DIY Project: How To Turn A Coffee Table Into An Ottoman


Many people think style comes at a price, but actually, it comes with creativity. Making your apartment look more like a palatial residence can take as little as one piece of furniture. And to save a lot on the costs involved around this, why not use something already present in your home? This is the whole thought process behind turning an ordinary coffee table into a lovely Ottoman. Placing a very comfortable touch to a stiff surface like a coffee table will surely improve the whole living experience in that space. Not to mention the beneficial effects it will have on the decor of any living room. You won’t have to spend a lot on the Ottoman like you would if it was bought from an antique shop or furniture store.


The DIY project will entail some materials, but most of the cost will be from your spare time. So, reserve a weekend to make this beautiful and stylish Ottoman from a regular coffee table. The actual steps of this transformation are not that complicated. Read more about this project before getting started in order to be prepared for any situation. Good luck with your project!

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Turn A Coffee Table Into An Ottoman Tutorial

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