. Tineke Kayes says:

    I agree the seasons are changing, ever year a little bit more.

  180. Miriam Gonzalzles says:

    You are an idiot. Can’t help yourself?? Get some meds. This is clearly beyond your level of understanding.

  181. Ted says:

    You are all mislead. Every 250000 years or so the earth flips end to end.. i.e. the old south pole is in illinois the old north pole is in aAustralia. This is just the wind up. The poles move a little at first the it will recoil
    . We got a hundred years or not no documents exist just evidence and theoretical guesses

  182. howard massicotte says:

    Great Bear Lake…White Buffalo Dream…People will soon be killing each other for bottled water in cities across north america. Make your way to Great Bear Lake and practice the old ways if you want to survive.

  183. SYLVANUS IBEM says:

    I saw this in a movie a few days back. So saddened to read this in real life, worse when a senior is at the center of it. I’m very sorry to read your story.

  184. Scott Maertz says:

    Amazing, I thought that 20 years ago, always thought all the earth would have to do is move just a little off axsis and another could change.

  185. Nellie brown says:

    I know I’m no expert but I was wondering if to be last big tidal wave we had affected the Earth tilting I thought I was listening to NASA report one evening when they said they thought it tilted I can’t remember exactly what fraction of an inch and I really believe it’s true of course whether it’s changing


    I live in Winfield, MO which is just a bit north of St. Louis. I thought or seem to think that the sun has risen & set in slightly different locations since we first moved here 5 years ago. but seems to be most noticeable this past year. It always changes a bit between summer and winter months. But as I said, it has been most noticeable to me this 2020.

  187. hartley says:

    it dosnt take more than looking up, to see that this is true. the sun is up at a different position and has been for awhile now.
    Are we shifting because our temp is causing a frequency change? How many times before has the earth shifted?
    Elders in the far north talk about paintings on stone showing palm trees on the north west coast.
    As a parent id have to agree that being able to predict order to teach children about animals , flora and impossible now. If you watch the sky there are only chem trail clouds. After a couple days of cover- because heat is trapped above and air is “cooled ” below, thermals generate wild winds we cant predict. All i can do as a parent is teach them what i am now learning, and its not easy because the geo/climate engineering managed by the governing bodies is not transparent. Most people still believe we are working at trying to convince politicians that climate change exists.
    Obama told us most countries and definitely the usa have a budget for geo engineering. Does everyone think those are work-bees for recycling your waterbottles?

    Do Inuit know about cloud seeding or how those
    ” seeds” monoanuasyringa even work? Regardless, they can talk about observations and theres no reason not to look at the sky yourselves and see with your own eyes that they are right, and its not a question.

  188. Trond hakon jaklin says:

    Well now, the Inuits live in Northern Canada and Greenland. USA have no jurisdiction there yet. 😀👍🏼

  189. Maryann says:

    I realized this early last spring

  190. Brian Morris says:

    Were did you think NASA gets their information from. Computers aren’t 100% accurat.

  191. Mark Davitch says:

    It’s been windy all the time this year in Minneapolis. Remember that big stranding of dolphins (?) earlier in the year in Tasmania?

  192. Retha says:

    I believe it is PlanetX (Nibiru) that is coming closer and closer to our solar system and its magnetic field is pulling us, causinģ the earth to wobble. And it comes past our solar system every 3600 year. And its tail is full of space rubble which could cause havoc to our earth. When it moves past òur sun one half of the earth will be in perpetual darkness while the other half will experience daylight for 3 to 7 days.

  193. Retha Bain says:

    I believe it is PlanetX (Nibiru) that is coming closer and closer to our solar system and its magnetic field is pulling us, causinģ the earth to wobble. And it comes past our solar system every 3600 year. And its tail is full of space rubble which could cause havoc to our earth. When it moves past òur sun one half of the earth will be in perpetual darkness while the other half will experience daylight for 3 to 7 days.

  194. Mel says:

    I’ve been saying this for the last 10 yrs.They know

  195. Robert Hagen says:


  196. Jason says:

    Yes the Earth wobbles on its axis, this is how summer and winter have always been created…did we not all learn that in 6th grade?

  197. Hobble says:

    So they’re saying that as the world spins on its axis the axis is also wobbling? Wow what a break through.

