Environmental Activist Saves One of the Largest Forests in India From Harmful Coal Mining

The biodiverse Hasdeo Aranya forests, often referred to as the “Lungs of Chhattisgarh,” are among the largest intact forest areas in India, covering an expansive 657 square miles. This vital ecosystem supports around 15,000 Indigenous Adivasi people by providing essential natural resources. The forest is a sanctuary for diverse wildlife, including elephants, tigers, and numerous […]

This Pocket-Friendly Home in Kazakhstan Is 3D-Printed in Just Five Days

This pocket-friendly home in Almaty, Kazakhstan, designed by BM Partners and 3D-printed using COBOD’s BOD2 model, stands as a pioneering achievement in Central Asia, being the region’s first 3D-printed house. Constructed to endure the extreme weather conditions and seismic activities common in the area, this innovative dwelling demonstrates the resilience and versatility of 3D-printed architecture. […]

A Med Student Wanted to Simplify His Life, So He Spent $33,000 Turning a Van Into a Tiny House

Ethan Liebross, a 24-year-old first-year medical student, chose an unconventional lifestyle to simplify his life and enhance his personal growth. Opting out of typical student housing, Liebross bought a 2015 Ford Transit for $20,000 and spent $13,460 converting it into a fully functional, mobile tiny home. Liebross’ van, equipped with solar panels, a kitchenette, and […]

The Ultimate Getaway: Remote Scots Island With a Tiny Log Cabin is Put on the Market for £500,000

Mullagrach Island, the most northerly of Scotland’s Summer Isles, has been put on the market for £500,000, offering the ultimate remote getaway. This secluded island spans 88.7 acres, featuring lush greenery, beaches, cliffs, and caves perfect for exploration. Located two hours from Inverness and a 35-minute boat ride from the mainland, it provides an unparalleled […]