A Second Chance For A Broken Chair

Old furniture pieces are not always obsolete, as they can be transformed into something brand new with the help of an artist. Tatiane Freitas is a Brazilian artist, who loves intersecting traditional design with a modern one. Her most recent series is called My New Old Chair and is ...

A Pontoon Boat Inspired by a VW Bus

Have you ever thought about moving away from the city and living on a boat? Enjoying the waves, the sunset reflecting on the waters, and the peacefulness of the surrounding can all be a reality easier than you think.

Majestic Beauty of Horses Captured in Life-Size Galvanized Wire Sculptures

Self-taught artist Connie Adam has a love for horses that is reflected in her art too. She is based in Norfolk, the UK, and builts amazing sculptures from galvanized wire and scrap metal.

Street Artist Transforms Cracks in Pavement To Turn Eyesores Into Gorgeous Mosaics

Ememem is a street artist who is constantly looking at his feet while walking. If you wonder why it is because this is the best way to spot potholes and cracks in the pavement which then can be transformed into beautiful mosaic artwork. In his hometown, Lyon, Ememem is known as the ...

Kenyan Materials Engineer Recycles Plastic Into Bricks That Are Stronger Than Concrete

Plastic waste is one of the biggest threats the Planet is facing, and recycling it can help reduce the ongoing hoarding of waste. A Kenyan materials engineer has come up with a smart plan to recycle plastic and transform it into durable construction materials.

Artist Turns Discarded Silverware and Scrap Metal Into Striking Animal Sculptures

They say that one’s trash is someone else’s treasure, and Matt Wilson is here to prove this with his works. He is a sculptor who creates beautifully unique pieces out of scrap metal and silverware and loves to upcycle old items. Wilson is based in Carolina and goes by the pseudonym ...

Street Artist Paints a Bridge in Germany to Look Like Giant LEGO Bricks

LEGO bricks are a lovely childhood memory for most people, except for the ones who once stepped on that painful little piece of plastic. But jokes aside, LEGO is a great toy to enhance both creativity and logic, and in 2011 a street artist named Megx (Martin Heuwold) paid his respects ...

Artist Spends 15 Months Constructing Ghostly Pirate Ship With Ordinary Found Materials

Jason Stieva is a talented tattooist who is also passionate about building models of everyday objects. He has been building this amazing ghost pirate shop for more than 15 months but has experience of 20 years in making assemblage art.

Spectacular Tiny Sculptures Made of Recycled Watches

If you’re familiar with the laws of thermodynamics, then you probably know the first rule which states that nothing is lost, everything is transformed. This seems to be the principle upon which Sue Beatrice, aka All Natural Arts, creates her artworks, using parts of old watches ...
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