  198. KATY JA says:

    Same, I’ve been observing the skies fir the past two decades, noticing changes in where the sun and moon rise and set.. In addition, there have been very slight and gradual changes in the positioning of the constellations and stars.. I’m no expert, I do not own a telescope (though it is one of my greatest wishes) I’ve used my own naked eyes and the telescopic lenses with camera.. which is still no comparison to telescope. Yet, the change is very evident, even without any assist, simply by constant observation over lengthy period of time. I often try to photograph the skies at night, yet I’m an amateur.. However, I’ve managed to capture a portion of a planet smothered in darkness, and still to this day, trying to sort out which planet it was.. most likely the one I was seeking and yet stumbled on it accidentally capturing a portion of. There has been a dramatic change in past decade and half, of the position of these, especially noticeable with sun and moon.. noticed drastic shift in the sunset, it was more westerly than it is now, it has shifted more to WSW.. it rose more from east, and now it rises more ESE.. it doesn’t appear to shift in a diameter fashion.. yet, more like everything in sky has went South, or, the Earth has shifted more North.. I totally agree with this theory..

  199. says:

    Anyone observant to the physical sky as appears to naked eye, can tell things are not normal. I don’t know of your edge, from where I’m, rather, been for a few 10years, never seen the moon set this direction as it does… Not the sun rise as it is now…nwy, perhaps not been keen through out to note…

  200. John Brittain says:

    Perhaps this is why Dish TV is having to re-aim consumer dishes. Note: if the position of satellites were known to move, consumer dishes would be a bad business model. This re-aiming must cost them a fortune.

  201. Holly Dobbins says:

    I know and work with Inuit Elders all across the Arctic, and for the last two decades they have indeed been saying the Earth has shifted. This has also been confirmed by scientists who have tracked the migration of the North Pole. However, i know of no Inuk Elder who says that Climate Change is not also happening due to human activity, not one. Inuit Elders are very wise, they were born in the Iron Age and have come to live in the Space and Computer Age. Most I know navigate technology very well. They also read and listen to local radio. Inuktitut broadcasts are some of the most sophisticated on the planet.

  202. Carey Thomson says:

    The earth was moved off it’s axis with the tsunami and earthquake that devastated Indonesia a few years back. That was proved by science. Ever since, the sun has risen in a different spot than throughout my lifetime. It’s axis is different because the earth has tilted more one way. That may attribute to some climate change but all the carbon gasses we as humans create also contribute, so let’s not slam the Democrats and make this political. It is an issue that affects all humans, not just political parties. Leave politics out of this.

  203. Sally says:

    If NASA is so smart, why don’t they know this??

  204. Deb says:

    I’ve noticed a change in the quality of the sunlight over the last several years. It’s difficult to explain without sounding “woo woo” but the sunlight feels different, more intense in addition to a subtle sensation of “unreality” due to whatever has shifted. I’m almost convinced that all the literature and discussion throughout the centuries about a “veil” is an objective fact and we’ve all been effectively brainwashed to ignore it.

    I’m not alone in this feeling, I’ve spoken to quite a few people who have had the same sensation and are just as bewildered by it as I am. The feeling that the veil is thinning and we’re on the cusp of something huge as a species, could be good or not so good from a human perspective.

  205. Jodi says:

    OK but, I remember seeing on a Nova or other Science show episode, within the past year, that they knew “we’d” caused a shift in the planet’s tilt from dams.

  206. Al Whitworth says:

    I cannot see in my garage due to the sun being in my eyes till I almost get in garage. Have seen this change. Been in house 45 years.

  207. Christine says:

    What the hell does your mortgage have to do with this?? Jesus. 🙄

  208. Nickyl says:

    I fully believe them but that doesn’t make global warming null and void. Both are happening. To negate science because of elders visible observation is short sighted. Work together.

  209. Happy Hill says:

    I agree. When we moved into our house our drive was north facing, and never got much light. It was hard to grow things and I always needed the light on.
    About 12 years ago I noticed that summer afternoons…we got sun…proper sun !

  210. Cheri says:

    Supposed to happen in 2046 will devastate the earth and everything that inhabits it

  211. Robert says:

    If true it would be evident to ALL of us, not just Eskimos! All the telescopes, sitinf devices, etc.

