A Second Chance For A Broken Chair

Old furniture pieces are not always obsolete, as they can be transformed into something brand new with the help of an artist. Tatiane Freitas is a Brazilian artist, who loves intersecting traditional design with a modern one.
Her most recent series is called My New Old Chair and is based on the Japanese principle of kintsugi, translating into the repairing of broken items by filling the cracks with gold.
So by filling broken pieces of chairs with unexpected materials, such as translucent acrylic, Freitas blends classical with contemporary and past with the present.
By creating these new types of chairs, he wishes to design pieces that will stand the test of time and can adapt to any environment. Her works have recently been showcased at Guy Hepner, in New York, are gracious even with their flaws, and prove that anything broken can be fixed if touched by the right hands.
Therefore, not every item that is damaged has lost its purpose and beauty, as when they are discovered by the right artists with the perfect creative vision, they can turn into beautiful pieces of design.

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