You Can Plant Midnight Oil Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers

By far the most beautiful sunflower I’ve ever personally grown. I love flowers that are colors that aren’t typical of their species.
Midnight Oil Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers are the new hip thing on the Internet. If you thought that sunflowers can only be yellow, it means you haven’t met the Midnight Oil Chocolate Cherry one yet. It seems that there are a lot of other varieties of sunflowers, and even bright pink ones or blue ones. You can even buy sunflower seeds of different varieties on Etsy, and plant a colorful garden to lighten your days.
Not only is this an impressive flower but it’s also impressive in size, with flower heads that are 5-8 inches across grown in stalks that are 6-7 feet tall. These are a flower to look up to in every way.
Sunflowers are a great way to attract bees to your garden as they find them irresistible and will pollinate everything else while visiting, yielding you more flowers and vegetables throughout your garden. The seeds are available in the link below…

I had no idea there were so many different varieties, like the gorgeous Pink Sunflowers, Blue Sunflowers and now I just found out there is also Midnight Oil Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers!

Find it HERE…

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