Burger King Employee Who Didn’t Miss Work for 27 Years Buys First Home With Crowdfunding Donations

Kevin Ford’s remarkable dedication to his job at Burger King in the Las Vegas McCarren International Airport earned him widespread recognition in 2022. Having worked for the fast-food chain for an impressive 27 years, Ford achieved the extraordinary feat of never missing a single day of work throughout his entire tenure. Despite this incredible accomplishment, his only acknowledgment from the company was a modest goodie bag, prompting his daughter, Seryna, to launch a GoFundMe campaign to celebrate her father’s unwavering commitment.

The heartwarming response from people worldwide resulted in an astounding $450,000 in donations, enabling Kevin Ford to fulfill a lifelong dream – purchasing his first home. In a TikTok video, Ford emotionally showcased his new three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Pahrump, Nevada, expressing gratitude for the generosity that made it possible. As he explored each room, Ford conveyed his appreciation for the newfound space, especially considering the opportunities it presented for his children and grandchildren to stay when visiting. The video also highlighted Ford’s humility, emphasizing that the home might not be a mansion, but it was undeniably his.

Despite this significant achievement, Ford’s work ethic remained unshaken. He continued to uphold his perfect attendance record at Burger King, using any additional funds to save for his future dream of opening his own restaurant. Ford’s story is a testament to the power of community support and the ability to overcome challenges through hard work and determination. If you feel inspired to contribute to Kevin’s journey, you can find the GoFundMe campaign to further support his aspirations.

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