You Can Plant Midnight Oil Pink Sunflowers


Have you ever seen a sunflower that is not yellow? If the answer is no then prepare to be amazed as these beautiful sunflowers, called Black Cherry Sunflowers actually have a pinkish color.
But this is not everything, as it seems that there are a lot of other varieties of sunflowers, and even ones called Midnight Oil Blue Sunflowers. But since plant enthusiasts like to experiment, someone created a hybrid between the two, called Midnight Oil Pink Sunflower and the color looks otherworldly.
So if you’re fascinated as well about this variety, and thinking about planting sunflowers at home, it is good to know that they are not pretentious flowers and they are easy to grow. The other great thing about them is that once planted, the seeds can be collected and replanted each year, ensuring a quick spread.
You can even use them as natural fences or simply a beautiful decor in your garden that would make your day more cheerful and filled with color.

Well, today I found out that there is another hybrid variety called Midnight Oil Pink Sunflowers and they are spectacular!

Seeds are available  HERE…

3 Responses to “You Can Plant Midnight Oil Pink Sunflowers”

  1. Tricia says:

    Where can I buy these sunflower seeds?

  2. Terri sharpe says:

    Are these legit as I’ll.order some if so.

  3. Sandy Bysinger says:

    I love these Midnight Black Oil Sunflowers. Where can I find some seeds??

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