  212. Judy Bradley says:

    Ice ages have come and gone from time immemorial due to this exact wobble. This isn’t some new age idea. It isn’t even “news” if you think about it. The ebb and flow of the glaciers and the ice ages is on a time schedule. We are roughly 10,000 years overdue for the next one.
    So this is happening right on time. Geologically speaking it is happening with remarkable speed but no one ever said that it can only happen the way we’ve seen it happen in the past.
    A super quick warm spell like this is probably how the Piri Reis map came about!
    This opinion and five bucks will get you almost nothing!

  213. David Bailey says:

    There’s no reason that both can’t be true. Human-caused climate change is scientific fact, many independent studies have confirmed. Some people will do anything to mention their favorite debunked conspiracy theory.

  214. Cain says:

    The planet itself moved-the poles closer to 0° latitudes N and S. In 2012. However the movement was a matter of few minutes. Climate change is still largely manmade, and the cause of the increase in planetary temperature.

  215. Rocky Pettengill says:

    Lol… like I always say… nothing man can do will ever change the climate… we are spinning, on an axis, st an alarming speed, through space… all with moons and planets… and a generous Sun, that brings us heat and daylight, lol… we, (mankind)… have so much more to worry about, than the baseless claims surrounding the term, Climate Change… the climate changes daily, the galaxy is expanding… not contracting… and we enter new space every second we’d live… whether we like it or not… EARTHQUAKES…TSUNAMIS… AND VOLCANOES… None of which we can control… have everything to do with climate and weather… Not to mention Sun, Moon and planets that also contribute their influence… lol… just had to get that off my mind… but now it’s out there… I’m wondering how many Democrats and Republicans are pissed off… because in short… they know I’m right… mostly… because…I paid attention in school and learned, what they don’t teach anymore… lol… thanks y’all…

  216. Jeff says:

    I’ve been noticing changes myself. I haven’t paid much attention to sun and moon location, but I have noticed that the sun is far more intense than it used to be. In the 1990s in my location, the sun wasn’t nearly as intense as it is today. I have noticed that in the middle of summer, the sun shines in places on the north side of my home that it didn’t shine when I moved here.

  217. George Sr Nightwalker says:

    I agree that my Cheyenne ancestors knew about the weather and it’s changes as they once lived in it daily so they witnessed actual changes. Many other tribes also had that knowledge. Some tribes lost everything often at gunpoint! I pray to Maheo and the helping Spirits things will work out for you Patti Castro. Nea’se…thank you. Please keep my Cheyenne family and people in your prayers, thanks.

  218. Twane Graham says:

    It’s all about our vibes if I was to say so we should love each other more through our faith and hope of our lifestyles that we worship which is to say the Heavenly Father. I PRAY to God The Father the consuming fire which is the Spirit through Jesus Christ which my faith and yours could most Lovingly talk to God through The Christ our Mediator who graciously died for our sins so that we can have a Divine Comforter of power and glory and wisdom and knowledge and over standing to figure that it is our Bad “vibes” that triggers geographical and Galactical changes so Divine “vibes” will definitely, if the world could, bring some Divine “Peace” to our precious most Gracious planet. Who am I though to think science and Divine love can mix even though the bible definitely explains everything you need to know here or there. If that magnetic stuff is even right that would prob. be the way to do it. Makes sense faithfully and hopefully and lovingly…

  219. tom says:

    it’s a glowBULL warming sign (said to be fixable with lots of leftist taxes)

  220. Justin c Cox says:

    I live on solar have for the last 20 years and I know that the sun has shifted the tracker on the panels all have ben changed because of the sun in the last 3 years has moved. In the summer the sun started coming up behind the panels I noticed this about 3 years ago. it has been hard to get them adjusted like before

  221. Jameskiehn says:

    Nasa has to know if it’s so. They don’t know what to do about it and who would believe they after all these years yelling wolf
    I don’t believe anything our government says

  222. delane gipp says:

    I lived here in south central no Dakota… lall my life ……. and can see how the world is changing, …. this year the sun set at 11 PM and rises at 3 am …. I’ve never seen this …. the axis is leaning toward the sun ….

  223. Michael Garel says:

    I knew it, the earth has shifted and this explains a great deal. It tells Why old churches and buildings are suddenly crumbling and burning, wild fires and sudden earthquakes are happening all over the world. Even the subway system in New York City is having major structural issues.

  224. Ann White Hawk says:

    Loretta that is a bunch of bull!! How they going to banish them. This is their country too. Banish my a& ignorant can you be!!

