Plants with Red Flowers Perfect for the Cold Season

During the cold season, nature graces us with the vibrant spectacle of plants adorned with striking red flowers, adding a touch of warmth to the chilly surroundings. One such marvel is the Anthurium, a tropical plant known for its glossy, heart-shaped leaves and unique red spathes ...

This Family Grows Giant Pumpkins

The Edwards family grew giant pumpkins that will be displayed at Dollywood. The Edwards family was inspired to grow the pumpkins – including one weighing around 1,000 pounds – after seeing the giants on display at the theme park.

320 Square Foot Shipping Container Garden Produces Like 2 Acres of Farmland

Featuring a state-of-the-art controlled environment agriculture system that gives you complete control of the elements, our shipping container farm makes it possible to grow delicious food 365 days a year. Grow thousands of high-value crops like lettuces, leafy greens, herbs, roots, ...

Aeroponics Potato Farming

Modern farming method is growing potatoes using aeroponics. Aeroponic growing is a soilless method where plants are grown, supported at the top, with their roots hanging into a box. A solution of nutrients mixed in water is periodically pumped into the box and misted

House of Succulents

The majestic house of succulents in Taormina, Italy

Strawberries Can Sprout Green Leaves From Their Seeds

Strawberries sprouting! Have you seen this? The phenomenon where the “seeds” turn into green shoots all over the surface of a strawberry is called “vivipary.” Vivipary occurs frequently in some plants, but only intermittently in others, like the strawberry. Viviparous plants ...

20 Vegetables You Can Re-Grow From Scraps

Food waste is still such a big issue around the world, and it can be easily solved if people would pay a bit more attention to what and how they consume. Of course, the easiest way to contribute to the reduction of food waste is to recycle food at home and regrow some from scraps. Vegetables ...

You Can Plant Midnight Oil Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers

By far the most beautiful sunflower I’ve ever personally grown. I love flowers that are colors that aren’t typical of their species. Midnight Oil Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers are the new hip thing on the Internet. If you thought that sunflowers can only be yellow, it means you ...

Simple way to protect your strawberry plants

Why you need the strawberry plant support? Now just try this effective method to support your berry bushes & keep the berries clean and healthy?
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