Toyota Tacoma With A Bed And Drawer System

Toyota-Tacoma truck-9

Toyota-Tacoma truck-13

Toyota-Tacoma truck-14

The front part of the locking system for the table. I used a biscuit jointer to cut slots for both ends of the locks.

Toyota-Tacoma truck-15

Toyota-Tacoma truck-16

The second coat of varnish on the hatch covers and drawer dividers.

Toyota-Tacoma truck-23

Toyota-Tacoma truck-24

Toyota-Tacoma truck-25 more details by Tyler Thompson here…

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  1. laura mayoristas says:

    Hola me encanta tu blob, hace tiempo que busco este post gracias, besos!

  2. Mat says:

    I will try this on my dad’s car !

  3. Fitra says:

    Thk We Walkk To Yor Blog

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