  225. Holly Swain says:

    Since the meteor explodes in 2013 in Russia, weather has been worse. Sun rises in a different place on the horizon, and the same. East coast has gotten more rain and snow.

  226. Barrie Neumann says:

    Yup that figures…thinkin’ back to jan 2011 Chch earthquake

  227. jim vincent says:

    learned long ago that a wobble in the earth’s rotation on its axis is the reason for periodic ice ages

  228. says:

    This is so true. I reside in the Wva mints. An I assure you the Sun /Moon. Have been rising more to the North than normal an follows the same path across the sky. It appears they both are higher in the sky. When a few years ago they would rise an travel a East West Ridge perfectly but now they seem to be couple degrees more northern than their previously traveled Ridgeline years ago.

  229. Laurence says:

    I’ve heard a theory that China has laid so much concrete it has thrown rotation of the earth out causing the wobble (like a spinning top)
    Any idea how to find out if this is true?

  230. Julie says:

    I can’t believe scientists didn’t know this. Are they dumb or are they that scared of public response. They all follow political ways as so hey don’t say any thing that might offend anyone.
    I have been saying for over 20 years that it’s about time for the earth to shift on its axis.

  231. Glen says:

    The climate has nothing to do with us , a shift of the poles will have everything to do with the crazy ass weather.

  232. Biden Won says:


  233. SS says:

    Good question. A Native American has warned about damage done to Earth in sending rockets up for Space exploration.

  234. Dean Gilberry says:

    If this is a pole flip, does it mean that polar bears will appear in antarctica and penguins at the north pole?

  235. Florida says:

    Do you really think they’ll tell the TRUTH!

  236. A kime says:

    Previously we moved about five times our natural drift.and i worried
    Then came a one two punch the hard hit was eruptions two of concern
    Unavailable data and can not will not go further

  237. Robert says:

    The inuit ARE native Americans

  238. Barney Howard says:

    I’ve been saying this for a few years. I have also noticed that summer days used to be golden sunshine now it’s just stark white.

  239. Jack ROGERS says:

    The indigenous ppl of these frigid regions had to be able to predict weather events with a degree of certainty as their lives depended on it but surely scientists would be able to note any changes to the natural order of things

  240. Hope Nauman says:

    They warned us 25 years ago if the ice caps melt or when they melt the tilt of the earth will change.

  241. Hope Nauman says:

    Our earth is dieing I would bet our economy Falls within 50 years after that who knows, man won’t exist in the numbers he has now if at all. Then it will recycle till man finds technology and he will kill himself off again.

  242. sheila says:

    I don’t know which state you’re in but several states have a law against a foreclosure before arbitration Kentucky and Oregon had that I had a home in Oregon and I wound up in Kentucky after several things happened to come live near my daughter andy loan mers. Look up if your state has arbitration against MERS loan. 2008 my house was with Countrywide within a year they sold the loan package in a bundle on Wall Street 2 Wells Fargo then about two years later Wells Fargo sold it to Bank of America then Bank of America sold it to a company that weren’t even a bank they were just a loan refi company and night the same thing happened when I asked why buy long kept you know going to someone else and every time they would add some processing fees and the percent of the loan would go up and they’d added on the back of the loan so 10 years later I still owed the money that I had originally gotten a home owners loan on but the Oregon arbitration would not let them take the house from me

  243. Bec says:

    Interesting. Seeing a lot of people claiming that this is reason to not believe in climate change. Please consider that man may not be solely responsible, but we should still practice more sustainable methods.

  244. joe says:

    This is an article from 2015 though.

  245. Mark Schultz says:

    My uncle was a bush pilot in Alaska in the fifties and sixties. He was on our glacier and found a tropical plant in the ice. His comment was, maybe not in his lifetime, but at some point in the future Alaska could be tropical again. Bob Curtis was well-known from Anchorage to the Arctic Circle. God Rest his soul. I believe the elders are correct!

  246. Mary Alice says:

    I agree. The sun is setting in a different position he red in NW Ga.

  247. Gideon Katibor says:

    Not suprised.. our Lord Jesus said this and we are all expecting it.. and we are waiting for him.. the kingdom of God is near

  248. shirley Flye says:

    thats why the whales beach themselves and die. the magnetic lines have changed

  249. Karen Millsaps says:

    I’m a sky watcher, have been my entire life! We still owned our farm in early 2019, we have since sold out! My animals were acting strange so I was gonna find out why… thought I might have a predator! Stayed up every evening for a week…. what I saw was our sweet Mother Earth wobble or rock back and forth! It changed everything for me!

