This Plant Stroller Lets You Take Your Home Vegetation For a Walk Around Town

This might be the oddest invention out there, but some plant lovers will surely go crazy about it. If you feel like your plants are not getting plenty of air or sunlight, you can take them for a walk in this unique plant stroller. It might sound a bit weird at first, but who decided that plants don’t deserve walks outdoor?
And even though it is a strange sight, sometimes it is nice not fitting in with the rest of the crowd and being the quirky one.
The stroller is a design by Kingston University and was made by a student named Alice Kim for a project in one of her classes. The aim behind the plant stroller is to treat your favorite houseplants, the same way you would treat a baby or a pet.
Plants deserve love and attention as well, and if that also means taking them on walks, then why not have a special stroller for this activity? Kim took her project to the next level by also designing a series of transparent maternity vests that will let you carry your plants on your stomach.

Credit: Alice Kim

A plastic pocket on the front of the vest allows you to place the seedling along with the proper amount of dirt to grow in!

Credit: Alice Kim

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