20 Vegetables You Can Re-Grow From Scraps

Food waste is still such a big issue around the world, and it can be easily solved if people would pay a bit more attention to what and how they consume. Of course, the easiest way to contribute to the reduction of food waste is to recycle food at home and regrow some from scraps.
Vegetables are a great trial for this project, as there are several ones that you can regrow in your garden or even balcony if you keep some scraps in your fridge.
Among the vegetables that you can grow this way are the root ones such as garlic, onion, and carrots, but you can also grow all sorts of herbs. If you feel patient enough you can even hope to have an avocado tree at home, using only the pit of an avocado and water.
Of course, all of the vegetables from the list will take some time until they sprout and some additional care to grow roots and be replanted in your garden. But food waste can only be tackled if thinking long-term so all the hard work invested in growing food at home will pay off in the end.

Garlic Sprouts




Mushrooms will regrow after harvest as long as you don’t impair the mycelium or collect them too early. Mycelium is the fragile, thin, subterranean part of fungi. It is responsible for the regrowth of mushrooms after they are pulled; otherwise, they will decay.

If you harm the mycelium while removing the mushroom, the fungi or mushroom will not grow back. But if the mycelium is unharmed, it will regrow.


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