Semi-Transparent Solar Cells Can Power Greenhouses Without Stunting Plant Growth

A new study on solar-powered greenhouses presents great prospects for the future of eco-friendly farming. Researchers have tested greenhouses with semi-transparent solar cells to see how they impact the growth of the plants. By generating electricity through these cells, the energy ...

NASA Has Compiled a List of the Best Air-Cleaning Plants for Your Home

Plants are an essential part of home décor, but not only for their aesthetic purposes. A home without plants can be quite dull, not to mention unhealthy. As plants are natural sources of oxygen, having plants in your rooms can greatly improve the quality of air and your mood.

Japanese Farmers Plant Specific Strains of Rice to Grow Colorfully Illustrated Fields

Rice paddy art is something very specific to a certain part of Japan, namely the village of Inakadate which decided to bring the area into the public’s attention in the 90s and attract more tourists. To create a new attraction in the village, officials decided to commission

Growing a Small Vegetable Garden on my Balcony (8sqm)

  My rental apartment has only a quite small balcony which is usually empty and scorching hot when summer comes. But not this year. I have embarked on the journey to turn my balcony into a green haven. After a few months I realized that to nurture a garden is to feed not just ...

These “Clear” Succulents Look Like Glistening Jewels Growing From the Ground

Succulents are among the easiest plants to look after, as they are not pretentious and can resist in almost any environment. These plants have become very popular in recent years thanks to their cute shapes and Instagrammable looks, but these Haworthia cooperi succulents are game-changers.

Scientists Revive 32,000-Year-Old Plant From Siberian Permafrost

The Siberian permafrost hides a lot of secrets and with climate change, many of these start to slowly reveal themselves. In 2012, a team of scientists discovered 32000-year-old seed pods and managed to regenerate a flowering Silene stenophylla plant out of them. Their finding was ...

Amazing Solar Powered Flower Lights

If you want to make your garden colorful, these unique solar lights will bring you the solar garden light decoration solution. Decorate your yard with this solar light set. The set comes with Purple and White lily lights with 7 color changing LEDs.

Artist Creatively Turns Foliage Into Sleeping Bird

Creating art out of natural elements can be a real challenge, as the artist never knows how long its work will last. The Jardin of Plantes in Nantes, France is one of the largest parks of the city, which means plenty of space for artists to showcase their creations.

Use Clear Umbrellas From The Dollar Store For A DIY Greenhouse Hack

There is a gardening hack that has been going viral online and it only requires one cheap item, a clear umbrella you could find at a local dollar store. A clear umbrella placed over your plants will act as a mini-greenhouse and trap humidity inside to keep the sprouts healthy and ...
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