  250. David Rempel says:

    You should also teach your students to think critically. While the source of the article may not seem like a credible source for such news, you have to accept that news in general is incredibly biased now adays. Especially anything thats related to numerous sensitive topics. Doesnt mean the information is incorrect, false, or even important

  251. Nanjest Thongbam says:

    We are observing unusual cloud formation in Manipur, India these days. Regular shifting from Cirrus to mamary clouds.

  252. Ronald Handfield says:

    In the 12 years we have lived where we are, I have noticed the sun rising and shining in a different place from 12 years ago.

  253. Gazza says:

    Yep wife and I have said this for a quite a few years.

  254. Steveo says:

    Looks like they are correct.

  255. Katherine Baillie says:

    I believe them. Native people’s pay attention to these things. I noticed years before the Japan earthquake that the seasons were changing on the coast of B.C., they had moved by at least two months. Where previously I could plant in Jan. there, over a period of 20 years, that had moved to being able to work the garden and plant in April/May and the fall was longer. I then moved to Saskatchewan and found over 15 years of living here that the sun rises and falls south/east and north/west now versus when I first moved here. It used to raise in the north/east and set in the south/west. And one expected snow and cold in Sept. Now fall is extended to Nov or Dec. When the big Japanese earthquake happened I read that the earth had tilted on its axis a small degree. But I also think the magnetic north and south poles moving has something to do with it.

  256. Georgios Farfaras says:

    September 19, 2018 Scientists ID three causes of Earth’s spin axis drift, contemporary mass loss primarily in Greenland, glacial rebound, and mantle convection.

  257. Kyle says:


  258. jennifer arthur-markey says:

    there isn’t an author or verifiable facts

  259. Ryder says:

    I agree there’s no credits given to this article nor any references. NASA is concerned?
    YES. There has been a slight shift in the poles. But the article isn’t referred well, and unreliable information unless referenced better.

  260. Jennifer Llerena says:

    You’d realize inuit are native american right?

  261. Karen says:

    It’s wobbling because it spins. Like a top. Want to blow your mind? Look up ‘precession’.

  262. Yogi56 says:

    Mass redistribution, the first part of this century China has poured more concrete than the U.S. did in the whole 20th century. Picture spinning a soccer ball on your finger and then add a 1 gram weight positioned near the top of the ball and watch what happens

  263. Mikki says:

    Didn’t we already know the earth shifted a few years ago

  264. lightperson says:

    I don’t believe it and I don’t disbelieve it. I don’t listen to any of this anymore. I don’t trust any of them.

  265. Donnie says:

    you’re about a rude abrasive prick .why do you want to talk shit to people? Do you feel better about yourself now. I sure fuckin hope so . Douche bag.

  266. Carl says:

    Not even close to the same situation the Native tribes experienced but you are getting the attention you are so desperately seeking.

  267. A.Brown says:

    The planet is made up of + & – magnetic layers this can only happen if the planet spins on it axis (it is widely considered that we are 26 million years overdue for this to happen)

  268. Nancy says:

    God will take care of His own.

  269. Lee jones says:


  270. Gloria stinson says:

    I learned this in school and Jacque couisto underwater specials in the 60s

  271. Eleanor says:

    Scientists have told us the same thing but no one wants to listen. It doesn’t fut the political agenda.

  272. Carlos says:

    They now the earth is tilting because the have been seeing the sun the moon changing places for years now. So what are supposed to do about we can’t unless we stop the people in the Middle East and Asia from put up all those buildings with concrete the more they do this over there it makes the earth tilt that way it’s just common sense. If you take a ball and put it in water and put Weights on one side it’s going to turn towards the weighted side more then the none weighted side.

  273. Vincent Kaiser says:

    That’s funny. I also have been saying this for years.

  274. Mike says:

    It is indeed very odd that with all the scientific activites around us, none of the world’s scientists have noticed this.

  275. Tony houslander says:

    I have recorded this since 2007 @ the winter solstice & over this period the sun has moved 7 degrees south,causing warming & seasonal changes.

  276. Anita Ricketts says:

    The earth aslo shifted “wobbled” during the 2004 earthquake in the Indian Ocean that caused massive tsunamis in Thailand, Sumatra, etc. I just watched a documentary on it.

