Toyota Tacoma With A Bed And Drawer System

Toyota-Tacoma truck

Transforming a regular Toyota Tacoma truck into a vehicle ready for climbing and off-road adventure is the perfect DIY project for all of the thrill-seekers out there! We’re not going to lie to you, there is some work to do in order to achieve the perfect result, meaning the truck of your adventure dreams. As you could easily see from the photo tutorial, you will be required to do some custom cutting to make the frame functional. Don’t forget to plan putting some speakers in the back so a mood can be set right away when you’re on the road. Some wiring tasks will be needed at this point. If you’ve done everything according to the plans you should be prepared. Now, everything is ready for you to pack up all the utensils needed for the adventure to begin. Have fun!

Toyota-Tacoma truck-1

The frame of the drawer system with ball bearings for the drawer slides installed.

 The drawer with dividers and a lockable handle (the handle is meant for truck boxes)

Toyota-Tacoma truck-8

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    Hola me encanta tu blob, hace tiempo que busco este post gracias, besos!

  2. Mat says:

    I will try this on my dad’s car !

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    Thk We Walkk To Yor Blog

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