The Pequod Tiny House on Wheels


Tiny houses on wheels are among our favorites. They are so cute and practical at the same time, as you can easily move them from once place to the other. This next tiny house on wheels has only 220 square feet, but the interior looks awesome and it’s more than enough for a family of four. The tiny house is located in Durango, Colorado and the materials used to build it are ones of the finest. From outside, the house looks like a magical home, taken from fantasy books and movies and the interior lives up to the expectations. It has a small kitchen combined with a tiny diner and living space and the 2 upstairs bedrooms are spacious enough for 4 people. The space below the stairs is cleverly used, hiding lots of storage units and shelves. Take a look at the set of the pictures from the following link below and convince yourself of the majesty of this tiny house.





2 Responses to “The Pequod Tiny House on Wheels”

  1. Marielle Duguay says:

    This is just fabulous……….Wow!Wow! Wht a genial idea……….

  2. Denice Twardy says:

    I’d like to know what size engine you need to pull on of these in the mountainous terrain of Eastern Oregon. I’ve seen lots and lots and lots of these tiny homes and they never say what it takes to pull one. If you look at a camper with a Solar panel it’s cheaper than buying a tiny home and can be redesigned very easily. They would need extra insulation around them if parked in the winter (like hay bales all around) but these “tiny houses” don’t have that much more insulation and are lighter and I think roomier.

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