  277. Pam Sayle says:

    In 2020 we had a frost in 7b, we had a May frost.

  278. CHRISTINE says:

    Poles shifting…we have known this for years

  279. David says:

    There’s a group of scientists that have been saying the exact same thing.. and have a theory that this change actually precedes a major ice age.. and from their findings, an iceage can hit within 75 years.

  280. Michelle Massey says:

    Just gotta open your eyes and look. Its as plain as the nose on your face if you’ve ever watched the sun and moon rise and fall.

  281. Gary Misseghers says:

    Yes,very true. I also remember that the tilt of the earth changes by 1 degree every 72 yrs.
    Do not buy lake shore on the south side, you may lose it in 72 yrs.!!!!

  282. Dave In Arizona says:

    If true, sounds like the folks at NASA have been sleeping at the telescope.

  283. Santosh Dhemre says:

    I love these threads .. so many people talking about so many sensible things .. so much data and information about the earth which we behave as it belongs to us .. as if we are going to SAVE this planet .. we have to stop this high handed behaviour and attitude .. all we are capable of doing is destroying nature … all efforts of ‘saving the earth’ are basically just ways of us to try and survive the next catastrophe

  284. Robyn says:

    It was told years ago the 3 Valley dam in China had slowed the spin of the earth i have noticed we are 1 month behind march is the old February . City’s are 10 degrees warmer as people pull trees out to replace with swimming pools. Citys world wide clear thousands of acres just to build more Citys we need people to realise don’t play with Mother nature she will come at you big time

  285. Nate says:

    Great another party loyalist idiot. Your 2 party system arguments and jokes are so damn old. Get a life

  286. Liz says:

    The Inuits are Native Americans.

  287. Enrequie says:

    Take a large plastic ball tape a nickle on one side towards the top now spin it, now you know why the earth wobbles

  288. Jeff says:

    Scripture already says this. “The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, And shall totter like a hut; Its transgression shall be heavy upon it, And it will fall, and not rise again.”

  289. Heidi says:

    The Bible says that the earth shall reel to and fro (wobble) like a drunkard. From the book of Isaiah.

  290. Rob ford says:

    I always said we drill and take billions of barrels of oil out of the ground and refine it into by products and evaporate all that weight

  291. Christina Parish says:

    I think they have lost everything seems they are better educated about our climate than most .

  292. Marilyn T says:

    I have been aware of minor changes for some time, so I started paying attention. Every day I look outside my deck door, every night out of mt side door. Last year I was watching the gradual change of where the shadow line of the house met the sun at same time each day. Through the day it slowly moved, never reaching closer than 2-3 feet away from the house, depending on the season. For several days in a row at that very time the line was 3 ft away. NEXT DAY, IT WAS MORE THAN 3-1/2 FEET INSIDE THE HOUSE!! It seemed like some sort of “reset” day, as it did not go back to the previous pattern. Either the Earth shifted or my house did- didn”t feel any earthquake though.

  293. Natalie says:

    I’ve been saying this since that huge earthquake in Japan shift of the earth on its axis and the weather hasn’t been the same since then!

  294. Paulette W. says:

    Born and raised in the state of Virginia. Sense the 2011 earthquake in Japan the sun no longer rises in the east. I drink my coffee every morning on my deck, I moved to this house in 1979 all was good, house faces due east. But sense the earthquake the sun no longer rises in the east, in summer it moves across the sky and rises in the north east. The constellations are all out of place, the north state is now in the east. Before the quake, sun Rose east to west over top of my house, now it rises in NE loops to the S and sets in the NW. When before quake it was E to West going over top of my house

  295. Sources? says:

    Where are the sources?

  296. Jenni says:

    All Indigenous peoples around the world can predict the weather. This is mostly common knowledge, my grandparents taught me this as I was growing up and my mother reinforced it as I got older. I am an Australian Aboriginal woman.

  297. Lee Ann Train says:

    We need to listen to these people. We have needed to listen to them all along.

  298. Lee Ann Train says:

    I’ve watched a couple of documentaries on the Inuit thinking on this subject. The elders are quoted saying that the current conditions of the earth are indeed affected by our pollution. But they feel the earth has tilted ever so slightly.
    So many advances in quantum physics aren’t known by the general population and argued about among scholars and scientists.
    My point being that before we can disregard the Inuits it might be a good idea to listen.

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