8 Speedy Kitchen Hacks You Didn’t Know About


Spending time in the kitchen cooking is a nice hobby but sometimes speeding up things would be nice, especially after a long day. There are lots of useful hacks that you can try in the kitchen if you want to save some time and below you will find a very useful list. For starters, did you know that hard boiled eggs are much easier to peel if you cut them in half first? You just take the shell of afterwards and they are ready to be served. Also, splitting and apple is half using your hands is not just a myth you’ve heard about before. You can actually do that, without having to make a big effort, just watch the video from the link to help you understand how. Blenders have an extra function that is not mentioned on their packaging: decanting wine in no time. See more in the videos below for more great tips and tricks in the kitchen, as they will prove to be very useful on lazy or busy days.

1. How To Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs Without Peeling

2. How to load a case of soda in the fridge in under 10 seconds

3. How to break an apple: one apple, two hands, four slices

4. Hyperdecanting Wine in a Blender



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